Wrestlers That The WWF Missed.
October 9, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

  • The Great Muta - If you think that his series with Sting was great, imagine what he could of done in the ring against Bret Hart or Randy Savage in his prime. Ricky Steamboat vs. Great Muta never happened in WCW, it would have in the WWF is they had taken a chance on Muta when he was younger. (Eric Jenkins)

  • Sabu - Of all of the WWF Hardcore champs, there were very few that actually got the concept. Road Dogg, Al Snow, Raven, Steve Blackman, Bradshaw & RVD. Sabu could have been the cornerstone of that division and could have helped to make stars out of Taz & Tommy Dreamer. (Eric Jenkins)

  • The Sandman - I thought that the WWF would have a problem writing for DDP, and they did until they let him be himself. WCW struggled with the Sandman, because they didn'twant the hardcore icon on their roster. The WWF already had a beer drinking icon in Austin, but imagine what 2 beer drinking a** kickers could have done. Anybody attacks Austin, his drinking buddy Sandman comes out to make the save. Would've made for great TV. (Eric Jenkins)

  • Jimmy Garvin: Just close your eyes and imagine a fued with Jimmy Garvin & Randy Savage in their primes.. Of course with Elizabeth and Precious surely getting involved as well.. Garvin was one of those classic heel's who could get real crowd heat without ever getting on the microphone, just like Savage.. (Brad Dykens)

  • The von Erichs: Singles, tag, six man tags, it doesn't matter what kind of match they were involved in, the Von Erich boys were always exciting and amazingly athletic! Any number of them could have formed a successful tag team and spiced up the Intercontinental division in the 80s.. Who knows how many Von Erichs would have eventually made it to the WWF if their family wasnt struck with tragedy.. (Brad Dykens)

  • AJ Styles: He could have feuded with the Hardys and Dudleys and all of them. He would have been in the cruiserweight and the hardcore division. It would have been sweet. (Mike Wear)

  • Sakuraba: The guy is a major player in Japanese pro wrestling, and has done great strides in mma competition. I tell ya, he can run circles around Funaki, and Michinoku, even Tajiri. And the way I've seen him do battle in mma (with a separated shoulder of all things), he could do wonders in the cruiserweight division, and even with killer ladder matches. (Ryan Robson)

  • Mike Sanders: In a quickly failing WCW, he showed excellent mic skills, and could definitely wrestle. It is a shame that WCW didn't last very long after he came on board. he could have proven himself to be right up there with Jericho and Benoit as a lighter heavyweight that could compete. (Ryan Robson)

  • Bruiser Brody: This is the man who Mick Foley shaped his character over, except Brody was like 10 times crazier.. A huge man like this could have made a monsterous splash in the WWF and is definitly the most overlooked big man in the history of wrestling.. (Brad Dykens)

  • Sting: This man became an icon in the NWA/WCW with his undeniable loyalty.. The WWF could have used this guy when heros began to go out of style.. Sting would have fit in perfectly with the family oriented hero pushing product of the 80s.. But his career would have been likely derailed by Hulkamania.. (Brad Dykens)

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