Title History


  • AAWA Heavyweight title;
  • JAPW Heavyweight title (2);
  • NWA Jersey Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Light Heavyweight title;


Career Highlights


  • 911 was brought in during the end of “Eastern Championship Wrestling” as a unnamed handler of Sabu by Hunter Q Robbins..
  • When ECW became “Extreme,” 911 was named and joined Paul Heyman’s “Dangerous Alliance” stable with Sabu & Tazmaniac..
  • Early 1996: 911 teamed with Rey Mysterio Jr. during Rey’s short lived stint in ECW before he jumped to the WCW..
  • June 10, 2005 – Hardcore Homecoming: Johnny Grunge, Gary Wolf & Tammy Sytch participated in a tribute to wrestlers who died..
  • ~~~Danny Doring & Roadkill came out next and got into a brawl with Johnny Grunge & Gary Wolf in the ring..
  • ~~~Tammy Sytch ran backstage and brought out 911, who chokeslammed Danny Doring and Roadkill to hell!
  • ~~~Roadkill was then placed on a table and Johnny Grunge delivered a top rope splash through the table!!!