Will Sting Ever Step In the Ring Again?

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Heel Turn: Will Sting Ever Step In the Ring Again?
By Joe Messineo

Sting recently wrestled a match at the WWE Night of Champions against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was widely speculated that Sting would lose the match, but his scary real-life injury has many in the WWE universe wondering if Sting will ever wrestle again.

A Look Back at Sting’s Impact on Professional Wrestling 

Sting is easily one of the most iconic wrestlers in modern era of professional wrestling. Sting debuted in NWA in 1987, but he did not have his first match in the WWE until WrestleMania 31 earlier this year.

Sting’s recent match with Seth Rollins marks the second time in his decades long career that Sting has been able to wrestle a match in the WWE. Sting’s future in professional wrestling at 56 years old is limited, but many wrestling critics will agree that the most iconic wrestlers get to go out on top.

Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels were given iconic matches to end their career on the biggest stage possible. While Sting has not spent much time in the WWE, he deserves a similar send off to end his historic career.

Reviewing Sting’s Injury 

Sting was slammed into the turnbuckle by Seth Rollins near the end of their main event match. During this move, his neck violently whipped back, causing Sting injury.

Seth Rollins attempted to throw Sting into the side ropes following the turnbuckle slam, but Sting’s body completely shut down. With Sting laying down in the middle of the ring, the trainers were forced to come out during the match to make sure he was alright. Sting was able to convince the trainers that he was fit to compete, but he lost the match shortly after the injury.

Will Sting Ever Wrestle Again? 

The uncertainty surrounding Sting’s future has wrestling fans buzzing. Sting was immediately sent to the hospital following his match at Night of Champions. He underwent a CT scan and MRI to determine if any serious injuries occurred.

While Sting had numbness in his arms and legs shortly after the injury, no serious problems were found at the hospital. There are no serious injuries keeping Sting from wrestling again at some point in the future, but he may be afraid to get back in the ring after undergoing such a scary ordeal.

Sting never said he was done with wrestling, so it is difficult to assume that he will never get back in the ring again. Sting is a competitor and entertainer, so he will want to go out on top with a great match. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Sting at WrestleMania 32 next year in a historic match to end his career.

Joe Messineo