Bill Goldberg's Legacy..
by Brad Dykens

I'll be completely honest. I HATE Bill Goldberg. I LOATH Bill Goldberg. I think Bill Goldberg is the biggest piece of trash in this history of wrestling. We're talking about an egotistical jerk who has achieved Hulk Hogan's level of ARROGANCE in 10% of the time.

Bill Goldberg can live his artificial life all he wants, and deny what I am about to say as many times as he wishes. But he knows that he is a punk, and doesn't deserve to pick the crap out of Vince McMahon's shoes. Bill Goldberg himself says he is a veteran of the industry. The cold hard fact of the matter is, Bill Goldberg was saying that one year after his debut.

Bill Goldberg did nothing for the company that created him, instead, returned the favor by refusing to work. And when he did work, he injured himself, or his opponent, like a clumbsy chicken with it's head cut off. Bill Goldberg was making more money than 95% of the WCW roster, except the rest of the WCW roster was working 95% harder than GOLDBERG..

The naked truth about Bill Goldbergs loyalty to the wrestling industry lays in his decision to sit at home and collect a multimillion dollar contract with Time-Warner, instead of accepting a buyout and joining WWFe. It's actually the smart thing to do, because Bill Goldberg would be miserable. Vince McMahon would straighten Bill Goldberg out like Ron Jeremy at an all day gig. Bill Goldberg USED the wrestling industry to line his wallet with cash. Bill Goldberg USED the wrestling industy to fill his closet full of clothes. Bill Goldberg USED the wrestling industry to give money to charities under HIS name so that he doesn't like the egotistical JERK that he is. Bill Goldberg used the wrestling industry to cover up the fact that he was a REJECT FOOTBALL PLAYER. Bill Goldberg, I can say with full confindence, that my personal opinion of you is this.. You Suck!

Thank you,
Brad Dykens

Zack Harris wrote:
Hey, I just read your opinion of Bill Goldberg and I've got one thing to ask you; WHY THE HELL DID YOU STOP THERE?!

