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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
Who’s Raw’s new mystery General Manager?

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, tries to figure out who is the new “anonymous” General Manager of Raw. He looks at the most likely candidates (and a few long-shots).

Well, Bret Hart is out and now the new General Manager has “Ultimate Control”. He works from the shadow, through e-mail. I wanted to go through what I consider the top contenders to the top Raw job. Some of these are wild long-shots, some are pretty obvious choices. I’ll give odds on each man or woman.

Jim Ross

It’s well-known that Ross is very computer literate. He blogs til the cows come home. He recently resigned a new contract with the WWE, so they need some to do with him. The Smackdown announce desk is working, so why mess with it. Despite the fact that I can’t stand Michael Cole, the Raw announce team is solid. A behind-the-scenes GM would be a great vehicle for “Good Ol’ J.R.”. This would also allow J.R. to continue, even if his Bell’s Palsy were to flare up. He would be my favorite choice for the new G.M.

Odds of Jim Ross being the new G.M.: 3 to 1

Triple H:

He’s taking some time off to be with Stephanie as their third child is due. Vince did seem a little intimidated by the person on the phone. Vince told the person not to use him in any of his ideas. That sounds like Vince talking to his son-in-law. Triple H could stay on the sidelines until the little one gets here and then make a big return as the G.M., in person. The swerve would be great.

Odds of Triple H being the new G.M.: 5 to 1

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie hasn’t been around for awhile. Vince talked about the G.M. having Ultimate Control. I can’t imagine him giving that to anyone outside of the core family (Vince, Linda, Shane, Steph, or Trip). Since she is mongo preggo. she really can’t travel the country. E-Mailing in instructions would be simply from the familyhome.

Odds of Stephanie McMahon being the new G.M.: 10 to 1

Matt Striker

Striker is another computer expert. He was also very much involved in the whole NXT thing. With Jim Ross returning, Striker might get booted from the announce desk. Striker could ensure his spot in the company with a solid performance as the mystery G.M. Once J.R. returns and Striker gets the old heave-ho, he could reveal himself as the G.M., leading to some interesting Nexus/NXT storylines.

Odds of Matt Striker being the new G.M.: 20 to 1

Drew McIntyre

He is “The Chosen One”. Who better to put in charge of the Flagship than Vince’s “boy”? Drew seems incredibly weak on the stick, so putting him in the back would be possible. The only problem with that scenario is it might take him out of the ring. He’s one of the better workers on Smackdown and I doubt they would want to lose him on stage.

Odds of Drew McIntyre being the new G.M.: 1,000 to 1

Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson

He’s one of the biggest news stories in recent WWE history. He was publically “fired” due to his viciousness towards ring announcer Justin Roberts during the NXT Invasion when the NXT Rookies destroyed the ring, John Cena and everyone within reach. Wade Barrett made the cryptic comment that “you will never See Daniel Bryan”. Bryan has been pushed as a major internet and e-mail user. It would be a great swerve to have him be the person behind the curtain.

Odds of Daniel Bryan being the new G.M.: 2,500 to 1

Michael Cole

Michael Cole was critical of Daniel Bryan and now he’s gone. Nexus attacks the announcers, time keeper and the ringside guys. Somehow, Cole manages to slip through the net without getting his hair mussd. Hmm… All the e-mails are going to be sent to Cole. Again, a very interesting choice. As I mentioned above, J.R. might be looking for an annoucne job. Cole could easily go into a “Coach” role and take over as G.M., while J.R. joins Jerry Lawler at the desk. Cole has proven his loyalty to Vince over the years and is likely due for a major promotion. Cole staying at the announce desk could really push the mystery. How could he be in two places at once? Time delayed e-mails? This is one of my top contenders to the title

Odds of Michael Cole being the new G.M.: 3 to 1

Abraham Washington

He hasn’t been seen since the demise of ECW. He was just too obnoxious to disappear. I just have a hard time imagining him staying behind-the-scenes on this one. He’s a possible but not a good one.

Odds of Abraham Washington being the new G.M.: 5,000 to 1

Paul Heyman

Paul has been teasing some big plans all over the ‘Net. What bigger plan than to offset the TNA/ECW alliance than to have wrestling’s “Mad Scientist” calling the shots, from afar. Heyman is another heavy user of blogs and other assorted Internet options. It would be really easy for him to send the anonymous e-mails. I’m just not sure if all the hard feelings of the past have been buried.

