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The Impact Insight Returns!

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, resurrects his old TNA Recap/Analysis column for TNA. The show is now back on Thursdays.

TNA is rushing towards the annual Slammiversary mega-show. The pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, this week. Plus, an old favorite returned to the Knockout division. TNA also announced the Top 10 contenders to the TNA World Title.

The show opened with a look at Sacrifice. Tara was gone after the show. Jeff Jarrett was taken to the hospital, a beaten and bloody mess. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall somehow retained the World Tag Team titles. RVD got past A.J. Styles, thanks to Jay Lethal neutralizing Ric Flair.

This Week’s Episode: 10 Card Stud

TNA planned to announce the Top 10. Mike Tenay and Taz ran down the highlights events. They profiled the return of Kurt Angle. They then brought out Eric Bischoff to make an announcement. Eric had Miss Techmacher at his side. She looks like Traci Brooks‘s little sister. Eric was there to announce the Top 10 of TNA. Eric explained how the rankings were determined. This whole thing was similar to what NXT was supposed to do but failed. Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter watched from the back. He began the announcements:

10. Samoa Joe
9. Rob Terry
8. Desmond Wolfe
7. D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero
6. Abyss
5. Mr. Anderson
4. Jeff Hardy
3. A.J. Styles
2. Kurt Angle
1. Sting

They ran promo pieces on all 10. Everyone came out, except Kurt. Sting was sporting a new shirt. Tenay said Jarrett was out due to a rotator cuff injury, suffered at the hands of Sting. Sting came to the ring and got congratulated by Bischoff. Eric announced that Sting would face RVD at the big PPV. Eric put Sting in a match against Jeff Hardy. Sting said he would do to Hardy what he did to Jarrett, last week. Sting destroyed all the signs that were set up in the ring. Sting then attacked Bischoff in the ring. Abyss ran to the ring and Sting took him out. Hardy took the bat from Sting. Other wrestlers helped Bischoff out of the ring. Hardy was ready to fight. Hardy slapped Sting but Sting hit the Low Blow. Sting picked up his bat and RVD came from the back. Sting was ready to attack but Hardy with a Chop Block and Inverted Twist of Fate. Hardy scaled the ropes for the Swanton but Sting bailed.

Bischoff was suffering in the back. Matt Morgan came in to tease Eric. Matt wanted his rematch for the World Tag Title. Hogan was ready for Sting to disappear.

The sweet and sexy Roxxi returned to live action. She had been injured back at the first of the year. She faced off against Madison Rayne.

Roxxi d Madison Rayne
Non-Title Match

Roxxi got a great pop. Arm Drag by Roxxi. Hip Ross by Roxxi. Roxxi with the Irish Whip into the Running Back Elbow. Roxxi missed Big Boot and Rayne with blasts tot he back. Rayne with a sharp kick to the chest. Rayne with a Rear Chin Lock. Rayne went to Roxxi’s eyes and tried for a pin, which she didn’t get. Rayne choked Roxxi on the ropes. roxxi and Rayne kicked at each otherRayne with a Straight Boot to the side of the head. Roxxi nailed the Coodoo Drop out of nowhere to take the upset win.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: Roxxi so looks like my “little sister”, Sunny. She is just what the TNA Knockout Division needs, right now. I’m still a little concerned about that bad ankle of hers. She looked great in her return match. Why the heck is Madison Rayne wearing the Knockout belt? She’s just so mediocre.

Chelsea whined in the locker room about having to be with Abyss. Desmond Wolfe tried to calm her down. Kurt finally arrived and refused to talk to the interview guy.

