Victory Road Predictions

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My Victory Road 2010 predictions

Our resident philosopher breaks out his crystal ball, tea leaves and lucky coin to determine the winners, losers and future storylines of Victory Road 2010.

TNA is beginning the build towards Bound for Glory. This is the opening PPV on that road. This looks to be an above average PPV. Not that I’m planning on ordering it (just not in the budget). I’m going to do my best to try and figure out where TNA is going and who will get the check mark in the “W” column after this chaotic little card.

Brother Ray v Jesse Neal v Brother Devon

Backstory: Team 3D trained Jesse. Ray feels Jesse is getting a bit too big for his britches and wants to take him down a notch (or 10). Devon isn’t happy that his “brother” is bullying the rookie and wants this mess to stop. Ray went to Eric Bischoff and got a Three Way Dance between this dysfunctional trio.

Prediction: TNA is going one of two ways with this. A full heel turn for Team 3D when Devon joins Ray and they destroy the former Navy kid or a feud between the two “brothers”. A heel turn would fall right in line with the growing “Hard Corps” group of ex-ECW stars. I really think Ray and Devon are going to mend fences and devastate Jesse Neal. As far as who will get the actual pin, that is irrelavant.

Predicted Winner: Brother Devon (Ray plays nice and lets him pin Jesse)
Predicted Grade: C-

A.J. Styles and Kazarian v A Mystery Team

Backstory: Ric Flair has forced these two to work together to battle a mystery team. The team was not announced on Impact.

Predictions: I’m expecting Styles and Kazarian to have to face Generation Me or some makeshift team that will likely include Samoa Joe. I’m wondering what Flair’s (storyline) motives are. Will both go in? Only one? Neither? It’s almost impossible to tell. I do think Styles and Kazarian will win this one, no matter who is thrown at them. Both Styles and Kaz will try to take the credit for the win but they will win.

Predicted Winners: Styles and Kazarian
Predicted Grade: B (could be higher, depending on opponents)

Matt Morgan v Hernandez
Steel Cage Match

Backstory: Morgan and Hernandez were the World tag team champs. Morgan turned on Hernandez and took him out for several months, after kicking Hernandez’s head into a ringpost. Morgan keeps running away from Hernandez but he won’t get far…inside a steel cage.

Predictions: Morgan has pretty much run his course in TNA. Hernandez needs to dominate this match. This one is, most likely, going to get seriously bloody. I’m kinda expecting Homicide to make an appearance and spark the reunion of LAX. I can certainly hope for that. Otherwise, Morgan is going to try everything in the book to scale the cage, bust through the door or, Heck, dig through the canvas and scoot out like the weasel that he’s turned into in the last few months.

Predicted Winner: Hernandez
Predicted Grade: B-

Angelina Love v Madison Rayne
Title v Career Match

Backstory: Rayne has already eliminated Roxxi and Tara in these counter-productive types of matches. The Knockout division is at its lowest ever, so let another Knockout risk her career. Smart booking…Not!

Predictions: Well, since TNA apparently decided to totally shelve Rosie Lottalove (by the way, the name is a take-off on the AC/DC classic, Whole Lotta Rosie), Rayne is running out of people to fight. Love definitely needs to win this. If TNA loses another Knockout, they might as well fold up their silicon-enhanced tents and go home with the women’s division. Love would have all three members of the Beautiful People to feud with and Daffney. (Heck, isn’t that just about everyone IN the divsion?). Ok, there is Sycho Sarita and Taylor Mild…err…Wilde.

Predicted Winner: Angelina Love
Predicted Grade: D (make that Double D)

Kurt Angle v D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero
Contender’s Climb Match

Backstory: Kurt came back from a hiatus to start working towards a World title shot. He started with the Number 10 position and has started taking out those above him in the rankings. He has already knocked out #10 (Kazarian) and #9 (Desmond Wolfe). The Pope sits at number 8. Pope also wants a title shot and is determined to climb the ladder of success.

