Will Kane’s Split Personas Hurt His Character?

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Heel Turn: Will Kane’s Split Personas Hurt His Character?
By Joe Messineo

Kane’s persona in the WWE has been in flux over the past few weeks, with Kane alternating between the Demon and Corporate Kane.

When Kane transitions into the Demon, Kane finds his mask, he presumably finds a wig and he goes into full character. The Demon Kane has been terrorizing Seth Rollins over the past few weeks, which begs the question: Could the Demon Kane be here to stay?

WWE’s Management of the Demon Kane 

How will the WWE manage Kane’s split personas going forward? Will they allow him to continue as Corporate Kane or will Kane find himself once again as the Demon? Kane’s Demon personality has provided him with longevity in the WWE and Kane looks as if he’s still in tip top shape. With Seth Rollins having to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Kane at WWE’s Hell in a Cell, Kane could emerge with the belt.

What better way to shut up Seth Rollins than to deliver a chokeslam to hell in the middle of the ring? Will Kane be able to pull off a win against the elusive Rollins? One of the biggest assets Seth Rollins has is the fact that he somehow wins matches that he is supposed to lose. Rollins could use the Kane angle to further prop up his title reign, while Kane’s future could be left up to WWE Creative Control.

The Demon Kane Could Be Here to Stay 

Kane’s iconic pose in the middle of the ring with the flames erupting from the turnbuckles certainly brings back nostalgic memories for some wrestling fans. Kane’s 7’0″ frame makes him a force to be dealt with, should any competitor try to stand in his way. Kane as the Demon brings more in ring excitement, while Kane as Corporate Kane seems to bring more laughs and chuckles to the overall storyline.

If Kane is unsuccessful against Seth Rollins, how will WWE keep him in the storyline? One possible ways Kane could get back into the storyline is to feud against the Wyatts, who have historically had beef with the Undertaker. Kane and Undertaker were once presumed to be brothers and with the addition of Braun Strowman, the Wyatts could look to reignite their feud with the Undertaker by challenging him and Kane to a tag team match.

That’s just one possible way that WWE could keep Kane in the limelight, should they want to continue to push him Demon character. It will be interesting to see how Corporate Kane’s Director of Operations job pans out, considering the fact that his rapid change in demeanor has caught the eye of The Authority. Kane’s future as the Director of Operations could be in jeopardy should he decide to go forward with his Demon persona, considering the fact that it would be difficult for Corporate Kane to keep up this charade.

Joe Messineo