WWE Divas Will Bring the Pain at Survivor Series


Heel Turn: WWE Divas Will Bring the Pain at Survivor Series
By Joe Messineo

The WWE Divas Revolution has taken the WWE Universe by storm.

On last week’s Raw, each Diva competed in a Survivor Series match that gave the eventual winner a shot at Charlotte at the upcoming Survivor Series pay per view event.

Each Diva has shown that they will do whatever it takes to get the coveted championship, however, Paige emerged victorious in the match. Could the Divas Championship match steal the spotlight at Survivor Series?

WWE Survivor Series is a platform for the Divas to do what they do best: acrobatic moves with high impact. The Divas Revolution is in full force and it is not because of these competitor’s looks: the Divas Revolution is a direct product of the in-ring abilities of wrestlers such as Nikki Bella, Charlotte and Paige.

WWE Divas Display World Class Athletic Abilities 

The WWE Divas have shown that they are as strong and athletic as anyone in the wrestling business.

Each and every week, the Divas continue to impress the WWE Universe with their devastating moves inside and out of the ring.

Every Divas match continues to impress, with the Survivor Series format really highlighting the Diva’s repertoire of moves.

Contrary to popular belief, the WWE has plenty of room to expand its brand and the WWE Divas are a prime example of that. WWE Divas are as tough as they come and Survivor Series will be one of the premier events for the WWE Divas as they will have the opportunity to flourish in matches that highlight their best moves.

Paige and Charlotte Scheduled for Survivor Series Clash 

Survivor Series is not the first time we have seen the Divas in a high profile match, however, it could prove to be one of the most memorable matches to date.

With Charlotte and Paige facing off in the ring for the WWE Divas Championship at Survivor Series, each competitor has a unique wrestling legacy that they’ve brought to the table. Charlotte’s father is the WWE Legend Ric Flair while Paige’s family has been involved in the wrestling business for decades on end.

Survivor Series provides the perfect format for these two competitors to square off against each other. Paige and Charlotte are arguably two of the most popular Divas in the WWE and many fans will have trouble knowing which competitor to cheer for.

Several weeks ago, Paige and Charlotte were members of Team PCB. That team has all but dissolved with Paige wanting to secure the WWE Divas Championship once again.

Other Survivor Series Divas Action 

Although much of the Survivor Series card is still up in the air, the WWE will likely feature the rest of the WWE Divas in some sort of multiway, multi-teamed match.

Survivor Series continues to be one of the marquis pay per view events put on by the WWE. The WWE Divas Revolution is more than just a gimmick, it’s the ushering in of a new era of sports entertainment.

WWE Divas continue to dazzles fans all around the world with their high flying acrobatic moves. Could the Divas put on the match of the night at WWE Survivor Series?

— Joe Messineo