Thunder and Lightning – Hammerstone’s Mythical Storm

alexander hammerstone2

Editor’s note:  We are pleased to welcome Bob Eager to the staff!  He will be writing a column called “Charisma Corner with Bob Eager”.

Alexander Hammerstone has been working hard on the independent scene  for many years. He is no Fabio and  he scoffs at people who says he is not  butter he is Parkay. Silly misguided cretins. Thor couldn’t even carry my jockstrap he might well  retort.

Hammerstone has wrestled some of the best up and coming talents such as Chris Evans, The Prophet, and has wrestled Jay Garland in a very bitter contest which left Hammerstone with his hand raised.  He has been involved in matches with  legends like Jake the Snake Roberts and Gangrel.

Alexander Hammerstone will destroy all competition that stands in his way of any championship prize.

One of his showboat moves is to show his muscles. He will then  of course kiss his muscles because you cannot.

He has wrestled every where from Arizona to Oregon all across the US his next stop quite possibly your town. He has wrestled just about everywhere else.

Given his work ethic it is only a  matter of time before he reaches the pinnacle of his chosen profession. Hammerstone is on the move and WWE bound that is for sure.

— Bob Eager