Yardtards & Backyard B.S.
February 7, 2004 by Brian Bertrand

It's a subject that almost everyone likes to bash. I for one will help out in the bashing. Backyard Wrestling: The very slap in the face of professional wrestling. It's bad enough that there's a video game all about it (an awful one by the way). Now you still have idiots buying into it like a cheap reason to go to school to "meet chicks".

Why am I writing about the stupidity that is backyard wrestling? Maybe because people need to be reminded that it still exists.

I happen to walk into the Yahoo! Chat room one night and I find someone promoting such an organization and here I thought it was an e-fed, something to joke about. I click on the provided link. I find out that he's putting actual shows on some sort of pay-per-view that he doesn't actually mention on the site and decide that he might be on to something. I click on the roster link to find pictures of little kids, literally, not much older than 12 years of age.

The youth of America has once again been tainted in such a way that makes someone like me officially sick. My friend, Mark Rose, found out about him and came right in the room and straight up said to him, "You are pissing on professional wrestling. You slap professional wrestling in the face by putting on this bullshit." I, for one, agree 110%.

In the mid '70s, a young Mick Foley made a movie for his film class entitled "The Loved One". In the film his character (and first alter ego), Dude Love, jumps off his friends rooftop and onto poorly prepared cardboard boxes and box springs. When clips of this movie were shown to the public in 1998, kids and teens across America were inspired and Backyard wrestling had risen uncontrollably.

Why do I mention this? Just keep in mind that this movie was a film project and not a BYW tape you can buy off of a poorly made website for $10 or watch over streaming video about guys killing themselves with anything they can pull out of their houses for cheap pops from around the neighborhood. But the sad thing is is that they use those small pieces of footage as an argument for no apparent reason.

Now I heard stories of wrestlers fartin' around with their friends in their backyards practicing wrestling holds but this is re-friggin'-diculous. I've seen pictures and videos of these idiots in the past. Years ago they made a tape called Backyard Wrestling: Future Kings Of The Ring. Morons stapling $1 bills to each other's bodies in what they call the $100 match, purposely using flaming chairs, the list goes on and on.

Back to the chat room story: What sent me over the edge was that this "yard-tard", as we say in the rooms, told us that he is going to Ohio Valley Wrestling and train there. Rocky Johnson and Big Boss Man would come right on up to this kid, spit in his face in front of everyone, kick his punk ass in the ring like it was a normal shoot match, and throw his ass out on the street because last time I checked it's going to be a cold day in hell before they allow any yard-tards in OVW or WWE any time soon.

If you are a participant in such events, take a good look at yourself, quit this backyard BS, and take Terry Funk's advice: "Get an education first! If you want to wrestle go to a professional wrestling school and get trained the right way." You are only taking time off your very existence by slowly killing yourselves in your current nature. The WWE puts up the "Don't try this at home!" ad for a reason. Maybe it's time to think about it.

by Brian Bertrand..

Russell Potter sent in his defense:

I absolutely had to reply to this. You see, as far as I can tell you are using complete stereotypes when talking about backyard wrestling. People flying off of buildings onto flaming tables, and the $100 match...I agree, that's completely disgusting. But I backyard wrestle...not much, because we're just starting up. Anyway, there's a website... (The Backyard Wrestling Link) go there and tell them that all they do is kill eachother. They'll just laugh, and rightfully so. They know what makes a good match, and I like to think that I do too. Sure, people get hurt during backyard wrestling. But not everyone who partakes in this has no idea what they're doing. More people are fascinated with a well-done spot than someone being tossed off a ladder into barbwire. I respect everyone's opinions, but everyone that doesn't backyard wrestle seems to have an agenda against it. I mean, almost all of the press BYW has gotten in bad. Argh, I'm straying. Anyway, how you could possibly say that Backyard Wrestling is a slap in the face to professional wrestling is beyond me. Hasn't anyone ever heard, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery"? You could say this just goes down as "fartin' around with friends in the backyard', but it's not. It's true backyard wrestling. Anything else you see isn't backyard wrestling, it's garbage wrestling. Plain and simple. No disrespect meant in any way here, just voicing my opinion.

Brad Dykens adds:

If a yardtard had brain, or a source of legitimate desire, he/she would enlist the services a professional wrestling trainer to get into the business. Instead of working to do something properly, he/she chooses to take the easy way out and just do a half-ass job of it; An attitude which, in most cases, likely reflects their entire lives (and future). Backyard wrestling is like putting a bunch of toddlers in a playground and taking away their basic god-given human instinct. Goo goo... Ga ga.....

Andrew Robinson writes:

ok, I sort of agree with what you are saying. There are a lot of kids doing stupid shit in their backyard. As for me, i am a former backyarder/former trainee at a professional wrestling school. I would like to mention the group of kids i wrestled, trained hard in the backyard. 1 to make it look good and 2 so we wouldn't get hurt. i left training on my own free will because i didn't have the time right now in my life. But i had many vets in this game tell me that my training in the backyard helped me succeed in the school. so yes there are many stupid kids killing themselves for dumb shit. they are shitting on the business. as for the rest of us who train in the backyard who don't have the money to go to school, we are not shitting on the industry. by the way in my couple of years in the backyard (i'm 18 by the way), never once has a kid injured himself or another kid seriously. Every scar we made was nothing more than what you would endure playing pee-wee football. Next time you criticize, research a little harder because i am definetly not shitting on the industry, marks like you posting on the net are! and that my friend is the truthful wisdom coming from someone who has lived the life of a backyarder and never will be ashamed.