TNA ran a promo for Kurt Angle. He talked about his training as a kid. Kurt talked about how much he loved the enthusiasm of the TNA fans. Kurt then came out to the ring. He got a Hogan-level pop from the Impacters. Kurt took the stick and addressed the crowd. He got a deafening “Angle Angle” crowd. Angle said he has noticed a lot of changed in TNA, recently. Kurt said he used to be one of the best (Crowd cuts loose with “You Still Are”). Kurt threw major respect out to the boys. Kurt said he was no longer one of “The Elite”. Kurt said wrestling was never about money or ego. It was about competition. Kurt said he was bred to be a winner and he would continue to be a winner, for the rest of his life. Kurt said he was at a crossroads in his life and career. Kurt said he has done it all in wrestling and he needed to re-invent himself. Kurt took himself out of the Top 10 and work his way back up through all 10 of them. Kurt promised to present some of the best TNA matches of all time. It’s real…Damn real.

Christy Hemme talked with Beer Money and Ric Flair. Flair talked directly at Jay Lethal. Flair felt insulted by Lethal’s recent behavior. Flair said he didn’t care who Lethal chose. Kazarian came in to talk with Flair. Flair asked Hemme about getting married and she walked out.

TNA talked with Rob Terry. He discussedTerry said his knee was injured in four different places. Terry said he would not risk his “spot” by not facing Orlando Jordan. Terry was ready to knock Jordan’s teeth down his throat.

Orlando Jordan descended from the rafters to the ring. Jorgan has all kinds of ink work on his chest and arms. Terry then limped from the back. His left leg was heavily taped. Jordan attacked Terry’s knee, after losign in the Global Championship match.

Orlando Jordan d Rob Terry
Non-Title Match

Jordan went right after the knee but Terry pushed away and defended himself. Terry forced Jordan to the corner and didn’t want to break. Moster Back Body Drop by Rob Terry. Terry with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Jordan kicked and Chop Blocked hte bad knee. Jordan yanked on the bad knee and then drove his foot into the knee. Jordan ripped removed the knee bracing and hit a pair of DDT-like moved to the knee.. Jordan slapped on a Leg Lace Submission. Earl Hebner, the ref, called for the bell. Jordan did not submit, the ref stopped it. Jordan refused to let go. It took several refs to end the assault.

Grade: B

Jordan came back in and slapped on the brutal Leg Lace as the bell was soudned, over and over. Rob was in agony.

Jay’s Thoughts: Why are they giving this creepy guy such a push? Terry has power and charisma. Jordan has…an alternative lifestyle. Really? Far be it from me to criticize anyone for their life choices. I have friends that chose relationships that some would say fall outside the “norm”, but this guy wasn’t even a Talent Enhancement-level wrestler in WWE. He’s was just one of JBL‘s stooges. He comes to TNA, decided to announce that he “swings both ways” and he gets puushed to the high Heavens. Didn’t WCW do something similar with Alan Funk?

Jay Lethal talked about how sour things turned when Lethal imitated him. RVD came in and offered to be Lethal’s partner.

Jeff Hardy was putting on his face paint. He talked about idolizing Sting as a child. INK Inc stormed into the Team 3D locker room. Brother Ray got in Jesse Neal’s face for bursting into their locker room. Neal said Ray was jealous of him. neal told Ray to keep his distance. Brother Devon and Shannon Moore tried to play peacemaker but it didn’t work.

Beer Money arrived for the Hour Turner Match. Robert Roode and James Storm taunted the crowd. Jay Lethal then came out to new music. I guess he finally retired the “Black Machismo” image. Lethal showed off his new boots with “Lethal” on them. He now uses the Figure Four, which he’s renamed the “Lethal Leg Lock”.

Quick Side Note: Since Lethal imitated “Macho Man” Randy Savage for quite a long time, this seemed the perfect place for this. As reported around the ‘Net this week, Randy married his girlfriend, Lynn, recently. I wanted to send my personal congratulations and best wished out to Randy and Lynn. I wish for you a long and happy life held together by the strength of your love.

Jay waited for his partner, RVD. They walked to the ring together.

