From The Trailer Park
Episode III
April 7, 2004 by Billy Bob

Welcome once again rednecks to another edition of From The Trailerpark! Todays topic....i'm sure you've never have read anything on the internet about this guy....TRIPLE H! But no, this is not a bashing column for all of you triphaters out there to vent your anger, so if you despise Trips, you might as well click the X right now. Now I do want to say that I was going to do this column BEFORE he jobbed to Shelton Benjamin, so if anyone thinks I changed my views on him overnight, you are wrong.

Trips, Trips, Trips. Why do people hate him? I can think of more than a couple reasons why.

1. He's often selfish and holds the younger guys down.

2. He keeps the title much longer than he needs it.

3. His wife is in charge and makes most of the descicions.

Now this seems like a pretty selfish dude, but the question is, does Triple H really care? I mean hell I wouldn't. Lets see here, put yourself in his shoes, or boots if you will. You're not an old guy, Triple H I believe is in his mid 30's, that is not old at all. Triple H could very well have another good 10 years in this buisness. You also look great, Triple H is in great condition so theres no argument there. You often get the biggest heel pop on the show, that means your doing something for the show. Now if you are a very competitive person, are you going to sit back and let Vince tell you if your good or not, Triple H dosen't. Hell he married the bosses daughter, if thats not a way to get on his good side, I don't know what is. (Not to say he did it for that reason, im sure people have there doubts). The point is, you have to be a cocky guy in the wrestling buisness, you work your ass off every night and do one hell of a job, I would want to do it for a reason. Now I think Triple H does relize that this is the entertainment buisness, and it's not all about him, if it was all about him you would see him arriving late at events or not showing at all as we have seen in the past with other talent. From what I read he's there, interested in all of whats going on, storylines and all, he often bothers managment for old NWA tapes so he can study what other great legends have done for the sport, the guy obviously has a deep passion and respect for the wrestling buisness.

Now lets discuss Triple H "holding the younger talents down". Lets see here, Triple H was the first Raw heavyweight champion, at the time he was the only suitable guy for the job. Everybody argues that RVD, Booker-T or Chris Jericho should of had the belt, but I couldn't see any of those guys carrying the company then, especially when it was such a sensitive time for the WWE, Triple H was the only real main event name on Raw at the time. The Rock dosen't count. Triple H did have the title for a long time, but I think that only adds more value to the belt, just like they did in the old days. (Trips learned well from the NWA tapes) One thing I did disagree on was when he dropped the title to HBK for only a month, I dislike HBK. At Survivor Series 2002 in the Elimination Chamber, Triple H showed some real guts finishing that match, he could barley breathe the whole time because of RVD doing a frog splash to him, but he finished the match for a bunch of fans that despise him. Triple H also put on the best match at Wrestlemania 20. Triple H is one of the best guys in the business today, with his help and guidance, younger guys will make it, Trips truly does have a lof of fans hating him, and guess what, he's doing his job.

And I know, I know, there is different kinds of hate, one that makes you turn off the tube when you see him and one that will boo him. I don't know if I totally agree with that, a true wrestling fan wouldn't turn the channel when a wrestler came on, they would just sit there and hate his guts and wait for him to lose the title, they would also watch and wait until he loses the title, with that, he is really doing his job. Triple H often does get a lot of cheers when he comes out if you didn't notice, he does make the crowd come alive. The bottom line of this column is that people shouldn't mistake being selfish with being very devoted, Triple H may come off as selfish to a lot of people, I sometimes think it myself, but all in all, I think he's one of the best in the buisness, he's devoted like no other, and as long as he keeps this hunger for main event status, entertainment and just plain wrestling, he will continue to be the best in the buisness.


by Billy Bob..


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