The Monday War Ends

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The Monday Night War Ends

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, looks at the final round of Monday Night battles.

Opening Segment:

TNA: Jay Lethal came out to do a fantastic Ric Flair imitation. Flair came out, ticked off, and beat the daylights out of him. This led to a multi-segment gang war between Team Hogan and Team Flair.

RAW: Batista came out and grumbled about John Cena doing him over with the whole Duct Tape thing. Miz then came out and said he was so injured from Big Show‘s shot to the jaw that he needed a proxy to battle for him. Out comes Daniel Bryan. Bryan works a great match but ended up losing.

Winner: RAW

Jay’s Thoughts: While the Lethal thing was great, Batista v Bryan was an excellent battle. Bryan is so much better than WWE is letting him be, right now.

Undercard Matches:

TNA: Ink, Inc (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal) d Douglas Williams and Brian Kendrick, A.J. Styles d Abyss (Monster’s Ball Match)

RAW: John Morrison d Ted DiBiase, Jr., Mark Henry d Zack Ryder, Hart Dynasty d William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov

Winner: Raw

Jay’s Thoughts: Both undercards were really good. Morrison v DiBiase was the determining factor in this one. Both shows did roll-out some of their best talent.


TNA: The Beautiful People d Tara, Taylor Wilde and Sarita. It was a decent battle that helped pushed Tara further into heeldom.

RAW: Maryse d Nikki Bella. The match was down-right awful. Nikki and Brie are about as useless as Hornswoggle, when it comes to exciting matches.

Winner: TNA:

Jay’s Thoughts: The Women’s matches are always weak but Raw really threw out a horrible female match, this week. Maryse may be hot but this match was ice cold.

Hour Turner Match/Segment:

RAW: John Cena d Wade Barrett. John was set to battle Chris Jericho, but “Lionheart” turned into “ChickenHeart” as he said that Big Show’s shot to the face. Cena forced Wade to tap out in short order.

TNA: Team 3D v Beer Money v Motor City Machine Guns went to a No Contest when The Band rushed the ring. Eric Young then rushed in and joined The Band in a surprise attack on the faces.

Winner: TNA

Jay’s Thoughts: The Cena match was far too short for the Hour Turner segment. The Triple Threat Match did have the fun surprise of the Eric Young turn. That was the deciding factor for this catagory.


TNA: “The Nature Bro” Jay Lethal was amazing. He was spot-on as Ric Flair.

RAW: A couple of Wayne’s segments were passingly funny. Jillian Hall was great. (I still want to see her in Playboy). She has the best sense of humor about her singing

Winner: TNA

Jay’s Thoughts: The comedy thing is falling flat for both shows. TNA has slightly better writers (Man, I so hate to give Vince Russo credit for anything). With D-X gone and Hornswogg;e off to Smackdown, don’t expect many laughs on Mondays.


RAW: The Cutting Edge — Edge always provides an entertaining talk segment. He really went off on Randy Orton, setting up their feud. The added bonus of taking out Wayne Brady just pushed the segment to the next level.

TNA: The O-Zone was dreadful. Jordan “character” is offensive and yet boring. Jordan is just too bland, even with what should be one of the most outrageous characters since Adrian Adonis or “Exotic” Adrian Street. Instead, he isn’t even a Rico.

Winner: RAW

Jay’s Thoughts: I hate talk segments. Roddy Piper was the only one who could really do service to these wastes of time.


RAW: The R-K-O on Wayne Brady had me cheering in my office (I really can’t stand that guy, or most Guest Hosts for that matter). Morrison offering to be Ted Jr.’s “Virgil” was hilarious. It also led to a great match.

TNA: Eric Young joined “The Band”. Yawn. Jay Lethal has switched from Black Machismo to Nature Bro. Yawn.

Winner: RAW

Jay’s Thoguhts: Maybe I’m getting a bit jaded but surprises just don’t surprise me anymore.

Main Event:

RAW: The Hart Dynasty d Regal/Kozlov for the Unified Tag Team titles. It was a decent match that helped to launch the new tag team of Chris Jericho and Miz (Call them The Elitists). Also, The Cutting Edge had Edge confront Randy Orton and Orton take out Wayne Brady.

TNA: RVD d Desmond Wolfe in a TNA title match. It was fast and enthusiastic. Technically, the “main event” was Hogan confronting Sting but this match was what I consider the Main Event. It was awesome.

Winner: TNA (just slightly)

Jay’s Thoughts: This one was really close. RVD is just a bit more exciting than the Harts (and I really do like the Harts). The ending interview segments were a bit boring until Orton took out “Mr. Let’s Make a Deal”.

Final Winner: TNA

Final Thoughts: TNA announced that they are moving back to Thursday, so Vince wins, I guess. The real winner is me…since I don’t have to cover 4 hours of wrestling on one day. Whew! TNA was actually a little better in their over-all presentation, this week. I’m sue the ratings will be better for Raw, which is another reason TNA is tucking tail and running.

Ultimate Results: RAW wins the war. TNA has retreated to Thursdays. TNA just wasn’t ready to face off against “The Flagship”. I hope that when Smackdown moves to SyFy, they will be on Thursday to up the competition. I think this war was a bad move from the word “go”. TNA just doesn’t have the “Muscle” to knock down Raw. They may, down the road, but even Hulk Hogan doesn’t have the drawing power that he used to have. I’m glad TNA bailed before they dug themselves into such a hole that they ended up joining World Class, WCW, ECW, AWA and so many others before them…dead in the water.

–Jay Shannon
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