You hit the nail on the head my man, let me just say that. Bill Goldberg = overhyped, overpaid, undertalented, piece of trash .. and you're 110% right about everything you had to say about him. I love the filename too, goldbergslegacy .. it's just so incredibly ironic.
Craig Mcdermid wrote:
I just read your post on Goldberg and like Mr.Harris i'd have to admit you've got goldberg down to a Sweet T with your comments! the man is what his gimmick says..."Hype" nothing more nothing less! and when i say "hype" i hope ya get what i mean, he can't deliver to the wrestling industry from day one he came in and destroyed peoples hard work, from people like Raven and all other guys busting their asses everyweek to do a job they loved doing! As far as Goldberg is concerned i hope he never shows face in the wrestling industry again!
scotty stewart wrote:
I love what you wrote you are "the man" Suckberg is the rapist of the wrestling industry and its good that you have spoken for all of us THINK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron wrote:
Hi i'm refering to the Bill Goldberg's legacy by Brad Dykens and I can ohnestly say what he said about Goldberg was down right rude and disrespectful! Goldberg has achived something in his lifeand people like me are proud of that. He dominated the WWE and WCW and this commment, "Bill Goldberg used the wrestling industry to cover up the fact that he was a REJECT FOOTBALL PLAYER. Bill Goldberg, I can say with full confindence, that my personal opinion of you is this.. You Suck!" is just so disrespectful how dear you say that about this guy!
Patrick Wilson Erese wrote:
Okay, we have the point of freedom of speech.. But hey, this is professional wrestling.. And if you want to sell some show, you have to be egoistic, even breaking the barrier of being traditional. Goldberg's intention to go to professional wrestling was his choice.. and no one has the right to oppress him.. You call him a REJECT FOOTBALL PLAYER.. but do you know the basis? He has a torn abdomen.. and a person with a torn abdomen can't play football anymore.. Bill Goldberg has the longest winning streak.. and no one can alter that fact..
Udontknowme6547 wrote:
I just wanted to add one thing about Goldberg and educate some of the fans of him ( NOT ME) HE never had a 170 match winning streak WCW made it up he never won 172 matchs in a row its a lie
Lennyjkobe wrote:
bill goldberg is one of the bigs asshole ever.
Joe L.wrote:
Sure, Goldberg, you might've made a lot of money, you might've popped a couple of ratings, you might've gotta a better reaction than say the Rock, but in terms of respect for this business, what the hell did you ever contribute? Staying home for doing less, to you, might seem like a pleasure but for the good of the business, it is the epitome of laziness, ignorance and greed that you consist of. You never change styles, you damaged credibility of other wrestlers and you made an ass out of yourself in repetitve times, rather it's yell at HHH, which would plant the seed for your burial in WWE or getting into a fight with Chris Jericho. Goldberg, the WWE did not screw you because you were a WCW superstar. You screwed yourself for wanting people to cater to your fantasy world when it's been long dead for the past 4 years. Have a nice life making horrible movies, you f*cking moron. You're gonna need them to sustain a good reputation.
Awesomo 5000 wrote:
Hi, just wanted to comment on the write up about Bill Goldberg! Brad Dykens prolly doenst know a damn thing about Goldberg. For all i know Brad Dykens is a cocksucker. Look dumbass if someone was going to pay me to sit on my ass until my contract ran out and i didnt want to work for some f*cknut like Vince McMahon, yeah i would take the buyout. WWE ruined goldberg's image cause they sure as shit didn't know how to use him. As far as goldberg being like a chicken with his head cut off, injuring himself and other wrestlers is a load of bull shit. Wrestling is a sport injury does happen, you f*cking douche bag. To say Goldberg was using wrestling to cover up that he sucked at football is another cumload. Goldberg was an All American at a prestigious college football school. If you suffer any kind of injury in the NFL of course you can't just play with it. Especially not when you separate your abdominals from your f*cking pelvis. So Brad Dick in the Mouth whatever your f*cking name is.. F*CK YOU, YOU'RE F*CKING CLOWN SHOES!! Im sure you send a copy of your take of Goldberg to the man himself! I'm also sure if Goldberg was in front of your bitch ass you would tell him that he sucked!! You f*cking pussy!!
Brad Dykens wrote:
I got a good chuckle out of that one. Hahaha... I usually don't post feedback that is so blatantly unintelligent but I just had to post this one to show that OWW really is all about freedom of speech. So I have no problem posting comments from Elizabeth Flowe who can be reached at [email protected]. Thank you for your comments and thank you for supporting!
joshua Overland wrote:
hey mate, i just wanted to reply to the peice of fecies being spouted by some of these people about Billy Boy. Firstly, whoever said something like "As far as goldberg being like a chicken with his head cut off, injuring himself and other wrestlers is a load of bull shit. Wrestling is a sport injury does happen, you f*cking douche bag." I would like to point you in the direction of a man (whom i PERSONALLY can't stand, , but is undoubtably one of the greatest ever). He wrestled for many more years than i can remember, and he has stated he stands by his record that he has NEVER seriously injured anyone. And what ignoramus decided to come along and end the career of one of the most incredible atheletes ever? Stop a second and think about that. And before i get told, i know he had those strokes and so forth while on his bike, but what caused them? Secondly, if he was too injured to play NFL, or football, or whatever you call it (im Australian, so im not the most informed person on this subject, but i believe i am right on assuming it is a fairly physical sport) if he couldn't play football, what amazing cure fixes his "wrestling muscles"? Why is he able to participate in the sport of kings, but not in a game where you are just as active, and possibly less likely to get hurt, if you compare the ratio of injured football players to injured Goldberg opponents? Thirdly, buggering off and being lazy is what turned The Rock in the fan's eyes. Why should a man who works about one eighth the amount of The Rock get a difference response? And finally, what is with your insults? "F*CK YOU, YOU'RE F*CKING CLOWN SHOES!! " I have been called things in my life, and i have called people things in my life, however, F*cking Clown Shoes is not one of those derogatory insults i have heard before. Perhaps it has some deep, insightful and amazing American meaning, perhaps? Please let me know, i can't wait to call people F*cking CLOWN SHOES... "To say Goldberg was using wrestling to cover up that he sucked at football is another cumload." Cumload... seems to sum up very lovely inages in my mind. Do you stock up on this cum yourself, or do you have your firends come over, and you all help each other make little stockpiles, just to give to someone when they say something stupid? If so, your dick must be very sore, because i know i can't get off for every time ive heard someone say something stupid. Maybe when you yourself are stupid, it seems to you that a larger majority of things said are smart. And just to sum up... i want to quote one of my friends "Please, continue being stupid. Your ignorance amuses me.
That article Elizabeth Flowe wrote was the biggest crock of shit I have ever read. You must be under the age of 10 to write something like that. I'll tell you one thing, you say that if Goldberg were right there he wouldn't say anthing that but if Brad was infront of you he would knock your teeth down your throat for saying something as stupid as you did. I know I would. Grow up you child.
Andrew Khodayari wrote:
You are absolutely right man In my opinion Bill Goldberg is the most Overrated wrestler of All-Time, Hes like John Cena the only reason they put a world title on him is because he's popular with the fans and he's also not a good wrestler. But one thing I have to disagree with is that he was not an Arrogant guy, cuz I read a couple chapters from Eddie Guerreros autobiography talking about Goldberg, saying that the only reason he fell so far from grace is because:

