The ECW Extreme Exam

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (1/26) Extreme Examination
Our resident philosopher looks at the pre-Royal Rumble episode of ECW

ECW got things ready, on its side, for Sunday’s Royal Rumble. The ECW Champ, Christian, brought in some “Big Red Help” to battle Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal.

Regal introduced the person he felt would be the next ECW champ, Jackson. Jackson, who looks more and more like Ahned Johnson every day, stomped to the ring. ECW looked back at Jackson destruction of Christian, last week. Jackson taunted Christian about only having five days left as champion.Jackson was confident about winning the title. Jackson began to quote biblical scripture.

He was stopped by “Captain Charisma”. Christian mentioned that he, too, was into biblical references. With a name like Christian, he would have to. Christian broke out his best Pulp Fiction tribute. He warped Ezekiel 25:17, ever so slightly. Jackson wasn’t impressed. He reminded Christian that he has never faced anyone like him. Christian talked about the various people he has faced, including creepy white English dudes (Regal). Christian actually looked forward to battling Jackson on Sunday. Christian admitted that he was laid out last week, when it was two on one. Christian evened the score, this week…with Kane.

William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson d Christian and Kane

The Finish:

Kane took the tag and tore into Regal like a man possessed. Kane hit Irish Whip/Clothesline combos on Regal. Kane with a Sky High Back Body Drop. Kane went to the top rope for the Kane Klothesline, which connected. Kane with the Goozle. Jackson made the save. Kane with the Big Boot to Jackson. Christian with a Springboard Crossbody on Jackson, after a tag. Jackson went to the floor and took Kane with him. Christian tried, again, for the KillSwitch, only to have Regal counter it into an Exploder Suplex. Jackson ran Kane into the ring post. Regal missed teh Knee Trembler and Christian prepared to detonate the KillSwitch. He hit the move but didn’t realize that Jackson had made the tag. Jackson caught Christian with the Mon-Star Uranage Chokebomb.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: This was a really good way to push the Jackson/Christian title match. I hope Jackson takes the win, but I’m thinking that there aren’t enough faces to square off against Jackson.

Byron and Josh ran down the Royal Rumble card and sent it to the “Numbers” video package. Be sure to check out my Ringside Remembrances column on Wednesday. It will take a look at past Rumbles. Shelton Benjamin started talking about his thoughts of the Rumble, until he was jumped by Vance Archer. Archer said Benjamin had hopes and dreams, he had reality.

Zack Ryder came out with “Skinny Minnie”, Rosa Mendes. ECW looked back at Zack wanted Savannah, the ring girl, to announce his new nicknames. The Hurricane came out and jumped Zack. ECW took a quick break before the main event.

Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta joined their partner in the ring. Croft and Barreta had new outfits. The Hurricane then arrived for the match. Goldust, now from Hollywood, Florida, arrived. The final competitor was Yoshi Tatsu, dressed in Misawa green.

Hurricane, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu d Caylen Croft, Trent Barreta and Zack Ryder
Six-Man Tag Match

The Finish:

Hurricane punched away but Zack hit a Kneelift. hurricane with a Sunset Flip. Zack fought back and brought Croft back into the match. Croft with a Legdrop. Trent tagged in and punched Huricane. Croft tagged right back in and stomped away. Hurricane kicked out of the pin attempt as Rosa screeched that the ref was counting too slow. hurricane fought towards his corner. Hurricane iwth a Back Body Drop. Hurricane hit the Shining Wizard on Croft and moved to his corner. Yoshi got the tag, as did Trent. Yoshi witha Dropkick and Rolling Leg Lariat. Yoshi attacked both Zacka nd Croft and came back to Back Body Drop Trent. yoshi with brutal kicks. Trent flipped Yoshi over the ropes but the Japanese sensation landed on the apron and punched Trent. Yoshi went “high rent” and took down Trent with the Rolling Legdrop. Zack made the save. It started to break down. Yoshi with the Buzzsaw Kick on Trent to take the win for his team.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: A nice fast-paced battle to end the night. These six all have places, long-term, in the WWE. Croft and Barreta are future tag champs. Yoshi could be a future WWE/World champ. Zack is going to hold some gold, as well. Goldy’s nearing the end of his active career but he’s still got some surprises under the golden makeup.

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: Even though there were only two matches, they were great. No Abe Washington, this week. The show was as close to perfect as ECW gets. It was a perfect lead-in to Royal Rumble.


— Jay Shannon
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