What Happened NXT

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
What Happened NXT

Our resident philosopher looks at the latest episode of WWE’s latest failure, NXT.

NXT is rushing, head-long, towards it’s conclusion. The Eliminations start in a couple weeks and the Rookies are doing their best to impress the Pros, if not the fans/

Matt Striker waited in the ring. The crowd was actually kinda into the show. Striker introduced the Rookies. Heath Slater got the best pop of the eight. Striker talked about 10 Million people checking out Skip Sheffield on WWE. com. This week, it was time for the Seal the Deal Challenge. The Rookies had to sell merchandise for 60 seconds. The winner would be the person with the most money in their hand at the end of the time period. The winner would get a chance to battle the Pro of their choice,, next week. All 8 took turns running around the arena, selling stuff. Skip Sheffield got the chance to hawk programs at $15 each. He ended up earning $60.

Matt called for the first match. Heath Slater and Christian came out for the first match.

Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett d Christian and Heath Slater

Slater and Jericho stared each other down and Chris headed for the corner to tag out. Go Behind and Arm Bar by Heath. Christian tagged in and flew off the top rope. Wade with Kneelifts. Back Elbow and Missile Dropkick by Christian. Wade with a Big Boot. Wade stomped and punched away and then tagged out to Christian. Jerichos hammered Christian’s head and screamed at the ref. Belly to Back Suplex by Jericho. jericho punished Christian in the corner. Irish Whip by Jericho but Christian did just like he did on Raw and converted the Bulldog into a Slop Drop. Heath took the tag and hit a Pair of Flying Fore-arms on Jericho. Heath ducked a Clothesline and hit an impressive Flying Neckbreaker. Wade made the save. Christian with a Flying Crossbody on the Englishman. Christian with a Tope Con Hilo over the top rope onto Wade. jericho tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Heath Small Packaged Jericho for two. Jericho iwth the Code Breaker to take the win.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: This should have been the Main Event, not something sandwiched inside another dumb challenge. Wade and Heath have good futures ahead of them.

It was time for another Seal the Deal Challenge. Yawn. Daniel Bryan starting thowing stuff to the crowd instead of selling stuff. He raised $0.

NXT looked at Luke Gallows‘s attack on Darren Young, last week. The led to Carlito giving Michael Tarver grief about not taking the win. Carlito told Tarver to carry Carlito’s bags. Justin Gabriel was next to try and sell stuff. He sold 22 programs to earn $330. (later adjusted to $210, because Gabriel made incorrect change).

Michael Tarver came out to fight, next. NXT ran a promo about Tarver and how the Pros felt about him. The Pros were seriously brutal about him. He’s likely going home in two weeks. Darren Young then came out to battle.

Darren Young d Michael Tarver

The two locked up and moved to the corner. Tarver boxed the ribs of Young nad Power WHipped Young to the corne. The ref held Tarver back to check on Young. Tarver with a sweet Inverted Power Slam. Tarver punched the ribs nad Snap Mared Young out of the corner. Tarver with a modified Stump Puller. Young tried to fight back but Young fought back. Young surprised Tarver with a Discus Fore-arm and a Dropkick. Flying SHoulder Block by Young. Tarver with a boot and went up top. Young blasted the ribs. The two went tot he outside. Tarver threw Young in the ring and then yanked him into the ribs. Gallows blasted Tarver and Young hit his Beach Blast finisher.

Grade: C+

Jay’s Thoughts: Tarver is going to be the first one gone, count on it. Young is doing ok but I don’t think he will make the final cut.

David Otunga had to try and beat $210 in the Challenge. Otunga wanted an assistant. He got kids to do his dirty work because celebrities don’t do manual labor. Otunga had a ton of cash in hand. NXT tabulated the green as NXT went to break.

NXt looked at the Draft. It was one of the weakest Draft specials, ever.

NXT looked at Justin Gabriel. He got mixed reviews from the Pros.

R-Truth talked with Otunga about losing, last week. Otunga was ticked that Truth didn’t help him out. Truth told him that if he couldn’t run with the big dawgs, stay on the porch.

Heath Slater was up next for the Challenge. Otunga sold $315 during his run to take the lead. Slater was too laid back in his selling techniques. he came up short. Darrem Young started to sell his stuff. Young said he would fight C.M. Punk if he won the challenge. Otunga was still in the lead. Michael Tarver was up next in the challenge. Tarver refused to do the selling thing. He said he didn’t need to sell anything, other than himself. tarver stormed out of the arena. $0 for Tarver. Wade Barrett was up next to sell stuff. Wade took the stake money that was given him and took off with it. $0.

NXT ran a promo of Daniel Bryan. The Pros were incredible in their praise of Bryan. Miz was the most critical of his Rookie.

Striker announced David Otunga as the Challenge Winner. Striker wanted to know who Otunga wants to fight. He chose…R-Truth (big surprise). Orunga was confident.

Miz came out for the Main Event. Miz had a nasty bruise on the side of his face from where Big Show blasted him on Monday after ShowMiz dropped the tag belts to The Hart Dynasty. William Regal and Skip Sheffield arrived to do battle.

The Miz v Skip Sheffield

Miz took the mic and could barely talk due to the trauma on his face. Miz said he could not perform. He put Daniel Bryan in the match.

Skip Sheffield d Daniel Bryan

Miz walked off as the corwd chanted “You Tapped Out”. Skip lifted Daniel up but the American Dragon kneed his way free. Daniel with vicious kicks and a Runnign Dropkick. Daniel pounded away at Skip. Daniel slapped on a Single Leg Figure Four. Skip shoved Daniel around, nailed a nasty Clothesline and then finished him off with the College Station Crunch (a Trapped Body Stunner).

Grade: B-

Jay’s Thoughts: When is Daniel Bryan going to catch a break? He is turned into the biggest jobber since Barry Horowitz and loses every challenge. If he ends up as number one in 2 weeks, it will so prove that this whole thing is ultra-rigged (like anyone would be surprised). Skip is just to bland to make it to the top, as he currently exists. He really needs to become a solid heel to make it. His silly catchphrases and pandering to the fans will kill him.

Final Grade: C-

Final Thoughts: This is exactly why NXT is slated to be cancelled. These dumb challenges bore the crowd. It took out Tough Enough and now NXT. Someone should learn “Wrestling needs to be about wrestling”. Or as a wrestler (who’s name eludes me at midnight) used to wear on his t-shirt…”Shut up and Wrestle”.


–Jay Shannon
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