Bobby Rood: Your Future Has Arrived.
October 20, 2002 - by Brad Dykens

This week's edition of Velocity, taped in Toronto Canada, featured a young up-and-comer by the name of Bobby Rood, in a try-out match for the World Wrestling Entertainment.. As the eager "local boy" made his way to the ring in front of the curious audience, his oversized opponent, Albert, stood in the middle of the ring waiting..

"The Natural" Bobby Rude (spelt Rude normally) has been a superstar in Canada for the last few years, after training with Shane "The Glamour Boy" Sewell, he started wrestling in Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling.. Recently, Rude has wrestled mostly out of eastern canada's Real Action Wrestling and Atlantic Coast Wrestling, winning both of those top singles titles, and clearly emerging as the true superstar of the region.. Rude was a member of the biggest heel faction to ever tour Eastern Canada, called The Kardinal Sinners with Kowboy Mike Hughes, Kingman & The Acadian Giant (aka Kurrgan of WWF fame).. Rude was extremely over as a heel, with his ability to create an amazing amount of heat from a crowd of only 100 fans.. When Rude left the Sinners, he became the most popular wrestler on the tour, showing his awesome versatility..

Back to the try-out; In what traditionally would have been a squash match, Bobby was given a considerable amount of time to showcase his skills.. The commentators spoke positively about Rood during the match that saw him climb the ropes and deliver picture perfect missile dropkick and nearly scored a pinfall on his hairy opponent.. Even the uninformed crowd took notice when Albert's shoulders were nearly pinned to the mat.. Albert rebounded and finished Rood off with the dreaded boot to the head for the win.. That was not the end of it though, Albert started to leave, only to return to the ring and destroy Rood with the baldo bomb!

Yeah, he lost.. So what? He looked great, and that's what counts in a try-out match.. He didn't botch anything and was solid the entire match.. I hope that management was paying attention because Rood could light up their cruiserweight division with the right push.. Even in a poorly paired match-up, Rood managed to pull in an impressive performance, imagine how great he would be when matched up with Jamie Noble, Crash Holly or Shannon Moore..

Watch out for Bobby Rood, he's a "Natural"..

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