My WWE Roadblock Booking Advice


This idea of having a Saturday night special event on WWE Network just a few weeks before WrestleMania is a great one theoretically. The fact that it appears to be a one-time show and not one of the common pay per view events, it makes it feel unique like maybe some amazingly awesome and super shocking stuff might happen and we can actually start getting really amped up for April 3rd. Then I have to ask myself the question “can I count on the WWE?” Honestly, I’m just not sure on that but I could never lose hope. I’ve already used 3 vacation days at work for WrestleMania weekend and the fact that it’s also my birthday weekend, so it absolutely has to be awesome! WWE, please don’t make me regret my vacation days. So I am offering up my advice to the WWE for a great Roadblock booking and show.020916_ambrose-lesnar_1200

It would be great to see Dean Ambrose attack Brock Lesnar on his way to the match with Bray Wyatt and really lay the beating on thick, maybe with a baseball bat or a lead pipe. This will not only add another layer of depth to his war with Lesnar, but it will also get him some heat with Wyatt for preventing him from “slaying the beast.” This is the type of action the fans can expect from Ambrose considering he’s a lunatic; but it’s also something that can feel like a refreshing shift from the redundant material that we see regularly. My idea is that at the very moment that Brock jumps on the apron to enter the ring from his entrance, Dean slides out from under the ring and absolutely blasts Brock with the foreign object. He should just keep beating him until a sea of security guards has to come out and attempt to break it up. I would love to see the crowd reaction Ambrose would get from this. If the WWE wants to further promote him as some sort of ticking time bomb with two legs, well this sure as hell is one way to do it. It’s obvious that Dean has gotten himself over with the fans and I would love to see that continue to build.


If they made Lesnar vs Wyatt one of the first matches it would work best because the match should never even happen. Brock should just get up and immediately run to the back to exact revenge on Ambrose. They can follow-up on this throughout the show with cuts backstage and there’s so many ways to be creative with such a situation. Ambrose could simply play tricks on Lesnar and taunt him as he tries to get his hands on him. This is fun and intriguing, not boring and ordinary. Let’s keep people on the edge of their seats and be consistent with the story and how the characters would react in real life.


Once we get to the main event things can get even more interesting and convoluted. Tripe H and Ambrose will undoubtedly put on a spectacular match and right when it seems like Ambrose will win, here comes Brock to get even. He can give them both a first-class guided tour of “Suplex City” just before the lights cut out in vintage Bray Wyatt fashion. When the lights come back on Bray is now in the ring with Lesnar and a brawl ensues. Ambrose can get back up and into the mix just as Triple H gets the hell out of there, only to be ambushed by an enraged and volatile Roman Reigns in the isle-way. Now we have 5 of the top guys on-screen at the same time in epic showdowns.tumblr_inline_nnwaudrpgE1qa6wh9_500

I think this would be an amazing way to end Roadblock; in a very chaotic scene that would feel like a great throwback to the incredible riot-like brawls and pandemonium we were left with when the camera cut off from many shows during the “Attitude Era.” I feel like this is truer to what these characters would actually do, not what someone would write for a show. Every single one of these guys wants to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, that’s an obvious point. The problem is there are too many loose ends with some of them. Lesnar was targeted and eliminated by the Wyatt family in the Royal Rumble but the angle pretty much started, and ended there. So now Ambrose and Lesnar are in a feud and Triple H and Reigns are in a feud, with both pairs of men slated to face each other in their respective matches at WrestleMania. I think Bray Wyatt got the shit end of the stick on this one without even having a match for WrestleMania at the present moment. Furthermore, I feel like these two main matches for Roadblock don’t really fit the landscape of the story right now. The current angle between Triple H and Ambrose has left Roman Reigns forgotten in the dust which doesn’t bode well for the main event on April 3rd in Dallas. The Brock vs Bray match feels straight-up meaningless with the way the WWE has things lined up. I think Bray needs to be a “triple threat” component to one of these matches at WrestleMania and anything less than this would be a total travesty to a man with so much talent. If the WWE didn’t catch the hint from the pop that Bray and Triple H got at the end of Raw this past Monday, then they might as well shut down shop now because they clearly don’t know how to please fans anymore.Bray-Wyatt-vs.-Triple-H

I’m not saying that the suggestions and ideas I’ve presented and laid out here are set in stone or the only way to do it. I just want to see bray Wyatt get an awesome angle and match for WrestleMania. I want to see Dean Ambrose keep his momentum and I want to see Roman Reigns gain some. I want to be blindsided with surprise and jacked up on excitement, and I do believe what I’ve laid out here would be a great recipe for it. I guess we’ll all just have to wait until Saturday night to see if the WWE is starting to wake up and smell the disappointment, it’s obvious.