Champion Date Location Notes

Pat O'Connor 59/01/09 St. Louis, MO 1
Verne Gagne 60/08/16 Awarded after O'Connor fails to defend.
Gene Kiniski 61/07/11 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne [2] 61/08/08 Minneapolis, MN
Mister M (Bill Miller) 62/01/09 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne [3] 62/08/21 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski 63/07/09 Minneapolis, MN Wins Omaha title aswell..
Verne Gagne [4] 63/07/20 Minneapolis, MN Wins both Omaha and AWA titles.
Fritz Von Erich 63/07/27 Omaha, NE Wins both Omaha and AWA titles.
Verne Gagne [5] 63/08/08 Amarillo, TX Unifies AWA & Omaha titles..
Crusher Lisowski [2] 63/11/16 St. Paul, MN
Verne Gagne [6] 63/12/14 Minneapolis, MN
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon 64/05/02 Omaha, NE
Verne Gagne [7] 64/05/16 Omaha, NE
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon [2] 64/10/20 Minneapolis, MN
Mighty Igor Vodic 65/05/15 Omaha, NE
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon [3] 65/05/22 Omaha, NE
Crusher Lisowski [3] 65/08/21 St. Paul, MN
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon [4] 65/11/12 Denver, CO
Dick the Bruiser 66/11/12 Omaha, NE
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon [5] 66/11/19 Omaha, NE
Verne Gagne [8] 67/02/26 St. Paul, MN
Dr. X (Dick Beyer) 68/08/17 Bloomington, MN
Verne Gagne [9] 68/08/31 Minneapolis, MN
Nick Bockwinkel 75/11/08 St. Paul, MN
Verne Gagne [10] 80/07/18 Chicago, IL
Nick Bockwinkel [2] 81/05/19 Awarded when Gagne retires.
Otto Wanz 82/08/29 St. Paul, MN
Nick Bockwinkel [3] 82/10/09 Chicago, IL
Jumbo Tsuruta 84/02/22 Tokyo, JAPAN
Rick Martel 84/05/13 St. Paul, MN
Stan Hansen 85/12/29 East Rutherford, NJ
Nick Bockwinkel [4] 86/06/28 Denver, CO 2
Curt Hennig 87/05/02 San Francisco, CA
Jerry Lawler 88/05/09 Memphis, TN 3
Larry Zbyszko 89/02/07 St. Paul, MN Wins title in battle royal, eliminating Tom Zenk.
Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 90/02/10 Tokyo, JAPAN
Larry Zbyszko [2] 90/04/08 St. Paul, MN Stripped on 90/12/12 when Zbyszko leaves inactive AWA;
AWA Closes in 1991

  1. Recognized as the first AWA World Heavyweight champion in 60/05, but given 90 days to defend the title against Verne Gagne or be stripped.

  2. Awarded when Hansen leaves the promotion after not appearing the match on 86/06/28 in Denver, CO, but Hansen takes the belt and defends it on All Japan cards in 86/07.

  3. Unifies WCWA World title defeating Kerry Von Erich on 88/12/13 in Chicago, IL to become Unified World Heavyweight Champion, but stripped of AWA title on 89/01/20 after CWA splits with AWA.

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