RVD and Jay Lethal d Beer Money

Roode tore into Lethal. Lehal hit Knife Edge Chops then Hip Tossed Roode before nailing the Cartwheel/Dropkick. Roode flipped Lethal over onto the apron, only to have Lethal Shoulder him. Lethal started up the ropes but Storm shoved him off. Storm made the offical tag and entered the fray

Beer Money Double Stomped Lethal. Storm worked over Lethal’s legs. Kneelifts by Storm. Storm turned Lethal inside out with a Clothesline. Lethal fought back but Beer Money hit the Double Back Body Drop. Roode choked Lethal. Tenay announced an 8-Man X-Division Battle Royal to determine the new number 10 spot (3-10 moved up a spot when Kurt stepped out of the mix).Storm tagged back in and punched Lethal. Lethal with the Handspring Back Elbow off the ropes.

RVD and Roode tagged in. RVD took out both men. RVD went for his Step-Through Roundhouse but Roode blocked it. RVD then blasted Roode and went to the High Rent District. RVD with the Thrust Kick off the top rope. Storm made the save. Lethal tagged himslf in and hit hte Missile Dropkick. Lethal with a Missile Dropkick on Roode. RVD took out Storm as Lethal locked in the Lethal Leg Lock to take the win.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: I’m glad to see Lethal break out of his “Black Machismo” character. It was time. Lethal deserves the chance to be his own man and show the world how good he is. The cutesy gimmick had more than run its course. I’m not so sure how I feel about Lethal v Flair. That feud is so risky. It really isn’t going to do anything positive for either one. As for RVD, yawn.

Ric Flair stormed from teh backt o attack Lethal They traded Knife Edge Chops. They really blasted the hell out of each other. Flair ended up running away from Lethal. RVD was almost amused by the whole thing. He stayed behind to party with the crowd. Out of nowhere, Sting, wearing a Sting mask, struck RVD with a steel chair. Sting knocked RVD loopy with the chair and then walked to the back.

TNA looked at Sting’s viciousness during the show, so far. Jeff hardy was in the ring to talk to the crowd. Jeff dared Sting to try and figure him out. In the back, security knocked on Wolfe’s door. They told him and Chelsea that it was time. Wolfe mocked the security squad for doing this. Wolfe warned the “Big Muppets” that if they touched her, they would answer to him.

In the arena, Abyss made his way to the ring. Abyss took the stick and called out Desmond Wolfe. He told Wolfe that he had something…someone… that he owed him. Abyss said to bring Chelsea to him. Chelsea tried to fight being brought to the ring. Chelsea slowly entered the ring, against her will. Abuss said he made Wolfe his “B*tch” on Sunday and tonight he was taking his. Wolfe said that abyss would not be taking Chelsea. Wolfe attacked Abyss with the Low Blow. Wolfe attacked both security men and reached into his jacket for a bottle. He broke the bottle and threatened to slice and dice The Monster. Wolfe cut Abyss’ arm. Chelsea got frustrated when Chelsea talked with him to stop him. Abyss came back to hit the Black Hole Slam on Wolfe. The blood oosed from the sliced open arm. Abyss retrieved his lovely prize and they left the ting. Wolfe freaked as Chelsea lifted her up and toted her out of the arena.

Eric Young, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash stood in the ring. Eric said he understood the fans’ reaction to him. Young said he was brothers with Hall and Nash because they are the best. Young said that they weren’t there to amuse the “Mutants”. they were there to control things and take it all. Young said noone could do a thing about it.

INK, Inc then came down to the ring. At Sacrifice< Brother Ray cost INK, Inc the tag belts on Sunday.

Eric Young d Shannon Moore

<Young pounded on Moore and Irish Whipped Moore tot he corner. Deep Arm Drags by Moore into the Dropkcik. Moore with the Inverted Atomic Drop. Moore and Young switched advantages, several times. Moore with a Springboard Crossbody out of an Irish Whip by Young. Young caught Moore, off the ropes, with a vicious Back Elbow. Young with a Scoop Slam as Tenay confirmed that Young had replaced Sean “X-Pac” Waltman in the nWo-like group. Young with a Elbow Drop off the middle ropes. Young choked Moore on the middle rope. The ref saw Kevin Nash just before he could strieke Moore with the Title belt. Young with an Arm Bar. Moore fought free and hit the Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Moore with a Flying Spin Kick. Moore with a Back Elbow with a Whisper in the Wind. Brother Ray came out and Jesse Neal attacked him. Hall bashed Moore in the back iwth the belt. Eric nailed the Piledriver to take the win.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: The Band loses Waltman and the best they can get as a replacement is Eric? I know he’s a decent wrestler but he’s just not a Band-level grappler

Ray rushd the ring and attacked both members of INK, Inc. Devon and Ray even got into it.

