Finally! Entertainment has come back to the WWF.
November 12, 2001 - By Brad Dykens

At the November 12, 2001 edition of RAW, the fans were treated something to cheer about for a change.

At this years Wrestlemania, The Rock & Steve Austin met for the second time at a Wrestlemania main event. The two went into the match as fan favorites, and Austin emerged as a heel, a champion, and standing next to his life-long nemisis, Vince McMahon.

A major betrayal in the eyes of the Rock and the millions (and millions.....) of the Rock's fans. The following night, the Rock lost an attempt to gain revenge on Austin & McMahon, when Triple H joined the fray. The Evil Alliance of Austin, HHH & Vince McMahon beat The Rock into a bloody mess, taking the Rock out of WWF Storylines for months..

At the July 30, 2001 edition of RAW, three months after his last appearance on WWF TV, the Rock returned to the WWF, which was fueding with the Invading Alliance, led by Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, The Rock's first target was Booker T. The Rock returned to PPV at the Summerslam 2001 event defeating Booker T for the WCW Heavyweight Title. With Steve Austin as the WWF Champion (in the Alliance), the natural progression would lead to the Rock and Austin FINALLY meeting up again. NOPE! Rock continued his fued with Booker T and Shane McMahon. Eventually the Rock locked horns with Chris Jericho.

So why wasn't the Rock going after Austin?! The man who put him out of wrestling for three long months.. Where was the revenge? The fans wanted to see it, and on November 12, 2001, after two months of dull and uninteresting McMahon-Driven storylines, the fans FINALLY got what they wanted.

From the November 12, 2001 edition of RAW.
  • Rock successfully defends his WCW Heavyweight title against William Regal.
  • The Rock asks for the mic, and says asks to cut the music.
  • The Rock says he knows there's somebody backstage that wants to whoop the rocks ass.
  • Someone who said they could beat the Rock anytime. (Everyone thinks he's talking about Jericho).
  • The Rock is calling you out STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!
  • Steve Austin comes to the ring and they stand face to face... FINALLY!!!
  • Rock says that he has not forgotten Wrestlemania or the very next night on RAW.
  • The Rock begins to say "Finally.. The Rock has come back............"
  • Austin grabs the mic from the Rock.
  • Austin says I think what you were trying to say was "Finally.. Stone Cold........"
  • Rock rips the mic right out of Austin's hands.
  • Long Pause........
  • The crowd chants ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!
  • Rock tries again.. "Finally.... The Rock has......."
  • Again Austin snatches the mic back..
  • Austin begins again "Finally...... Stone Cold has......."
  • AGAIN Rock steals the mic back for himself..
  • The Rock says you don't see him coming out saying "What? What?" *whiny voice* "What? What?".
  • Austin grabs the mic back and says "What?" about 12 times, as the crowd chants "What?" with him.
  • Austin says if you don't like that, then why don't you try this: "And That's the Bottom Line... Cause......."
  • Rock takes the microphone back YET AGAIN.
  • Rock says "WhoowhooowhhoooWhat?" and "you don't see the rock coming out saying all that Cra...."
  • Austin tears the mic out of the Rocks hands.
  • Austin says he's got one thing to say to yo........
  • Rock rips the mic back.
  • Rock says they've been out there for a few minutes and he says that for some reason, Austins breath smells like Stroodle.
  • Rocks says no, now realizes that it smells like a big steaming piece of dog terd.
  • Austin takes the mic back and asks Rock if he thinks he's funny? Insulting me like that?
  • Austin: Does it make you feel good?
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: Does it?
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: Does it make you feel more like a human being?
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: Does it make you feel special?
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: Does it make you feel proud?
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin says that he's heard Rock talk about him before.
  • Austin: You called that a beer belly!
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: You called that a beer belly!
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: You called that a beer belly!
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: That ain't no beer belly that's a fuel tank for a whoopass machine! And I'm about to open up a can on your ass right now..
  • Austin: That would be the easy thing to do.
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: That would be the obvious thing to do.
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: The hard thing for me to do rock.....
  • Austin places his arm on Rock's shoulder and pushes him away.
  • Austin says "Don't Touch me".
  • Austin: The hard thing is, to come out here...
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: Do you mind? I'm trying to get accross a real special point here..
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: It hurts my feeling you do that.
  • Crowd: What?
  • Austin: I said it hurts my feeling when he talks like that.
  • Crowd: What? *cheers*
  • Austin: I said it hurts my feeling a lot , you ss..ssss...ssssombitch!
  • Austin: It'd be easy for us to come out here and fight, but I come out here in the past, that a good little song might ease the tention, so maybe I'll sing you a song right here and now.
  • Austin: To ease the tention between the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • Austin: Do you remember the old rock band named Boston? Rock N Roll...
  • Austin: Well I don't remember the words to any of their songs right now, so I'll sing you a little favorite of mine that my dad used to sing to me when I was a little kid.
  • Austin sings Delta Dog to the Rock.
  • Austin asks if that makes Rock feel better?
  • Rock takes the mic back and says he appreciated Austin doing that.
  • Rock says how about the Rock sings a song to Austin.
  • Rock sings "You got to know when to hold'em" by Kenny Rogers to Austin, who smiles.
  • Rock asks if that makes Austin feel any better?
  • Austin says he feels like crap.
  • Rock suggests Austin and the Rock sing a song together.
  • Austin asks "You want to sing a duet Stone Cold Steve Austin?"
  • The Rock asks the crowd if they wanna hear the Rock and Stone Cold sing..
  • Crowd cheers.
  • Austin says lemmie put it like this... "If you wanna hear the Rock and Stone Cold sing a duet, gimmie a hell yeah!!"
  • Crowd: HELL YEAH!
  • Austin: What?
  • Crowd: HELL YEAH!
  • Austin: What?
  • Crowd: HELL YEAH!
  • Austin: You want a duet, you got a duet!!
  • Austin warms up.
  • Austin begins to sing a Jimmy Buffet song.. "I blew out my flip flop.. Stepped on a pop top...." more.....
  • Rock joins in "Wastin' away again in Margaritaville.... Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt".. more....
  • The crowd cheers and the Rock and Austin shake hands and embrace in the ring.. and The Rock raises Austins's arm.
  • The Rock says "Oh by the way.. the Rock will never, EVER, forget!"
  • The Rock locks Austin in the Rock Bottom and slams him to the floor, and hammers Austin in the face.
  • Kurt Angle runs out and attacks the Rock.
  • Angle and Austin double-team the Rock.
  • Jericho runs down to save The Rock.
  • Jericho and Rock chase off Austin and Angle.
  • Rock has his back turned to Jericho, who has a chair in his hands.
  • Jericho does not hit Rock, and it appears Rock and Jericho are solid with Team WWF.

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