Walking Through Walls


The Golden Circle – “Walking Through Walls”
By Greg Anthony

I’m sure there a lot of hockey fans out there, I just don’t happen to be one. I can, however, appreciate the sport without having to like it. One raining day a few months back while scanning through Netflix I saw a documentary called The Last Gladiators. This particular hockey documentary told the life of former NHL Enforcer, Chris Nilan.

The enforcer’s job in the NHL seems simple, its to fight. Fight to keep their teammates safe from unwarranted sometimes brutal injuries that can alter men’s lives. These enforcers offer their bodies to the hockey gods, night in and night out. Some for a paycheck, most just for the sense of pride.

Chris Nilan said something that has been stuck in brain ever since. He referred to his job as “Walking through Walls”. I become enthralled with that phrase. Its a great metaphor for the life of someone who puts their body on the line. I’m sure most of you can see how this would be relevant to professional wrestling.

Most professional wrestlers take great pride in what they do because for true wrestlers its not what we do but rather who we are. Its something encoded in our DNA. Something we can’t shake, not now not ever. Its the first thing we think of when we wake up and the last thing before we lay our head down at night.

I’ve seen a trend over the last 15 years. The percentage of guys willing to walk through walls is rapidly decreasing. Being replaced by those who want to do as little as possible. Guys that just want to show up rather than earn their place in our great fraternity. Most aren’t even willing to walk across the street.

If you are like me and are willing to walk through walls made of concrete and fire then let’s try weeding out all those who aren’t willing to match our efforts. Let’s make it harder for the unwanted to bring our value down. Let’s make this brotherhood stronger so we can walk through that wall together.