The Monday Night Wars Analysis

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The Monday Night Wars (04/19/2010) Analusis

Our resident philosopher compared the two Monday night wrestling shows and picks the weekly winner.

Thanks to the volcano in Iceland, almost all the Raw superstars were stuck in Ireland. WWE brought in the Smackdown guys to run the show. TNA offered up two former World Champions facing off to get a shot at A.J. Styles’ World title.

Opening Segment

RAW: Triple H came out and did an extended comedy skit, in which he humiliated C.M. Punk and others.

TNA: A.J. Styles ran his mouth about how great he was. RVD and Jeff Hardy came out to dispute his claim. The Hour Turner match (RVD v Jeff Hardy) was set, as was the Main Event.

Winner: TNA

Diva/Knockout Match
TNA: Beautiful People d Daffney and ODB. Quick match but passable.
RAW: Not a Diva in sight.

Winner (obviously): TNA


TNA: They only had four matches: The Hour Turner, The Knockout Tag Team match, The Main Event and the Team Hogan v Team Flair rematch. One undercard match but it was a great match.

Raw: Drew McIntyre d Matt Hardy, Khaluber (Great Khali) d Vladimir Kozlov (by countout), The Kozlov match was dismal. McIntyre was boring.

Winner: TNA


Raw: Other than HHH’s rant to open the show, almost all the rest were either MacGoober or pre-recorded clips sent over from Europe. The comedy skits were offensive and lacked imagination.

TNA: The interview where RVD showed great respect to Jeff Hardy was a nice touch. Abyss’ “rallying the troops” speech was inspiring.

Winner: TNA


TNA: The return of Samoa Joe.
Raw: Smackdown takes over Raw.

Winner: Push (neither really impressed me)

Hour Turner:

TNA: Rob Van Dam d Jeff Hardy An absolutely amazing match, start to finish.

RAW: Undertaker d Jack Swagger. Taker really looked old and weak in this battle.

Winner: TNA

Main Event:

TNA: Rob Van Dam d A.J. Styles (New TNA World Champion). One of the best non-PPV matches in a long time.

Raw: Edge, Triple H and Rey Mysterio d Chris Jericho, C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows. Mediocre match, at best. Actually rather dull.

Winner: TNA

Final Winner: A Slam Dunk for TNA

Final Thoughts: I wasn’t surprised when the ratings climbed for TNA. Raw was pathetically bad. The Undertaker v Jack Swagger match was the only bright spot, and it couldn’t make a 30-watt bulb pop. TNA used minimalism to take it to a new level. Way to go, TNA!

–Jay Shannon
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