Predictions: Kurt is moving towards a huge battle at Bound For Glory for the TNA World Title. He has to get past Pope to do it. This is going to be the Show Stealer match of the night. Both men are going to come out of this looking great. Angle is going to take this one with the Grapevine AngleLock.

Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle
Predicted Grade: A

Beer Money v Motor City Machine Guns
TNA World Tag Team Title Finals

Backstory: After Scott Hall got in trouble for an alleged fight at a bar, TNA stripped The Band of the tag belts. The Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) were in line to go after the belts when Hall, Nash and (Eric) Young were stripped. The Guns got a spot in the finals and a mini-tourney was set to find someone to battle them. Beer Money won it and now they try to regain the tag belts.

Predictions: Since Flair is getting ready to build his new little group, Fourtune, Beer Money really needs to take this to form the foundation of Fourtune. Beer Money are very similar to Anderson/Blanchard, an odd couple that just meshed so well. There are going to be a slew of near falls and a ton of highlight reel material but Beer Money just seems to be the stronger team, not just in the physical sense of the word. DWI to Sabin after Shelley gets knocked to the outside.

Predicted Winners: Beer Money (new tag champs)
Predicted Grade: B+

Douglas Williams v Brian Kendrick
Ultimate X/Submission Match for the X-Division title

Backstory: Douglas Williams has been pushing a “non-circus” feel to the X-Division. Kendrick came in as a high-flyer who could hit you from any of a thousand directions. Williams whined about how these X-Division “stars” wouldn’t know real wrestling if it were to bite them in the backside. Kendrick decided to show up Williams by unveiling a new submission move, Altered Reality. There are two possible ways to win this one: submission or Ultimate X rules

Predictions They’ve pushed how much Williams has a fear of heights. I saw Kendrick fly, in person, at May’s Wrestlefest in California. Williams seems to be going in to this one at a severe disadvantage. Williams really hasn’t shown many submission moves in his arsenal but who knows what might be up his sleeve? Kendrick really should win this one, using Williams’ phobia against him. I think WIlliams is going to come out of this one with his title intact.

Predicted Winner: Douglas Williams
Predicted Grade: B

Ric Flair v Jay Lethal

Backstory: Flair got his drawers in a twist when Lethal did an impression of him. Flair has sent a whole slew of people against Lethal. None of them have been able to take down the master of mimickry. Jay is ticked off that Flair and his forces dared to attack his little brother, Mohammed, and wats to eradicated the Nature Boy.

Prediction: This is going to be painful to watch. Flair is a pathetic shell of his former self. Even 10 years ago, Flair would have eaten men like Lethal for breakfast. These days, Flair can barely lace up his own boots. It’s rather sad to see him back in the ring. He would be better suited to work as the J.J. Dillon of Fourtune. Lethal is just way too much of a handful for the aging old fossil. I think Lethal will add insult to injury by forcing Flair to submit to the Figure Four.

Predicted Winner: Jay Lethal
Predicted Gade: B- (I’m being really generous on that grade)

Rob Van Dam v Jeff Hardy v Mr. (Ken) Anderson v Abyss
TNA World Title, Fatal Four Way Match

Backstory: RVD took the belt from A.J. Styles. Abyss has gone back into his Monster persona. Hardy and Anderoson have a rocky relationship, at best. All of them want the belt.

Predictions: I’ve had a ton of feedback from people who feel Abyss will take this, so he can battle Hogan for the belt, down the road. I have a more interesting swerve working through my rattled little brain. The Hard Corps (Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino and Stevie Richards) have been making their presence felt. I think it’s time for another member to be added. Abyss keeps talking about “them”. I think he’s going to join, and help the other new member, RVD, keep his strap. By the end of the night, the Hard Corps will be complete with RVD, Abyss, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Raven, Team 3D and Taz. Yes, Taz will join the crew. (There is a wild rumor that Paul Heyman might be joining,as well, but he wants way too much of the company to come onboard).

Predicted Winner: A newly-heeled RVD
Predicted Grade: A (higher marks for the swerve-a-tude).


–Jay Shannon
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