1) He started believing in his own hype, 2) he had the wrong people getting in his head and 3) cuz Kevin Nash didn't want to put him over.

And finally, I think you can agree with me on this is the only reason he left WWE is because he confused Vince McMahon with Ted Turner.

Vince Is soooooooooooo far from Ted Turner, Vince treats all his guys equally, Ted treated all the (suppsudely) good wrestlers like Hogan, Nash, Goldberg with respect and basically took a shit on wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko.

so thats my thoughts....
Chosen_1_1979 wrote:
I can understand Bischoff's reasoning behind putting Goldberg over. Clearly he saw something in him that was going to make them both very rich. The marketing strategy alone was enough for them both to retire, but the marks were the only ones buying.

When I was growing up my Saturdays were spent watching the old Mid South and NWA programming. Wrestlers like Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Jim Duggan, Bill Watts, and Dusty RHodes kept me in suspense for an entire 7 days just drooling for my next fix of the greatest matches the worlds ever seen. Why? These guys had charisma and even back then as a kid I knew that they had paid their dues in and out of the ring. They lived and breathed wrestling which is very obvious considering the success they had/have. I remember first seeing Goldbergin his first match and I wondered what they had in store for this guy. Around his 30 something win I remember Heenan saying something like "this guy is unstoppable, he can beat anyone in the world". I thought to myself "sure he can as long as their names are Glacier and Robert Fulton." I was in no impressed the phenomenon of Goldberg, and when Hogan had to carry this buffoon through an entire match and then put him over for the title I swore off wrestling completely.

Goldberg is the biggest douche bag ever to walk the earth. Its a shame Brets career was ended due to this ham and eggers lack of in ring ability. I also find it to be very disrespectful to the real wrestlers who have had the displeasure of working a match with him because he "no - sells " everything.

Anyway, I'm beginning to rant, I just wanted to say I feel the same way about this choad and I hope his skull gets kicked in one day.
Jason Harshe (Phoenix, AZ) wrote:
I actually disagree with Bill Goldberg's hype being overrated. He did have charisma and the fans watched and admired him for his action in the ring. Personality or ego aside, he was one of the best wrestlers WCW ever had and Vince McMahon made him the WWE Champion for a reason - he sells tickets. Bottom line. People want to see Goldberg in the ring and perform.

I am a huge fan of Goldberg in the ring. I will always be and remember him making those horrific WCW shows relatively entertaining to watch in the late 90's.

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