Who’ll Be the 7th Man?

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
Who will replace Great Khali at Summerslam?

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, makes some suggestions for who might take the seventh spot on John Cena‘s Team WWE team.

Well, Summerslam is Sunday and the main event is still not complete. Great Khali is almost certainly out with leg and knee injuries. Unless WWe plans on doing a Handicap Match, Khali will need to be replaced. Quite a few people have written me with their ideas as to who the replacement might be. Drawing upon their suggestions, as well as my own thoughts, I wanted to present the people that could easily help round out the makeshift team.

Mr. McMahon

Mr. McMahon was attacked and “injured” by Nexus. If Vince were to come back, he could defy the critics by teaming with his arch-rival, Bret Hart, to fight a common foe. It could lead to a great swerve where Vince announces that he was the power behind Nexus and the bigger plan is to reunify all the brands into one and have Nexus set to rule over all the shows. Ok, maybe that’s stretching it a bit but Vince as the leader of Nexus could give Vince the chance to take shots at Bryan Danielson by saying that he knew all the men in Nexus would “play ball” with one exception. The “traitor” was vanquished, as would all who don’t join the McMahon Alliance. It’s been done before but wrestling rarely does anything original, these days.

Odds of Mr. McMahon being the 7th member: 25 to 1

Triple H

HHH has been on the shelf for quite some time. Honestly, he took some time off to be with his wife, Stephanie, for the birth of their third child. Summerslam would be the perfect place to return. Miz could go back and forth as to whether he wanted to join the group. Cena or Bret would finally get fed up and say “You know, we found someone to join the team”. Nexus could come out first. Then Cena, followed by the other 5 members. Wade would start rambling that there was no 7th member. Vince McMahon could walk out, swerving Nexus into thinking that they were facing him. Vince said “I decided that the WWE is a family business, so I called in Family”. HHH’s music goes off and the crowd goes nuts. This is the most likely choice for the replacement, in my opinion.

Odds of Triple H being the 7th member: Even Money


WWE has hinted that Miz would join the team. He doesn’t have a match for Sunday, although he might be waiting for a shot at the winner of Randy Orton v Sheamus. If the WWE doesn’t go with a surprise return, Miz seems the most likely choice to take Khali’s spot. Michael Cole would just have a near-religious experience if Miz were to join the team. I think it would be bad booking but it’s rather likely.

Odds of Mix being the 7th member: 2 to 1

Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Junior really doesn’t have anything to do at Summerslam. That’s a crying shame. This kid was looking at a major push but he’s left out of the big show? If Miz pulls out of the match and they don’t bring in/back someone, I think he’s a solid possibility. I could even see him buying his way on to the team, with a healthy donation to Make-a-Wish (Cena’s pet charity).

Odds of DiBiase, Jr. being the 7th member: 5 to 1

Bryan Danielson

This is probably the hottest rumor on the ‘Net, right now. Danielson has been working various indy cards but it would be easy to bring him in and say that he was the sacrificial lamb to Nexus and he’s not happy about it. I seriously doubt that Danielson or Daniel Bryan, if you prefer, will show up. The only reason he’s on my list is the strength of the rumor.

Odds of Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson being the 7th man: 100,000 to 1

“Macho Man” Randy Savage

Savage has been on a marketing tour for his new little action figure. He’s a very likely candidate for next year’s Hall of Fame. Savage looked in great shape on his ComicCon video message. It would be pretty easy to slip him into the match. I’m not sure if Savage would want to do a long-term deal with the WWE but a one-shot deal would be possible.

Odds of Randy Savage being the 7th member: 5,000 to 1

Jim Neidhart

Bret Hart tried to turn to the Hart Dynasty for assistance with the team. Since both Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith are out, maybe Bret might turn to another family member, his brother-in-law, Jim. Jim could come out with his daughter, Natalya, as a great surprise. I don’t think he would add much to the team, but he did look pretty good against Jay Lethal, a year or so back.

Odds of Jim Neidhart being the 7th member: 10,000 to 1

Jack Swagger

Swagger has been moving towards a face turn. He’s been morphing more and more into the new Kurt Angle. Swagger would be an interesting choice for the team. Swagger will already be involved in another match but he could pull double duty. Maybe not.

Odds of Jack Swagger being the 7th member: 1,000 to 1


This is another strong rumor. Undetaker will likely be at Summerslam but I don’t think it will be in this match. He’s more likely to show up during the Rey Mysterio v Kane match. He, too, could pull double duty but it would kill the impact of his return if he did.

Odds of Undertaker being the 7th member: 25,000 to 1


Goldberg has teased a return to WWE for some time. He’s gone back and forth with his intentions. At this point, a Goldberg return would fall flat. He’s been gone just a little too long. He would swing the momentum to Team WWE, for sure, but the fans would be livid that Goldberg was brought in.

Odds of Goldberg being the 7th member: 75,000 to 1


Batista is in California, as is Summerslam. Batista would still pull one heck of a reaction from the crowd. The only problem is…Batista wants to be a serious competitor in MMA. I really doubt that he would want to “take a step backwards” and do the whole wrestling thing, again.

Odds of Batista being the 7th member: 50,000 to 1

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Austin is pushing his new mega-movie with just about every action star in the last 30 years. This would be a perfect vehicle to cross-promote the film. The reason that I doubt that he will be here also relates to promotion. If Austin were to make his dramatic return, I can’t imagine WWE not milking that for all it’s worth. Doing a surprise appearance would be such a poor choice for Austin’s return. Plus, I’m not sure if Austin would be booked solid, since the movie opens this week-end.

Odds of Steve Austin being the 7th member: 250,000 to 1

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock burned a lot of bridges with his attitude towards his wrestling roots. Fans would boo him out of the building. Rock doesn’t really have any major projects on the table to push so it makes no sense to bring him in.

Odds of Johnson being the 7th member: 500,000 to 1

In Conclusion:

There are probably a dozen or more possible Team WWE members. Some could be brought in from the outside. Others could be selected from within the ranks of Raw or Smackdown. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see. Of course, Great Khali might return and spoil the whole surprise. I’ll be watching to find out.

–Jay Shannon
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