What Does the Future Hold for Charlotte?


Golden Circle: What Does the Future Hold for Charlotte?
By Greg Anthony

It’s no secret that Ric Flair is my favorite wrestler of all time. I’ve talked about my earliest memory of life being that of sitting on my grandmother’s knee watching professional wrestling. That memory is a vivid flash of “The Nature Boy”. My name of “The Golden Boy” was meant to pay homage to, who in my humble opinion is, the G.O.A.T  (Greatest of All Time)

I’m not a huge fan of the phrase “Building a Brand”. I think that it creates distance and makes us forget that most “brands” are people but for lack of a better term I care about the Flair brand. I’m emotional connected through my childhood and years of amazing memories.

I remember being excited about the possibilities of David Flair one day making his debut. Now I’m not here to knock anyone, I don’t know David, I think everyone including myself had too high expectations for him. He was 18 years old kid trying to step out of the shadow that reached decades into the future. I believe no matter how hard David worked, Ric would be better than him because as I sit here now Ric Flair is still better than 99% of us.

Once it became apparent that David couldn’t carry his father’s enormous legacy we began to focus on Reid Flair. He was a tremendous athlete and I tried to watch his work progress as much as I could. His untimely death left us all in shock. As a father, something like this is my greatest fear. Tragedy doesn’t even seem like enough of a word to describe it.

I’m going to be 100% honest… it never even occurred to me that Ashley Flair would ever lace them up. Maybe it’s a little sexist but I’m glad I didn’t spoil it for myself. Transforming into Charlotte in honor of her home city, she has taken wrestling by storm. This “revolution” everyone is talking about started for me with a match between Charlotte and Natalya that shattered the glass ceiling.

Charlotte is a great athlete but more importantly she has that undeniable Flair swagger when she walks that aisle. I can’t wait, as always a wrestling FAN, what the future holds in store for Charlotte. Like every great story there are always trials, tribulations and tragedies but it’s the 3rd act that the hero or in this case the heroine overcomes and triumphs.

— “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony