My Pro-Wrestling Debut
December 12, 2002 - by Brad Dykens

I thought of this idea for my ultimate 'debut' into the wrestling world.. It starts off with my going on the road with an independant federation, working for them behind the scenes and setting up the ring etc.. At the shows I would sit in the crowd, and listen to their reactions and this would help me come up with creative ideas to contribute to the booking of future shows.. While touring, I would work out and train with the boys to learn how to take bumps and become a wrestler.. Eventually, I would become an active member of the audience, jawing with a few of the wrestlers and become "notorious" within the fan community... After a while of getting 'noticed' by fans I would jump the rail one night and hit the empty ring and grab the microphone and give a promo.. I would say that I sat in the audience for a year and looked around at how pathetic the fans were (heel heat) and that I was ashamed to be in a group like that.. I would then say that it took a backseat to how pathetic the wrestlers were inside the ring.. I'd go on to say that there was only ONE wrestler who had a shred of talent (without giving his name).. The promoter would come out to the ring and try to get me out of the ring, and a couple of the top faces try to talk me down as well.. All of a sudden, one of the faces sneaks up behind the other face and smashes him with a chair! (heel turn) and it turns out that is the guy I was refering to when I said one person had talent, and we were secretly aligned.. I would then become his heel manager, occassionally taking bumps, and eventually getting into the ring myself as a wrestler....

What do you think??

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