Commentary - My new World order
February 6, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

Well the return of the nWo seems to be set in stone. The poison that storyline wise, is supposed to sabotage the World Wrestling Federation and kill it forever, and in reality, will likely do just that.. So instead of complaining about it, I'm going to tell you who I think they should put into the new World order and who should oppose them..

Vince McMahon - Vince will be the headpiece of the group, the benefactor, but he will eventually be ousted from the group when he tries to push them around too much.. Replaced, in a perfect world, by Eric Bischoff.

Hulk Hogan - Hogan will be the in-ring figurehead of the nWo, unfortunately winning the World Title.

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall - The Outsiders will dominate the tag division the same way they did it in WCW.

Booker T, Test, William Regal, Christian & The Dudleyz - These six guys will be part of the group because after WCW was abolished these were the men that Vince McMahon embraced and even claimed as his "Family".

Triple H - HHH is not fit for a super-face roll, he will want to align himself with his buddies, Nash & Hall. 3H will win the World Title at Wrestlemania with a shocking turn of events, having the nWo aid him.

X-Pac - XPac will join his Clique friends basically because he has no where else to go.

Shawn Michaels - HBK will be the Manager of the group, making the occasion in ring appearance, nothing too serious though..
The nWo will help Chris Jericho retain the World title at No Way Out, defeating Stone Cold, and for a month they will string Jericho along, making him think he's part of the nWo.. HHH (Joined by Shawn Michaels) will step up to the plate and combat the nWo, but at Wrestlemania, the nWo will turn on Y2J and help HHH win the World Title. Jericho will become a HUGE face (number 3, behind Austin & Rock). HHH & HBK will join the nWo. The Outsiders will win the Tag Titles as well.. XPac will get involved in the cruiserweight title match..

There will be a mass defection to the nWo the night after Wrestlemania (Test,Regal,Christian,Dudleyz)..

Booker T will also sign up..

Austin, Rock, Angle & Jericho will lead the assualt against Hogan, Nash, Hall & HHH.

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