Pdds of Paul Heyman being the G.M.: 10,000 to 1

Donald Trump

Trump is a former “owner” of Raw. He is a very busy guy and couldn’t really be at all the shows. He is one guy that would somewhat intimidate Vince. The writers could make all the decisiions and let Trump take the credit/blame for all the stuff that’s being done. Trump could, eventually, make an appearance and say that only he would be powerful enough to be able to stay in the shadows. Vince and Trump are close buddies so this would work. Trump would only have to do minimal interaction, once he’s revealed. He could just explain his being behind-the-scenes as he is a very businessman and he needs to “call it in”. I really like the concept of Trump running things from “Trump Tower”.

Odds of Donald Trump being the new G.M.: 100 to 1

Bill Goldberg

He’s become very popular in the last year or so. He’s been on DIY Network and The Apprentice. He’s teased another run in the WWE for months. I really doubt the Vince would bring him in as the all-powerful position of Raw G.M. He would bring in some “mainstreamers” but not that many. His big surprise unveiling would be a real yawner.

Odds of Bill Goldberg being the new G.M.: 100,000 to 1

Shane McMahon

He shocked everyone when he walked away from the WWE. No one really knows what Shane-O Mac is planning. It would be an awesome shocker to have the Prodigal Son return home and take over. He did “run the show” when WWE bought WCW. Shane was in charge of the renegade group. He would be a perfect person for Vince to put into the G.M. position. I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen. Something negative happened in the McMahon household that we will likely never know. While it would be awesome, it’s almost an impossibility.

Odds of Shane McMahon being the new G.M. 1,000,000 to 1

Josh Mathews

He’s the last guy you’d think would be in the driver’s seat. Which is why I hae him there as a possible. Mathews has been around for quite awhile and has a nice little following. Learning that the mousy little guy is not the all-powerful leader of the pack would be a great swerve. I think he would do well in the position, at least for awhile.

Odds of Josh Mathews being the new G.M.: 100 to 1

Ted DiBiase, Sr.

Ted Sr. (or Junior for that matter) would have the money to buy the G.M. position. Ted Jr has been wanting a shot at running the show. Since the WWE is planning bigger and better things for Junior, it would be easy to slide Papa DiBiase into the Captain’s Chair. With all his money, Ted, Sr. could have the best computer equipment and could run things from his palacial estate down in Mississippi. This one could be a lot of fun.

Odds of Ted DiBiase, Sr. being the new G.M.: 1,000 to 1

Joey Styles

Styles has been working on the WWE website since leaving the announce desk. He could be setting up for a “revenge” angle to destroy Raw in the same way that Vince destroyed ECW. I think Joey is above that kind of storyline but the writers might not be. Like heyman, Styles’ appearance could counter the ECW push in TNA.

Odds of Joey Styles being the new G.M: 50,000 to 1

Vince McMahon

“Ultimate Control”. That’s what VInce said the new G.M. would have. I have a hard time seeing Vinny Mac giving total control to anyone outside family. Vince did the behind-the-scenes thing, years ago, as the “Ultimate Power” during the Undertaker’s Ministry days. On Monday, Vince was supposedly talking to someone on his cell, in the office. Of course, many of us have done that “pretend to talk on the phone” so people will leave you alone. As far as Vince being in the ring when the e-mails popped, either they were time-delayed or (more likely) one of Vince’s guys was typing it in to throw everyone off. I’d almost be willing to bet the farm its Vince.

Odds of Vince McMahon being the new G.M.: Even Money

In Conclusion:

There are so many others that could fill the role. I thought of everyone from Bobby Heenan to Jerry Lawler to someone we will never see. The WWE could milk this storyline basically forever. As long as they don’t reveal the person running the show, they could even deal with someone leaving the company. Say, for example, Goldust was the original choice. He decides to leave and go back to TNA. Ted DiBiase, Jr. could step in and, when unveiled, Goldust’s involvement would never have to be acknowledged. If it’s done right, the fans could really get into the whole mystery thing. I just hope they don’t jump the gun and tell us the identity, too quickly.


– -Jay Shannon
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  1. rei0009

    July 6, 2010 at 12:22 am

    I believe its Stone Cold Steve Austin, recently at the end of an e-mail it stated
    “and that’s the bottom line because the general manager said so”
    a common stone cold saying

  2. speaker221

    July 27, 2010 at 6:29 am

    its either Triple H or HBK i know this for a fact last night on raw they quoted the gm ”if your not down with that we got two words for ya”