Things the WWE Needs to Do or Change for 2003
December 1, 2002 - by Brad Dykens

  1. UNIFICATION: They made an attempt to retore honor in the championships but blew it when they split everything.. Having two brands and two rosters is okay, but nobody beleives that RAW & Smackdown! are not under the same unbrella.. There should be ONE World champion and he should go to both shows..

  2. BOOKING: The real issues in the WWE fall directly into the lap of the booking committee.. Nobody on the booking committee should be 1) dating a wrestler, 2) related to a wrestler, or 3) an idiot.. My solution for one show is to give Paul Heyman FULL control on Smackdown! without anybody influencing the pen.. Brian Gerwitz needs to be cut loose so he can go back to General Hospital.. Stephanie McMahon has to be reallocated as long as she is romantically involved with Triple H because no matter how many people deny it, she pushes him purposely while burying other talent inadvertantly..

  3. UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPION: Refer to #1.. The World Champion needs to be somebody new, somebody fresh, somebody with endurance and has the ability to have fresh fueds with multiple wrestlers in order to insure a long and respectable reign as champion.. Brock Lesnar is a prime example, he has only had TWO fueds since coming into the WWE, RVD & Undertaker.. Other appropriate Champions are Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Kane & Edge..

  4. HOUSE SHOW MODIFICATION: House Show attendances will get better when the show itself becomes better.. You want a World champion who will work House Shows (that rules out Michaels & Triple H).. You need to acklowledge House Shows on TV.. Occassionally present a title change.. When Bret Hart defeated Ric Flair at a House Show in 1992 for the World title attendance was at its peak..

  5. INTERCONTINENTAL & UNITED STATES TITLE: Secondary titles are important, each show should have one of these championships for up-and-comers to fight for.. These belts are established stepping stones to greatness and that has been documented time and time again..

  6. ROSTER CUTS: Kevin Nash, Johnny Stamboli, DLo Brown, Bull Buchanan, Albert, Mark Henry, Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak -- Cut your loses before they happen, these guys have proven zero marketability, let them work elsewhere..

  7. TAG TEAM DIVISION: The tag team division on Smackdown! had a spark during the second half of 2002.. Angle/Benoit, Edge/Rey & the Guerreros had many match of the year contenders.. Several tag teams must be formed with underutilized wrestlers; John Cena & Randy Orton, Chuck Palumbo & Ron Simmons, Tommy Dreamer & Rob Van Dam (and/or Rhyno?), Bradshaw & Goldust (Texasized) -- Also continue with William Regal & Lance Storm, Rosey & Jamal, the Dudleyz, the Guerreros and Jericho/Christian..

  8. NO FOUR HORSEMEN: Agree or disagree, the angle will not work.. Mainly because it is not a WWF-created group.. They will mess it up, and it will turn into an nWo mess..

  9. DEVELOPMENTAL SYSTEM: Ohio Valley Wrestling must expand.. And a bunch of WWE undercard wrestlers need to make OVW their permanent home.. For example, Big Show, Steven Richards, Raven, Al Snow, DLo Brown, Albert, Crash & Godfather.. What better way to develope your talent to let them rub shoulders with some veterans..

  10. MORE BATTLE ROYALS: I don't think I've seen a battle royal in the WWE in 10 years that hasn't been 100% predictable.. Have battle royals with complete surprises at the end.. Let your talent get unexpected victories of multiple wrestlers at the same time..

  11. TITLE DEFENSES: Your World Champion (see #1 & #3) should work both shows every week and defend the title.. When WCW was climbing in the ratings, the Giant was World champion, and defended the title every single week against ALL COMERS.. Your champion should take on everybody from Spike Dudley, to Maven, to Matt Hardy, to Tajiri, to Rikishi, to Goldust EVERYBODY!

  12. OPEN DOOR POLICY: All this bull crap about exclusive contracts is stupid.. It wouldn't hurt to import a wrestler from Japan or Mexico once in a while to appear on two or three shows.. Imagine signing Super Crazy for several appearances to face Tajiri! Or signing Giant Silva to come in for one appearance to get squashed by Big Show.. Jerry Lynn to face Rob Van Dam.. the numerous Japanese stars to face the WWE wrestlers, especially the World Champion, which would make it the LEGITIMATE World champion..

  13. IMPORTANT SIGNINGS: Nathan Jones, Steve Corino, Joey Matthews, Christian York, Bobby Rude, Ultimo Dragon..

  14. DO NOT SIGN: Bill Goldberg, he will cause more pain the pleasure..

  15. WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT: Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle!

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