WWE Please Stop Doing This

WWE Stop

WWE sets the standard for professional wrestling production and is to be commended for their innovation, but it’s not always gold.

The following was posted on r/SquaredCircle and I could not agree more.

Do you also hate WWE’s horrible zooming camera shots every single time a wrestler starts brawling? It always takes me out of the action and I just start yelling “STOP!” at my T.V.

I made a little montage to try and really drive home how annoying this really is, in hopes that other people are just as annoyed by it as I am and share it via twitter and facebook and all that good stuff with WWE, in hopes that they realize how shitty this actually looks and stops doing this. It actually ruins a lot of great looking sequences! Remember how good the production was for the Beast in the East Tokyo special?

Anyway, I hope everyone who hates those stupid shots shares this with WWE. Someone should come up with a clever hashtag to throw on as well. All I’ve got is #stopthezoom and I think that kind of sucks.

The author even went through the mind-numbing and headache-inducing process to point out exactly the problem.

Please join us in supporting the #stopthezoom movement.  It must be stopped.