Eight Man Elimination Match

Kazarian sent Amazing Red to the floor. Chris Sabin went tot he ramp, not the floor. Sabin hit a Springboard Dropkick off the back of Alex Shelley to eliminate Max Buck.

Generation Me will be facing Brian Kendrick and Paul London at the big BTW Convention/Show on Saturday night. I’ll be there in my bright green Jade Eagle Services scrub shirt and NY Yankees Baseball Cap. I’ll be there with my wife, Dianna. If you’re going, be there, feel free to stop and say hi.

Back to the action, Jeremy Buck eliminated Alex Shelley with a Springboard Dropkick off the middle rope. Sabin used a modified Cactus Clothesline to eliminate Jeremy Buck. Sabin “Skinned the Cat” to save himself, at least for the moment. Ric Falir wlked out to watch the end of the match. Kazarian attacked Sabin. Sabin went for a Springboard move but Kazarian blasted him. Sabin was eliminated. Homicide then jumped Kazarian. Homicide and Kazarian fought on the ropes. Brian Kendrick, who had basically been hiding, rushed in and shoved Homicide over the ropes, thus eliminating him. kaz with the Sky-High Back Body Drop. Kendrick threw Kaz onto the apron and hit a Springboard Back Elbow. Kazarian easily pitched out Kendrick to take the win.

Your Winner: Kazarian
,Grade: B+

Kazarian is now rated at number 10 in the top 10. The main event was set to go, next.

Jay’s Thoughts: TNA really needs to give the X-Division kids more air time. They are so much better than some of the fossils that Hogan has brought in.

Sting strolled down to the ring for the Main Event. Taz announced that RVD had cracked ribs, thanks to Sting’s attack from earlier. Jeff Hardy then came out through the green laser light.

Jeff Hardy d Sting

The two atalked each other. The crowd was actually divided for this match. They locked up and danced around. Sitng punched Hardy, several times. Hardy started to fight back iwthpunches and kicks. Flying Fore-arm by Hardy. Sting went to the floor and Hardy hit a Dropkick, through the ropes. Hardy dove over the ropes and missed Sting. Sting rammed hardy’s knee into the ramp, multiple times. sting went to jeff’s eyes.

Sting kicked the weakened knee of hardy. Stinger Splash! Sting missed teh second one. Hardy with an Inverted Atomic Drop into the Double Heel Trip and Double Leg Drop. Low Dropkick by Hardy. Hardy went for Whisper in the WInd, only to miss. Sting tried to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock. That move earned Bret Hart the US title on Monday. Unlike Miz, Hardy refused to submit. Hardy got to the ropes. The ref got knocked out, by accident. Mr. Anderson came in and hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Sting! Huh? The ref came back in and made the count.

Grade: C

Hardy was hot that Anderson got involved. Anderson called for the mic but Sting attacked with the bat, taking out both Anderson and Hardy.

Jay’s Thoughts: What the heck are they doing with Mr. Anderson? Heel or Face? Make a choice, willya? Sting getting the title shot at Slammiversary feels rather week, to me. This match could have been awesome. As it was, it was lame.

Final Grade: BFinal Thoughts: Well, I’m packing my little bag of DVDs and notebooks to had to Fremont, California. I’ll be away from my computer for 3 full days (1st time in about 2 1/2 years. I hope to see some of you at the show. I’ll be back with you all, next week, to look at all the fun and craziness that is pro wrestling.


— Jay Shannon
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