WWE’s Newest Couple

Tyler and Summer

Heel Turn: WWE’s Newest Couple 
By Joe Messineo

That was quick! Just weeks after Summer Rae insisted on proposing to Rusev on Raw, Summer Rae was recently spotted accompanying Tyler Breeze to a ringside VIP booth.

In the booth, Summer Rae couldn’t hide her affection for Breeze. Rae fed Breeze grapes which caused a slight distraction during the match between New Day and Dolph Ziggler. Has Summer Rae found true love or is she using Tyler Breeze as a way to get back at her former lover, Dolph Ziggler?

The Rise of Tyler Breeze 

Tyler Breeze is a Canadian wrestler that is rapidly gaining fame and notoriety in the WWE. Breeze has roots in Florida Championship Wrestling, which eventually became WWE NXT.

According to wrestling blogs, Tyler Breeze could be in line for a big push in the coming months. Breeze and Ziggler are no strangers, having battled each other several times in years past. Could Summer Rae once again cause tension between two wrestlers in the WWE?

Summer Rae and Tyler Breeze are WWE’s Newest Couple 

Summer Rae has taken to social media to brag about her relationship with WWE’s newest pretty boy.

With Tyler Breeze at the beginning of this WWE career, Summer Rae could be the manager/girlfriend he needs in order to get over with the crowd. Although some fans have negative things to say about Summer Rae, it seems like she has met her ultimate match considering Breeze refers to himself as “The Sultan of Selfies.”

WWE’s Reality Era wouldn’t be complete without a young power couple. If Summer Rae can keep her emotions in check and not eagerly ask for Breeze’s hand in marriage, Breeze will be less likely to get creeped out by Summer Rae’s shenanigans.

Breeze and Summer Rae Have a Future Together 

Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae’s relationship reminds you of two high school love birds who can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. Given Summer Rae’s epic mic skills, WWE fans can expect to get all of the hot and juicy details surrounding the current happenings between herself and her new beau.

Tyler Breeze seems to enjoy all of the attention given to him by Summer Rae. One of the things that seems different about Summer Rae’s latest relationship is that she seems to genuinely enjoy herself around Breeze. Another key factor that hints at longevity in this relationship is the fact that Breeze has reciprocated Summer Rae’s affection, which is always a positive start to any newly formed relationships.

Could the couple still be in a honeymoon phase? If so, what happens afterwards? Summer Rae has proven to be a distraction at ringside in the past, could the chemistry between her and Tyler Breeze work in a more positive manner? Summer Rae and Tyler will continue to work together in the future, as Breeze continues to make his ascension as a WWE superstar.

Joe Messineo