TNA’s Killing It


TNA has been crushing their Manhattan Center shows.

WWE – BIG TIME – missed the boat on ECIII. He outclasses 99% of what’s currently coming out of NXT. His personality is enormous.

Samoa Joe’s legitimacy is so undeniable that they can forget about him for a handful of years, without damage to his ominous legend.

My all-time favorite Nitro memory was the Booker v Benoit best of seven. That said, I’m ecstatic about The Wolves being involved in a three way series with the brothers and the half brothers.

MVP is a dirty, underhanded hyper talented son of a bee. He can draw anger from a crowd or adversary through volume and braggadocio or with a whisper and a devious suggestion. Brilliant.

Roode v EY – FTW – every time. As long as every conversation between them doesn’t have to include the bit about “we’ve been here since day one”. I know you guys have. Most of us do. The intensity and honor and respect that they’re trying to convey with that particular approach is lessened by overuse.

I like Jessicka Havok in the Knockout’s Division, but – in another lesson in overuse – she needs to do what WWE’s Paige has done and limit the wild screams. The shrill shock morphs quickly into something grating as opposed to blood curdling. Mike Tenay commented – in his adorably faux-clueless way – that based on the gradually unscrambling letters of her name, he didn’t know if it would be a man or woman. Taz remarked that he still couldn’t. Not a good look, sir. Still, the division hasn’t had a monster since Awesome Kong, and she’s necessary for balance.

Additional ECIII thought: he works so well, not because of the family tie that they gave him, but because he has grabbed the character by the throat. Intensity. Calculation. Chicken s__ heel stuff. And even – when it’s necessary – a violent believability.

Oh, and he and Spud can be as hilarious as they want to be. That little ferret is the perfect accessory.

Let’s say TNA survives and stays on television. After the next bunch of tapings, and a trip to Korakuen Hall in Tokyo for Bound for Glory, if they go back to that sterile environment in Orlando, with their hack job videos and seats filled with tourists, then I’m more apt to believe that their time is still borrowed. They are, once again, succeeding because they’re doing what they’re GOOD at, and it’s SO good, that I really hope that management understands what they’ve accomplished. We should all be so lucky.

Oh! And the ingenious transformation of James Storm. I always loved his passion, but now he’s more than a mostly two-dimensional cowboy archetype. He’s now sadistic, manipulative, and complex. It seems that he’s interested in cultivating some kind of X-Division stable, but his grand reasoning remains mysterious. Don’t blow this one. Continue to expand the character.

Lastly, having mentioned the X-Division, the addition of TNA cruiser all-star Homicide to the title picture is intriguing.

They have creative momentum. Don’t chase WWE. TNA’s gotta keep doing TNA.

— Daniel Stusiak