Brad Dykens adds:

He was not shitting on the industry, he was shitting on backyard wrestling. Backyard wrestling has nothing to do with the wrestling industry. Your facts have been straightened..

Jasper J Sha writes:

Realize in no way do I condone backyard wrestling nor even believe that it should be allowed. But I read that some of the wrestlers used to do backyard wrestling. A good example would be the Hardys and Shannon Moore. I mean they don't justify the fact that it was absurdly dangerous, but they did make notice that it was how they got their major interest started. Anyways, I just wanted to bring that point up. In my opinion, I agree with you totally and absolutely about backyard wrestling. I've seen many clips where kids have gotten hurt in ways that shouldn't and wouldn't happen if it wasn't for misapplied wrestling maneuvers or rediculous spots that even high flyers wont try without proper equipment nor training.

Chris AKA The Outlaw writes:

I believe that most of the BYW wrestling you are talking about are the fools in the videotapes marketed by backyard wrestling inc. These tapes don't at all represent what we do (at least in my fed) As backyard wrestlers, for example we actually have disqualifications in are matches rules and such. We also practice all the moves we do before we actually do them. The backyard wrestling videos just paint us as people who walk around with flourescent lightbulbs and flaming chairs. There are very few hardcore matches in our fed and they are only there with special stipulations. We do this fed for fun not to make it to the WWE or OVW some of my friends (all of them 16 or older) want to go to a local bump factory when they get the money and then they may join an indy fed in Chicago. This local fed is called the LWF which started from a backyard 10 years ago and now they are big time indy show. A known wrestler has come out of this fed you may know him as CM Punk. (as you can see backyard wrestling if done right can help the business.)

But most if not all are just doing this for fun because we all watch wrestling and it is something we love

Its the same thing as going outside and playing a game of tackle football with your friends who love football. I don't believe in anyway that we are disrepecting the sport. I don't see where you are comming from with that. Also we don't let anyone into the fed thats younger than 15

Brian Bertrand (original author of this article) responds with:

I realize what you all are saying. You guys have great points (ironically) but the thing is these guys you mentioned that did some BYW as kids actually grew up and said to themselves "Hey this is getting pretty lame. How about we quit this crap and get into some REAL wrestling?" That is what I've been saying. I do agree with Chris as far as how some feds like that are not blatantly showing stupidity through the uses of flaming tables or chairs, light tubes, cheese graters, or staple guns. What makes me mead the most is that these stereotypes are ultimately hurting PROFESSIONAL wrestling. This is what the FCC has been talking about ever since the death of the late Owen Hart. Not all BYW feds are like that but that "not all" part is pretty much 20% of backyard feds in America alone.

In Russell's response, I have been to BYWL and I even went to a link posted for a yardtard named Black Plague.

This picture is straight from his site and if you look this is very poorly prepared as is with just about 85% of all BYW feds. It's this sort of thing I'm shitting on. This sort of BYW that is hurting the names of Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Vampiro, National Wrestling Alliance, and World Wrestling Entertainment. In fact here's a response from one person on the boards by a person names Prankster (sorry for posting your name on here, dude):

"Plague, I'mma came down to windsor just to beat you with a shopping cart."

Backyard wrestling IS a slap in the face of professional wrestling because of feds that live by the policy that "it's not WWE so anything goes". This is not wrestling, this is trash. And before you call me a mark think about this. All BYW wrestlers are just marks as well as any other wrestling fan. Only these guys go and screw themselves up by thinking they can imitate their favorite wrestlers and call it fun.

Mr. Patrick Adam Contant of The University of Windsor wrote:

To Mr. Brian Bertrand of Online World of;

I am writing in response to your editorial "Yardtards and Backyard B.S" posted on February 7, 2004. I will not lie and say that your editorial is the first of it's kind that I have read. Many people hold the same opinion as you do. I personally have the same opinion, even though I myself am a backyard wrestler.

I truly love the sport of professional wrestling. It is my passion in life, and part of the reason I do what I do. If it would be no trouble, I would like to give some of my background so you may understand better why some people such as myself have this unusual, yet satisfying hobby.

I became involved in backyard wrestling when I was, yes, 12 years old. A group of friends I had recently met at an independent wrestling show asked me if I would like to come and join them. I decided I would. I was anxious beyond belief, but soon realized that these new found friends of mine were very much like me. I had never been exposed to backyard wrestling before, but I'm certainly glad that my first experience was with these gentlemen. They exposed me to a form of backyard wrestling that was competitive, but sports oriented, not violent. It was a great experience and gave me much of the confidence I was lacking in my earlier life.

I moved away from my friends but continued to backyard wrestle in a promotion I created in a small south eastern Ontario town. This federation started as a pure sport organization, but I became curious to the "extreme" or "hardcore" style of backyard wrestling, as did my other compatriots. I will openly admit to trying what you could call "spots" involving devices of destruction such as tables, steel chains, and even fire. Soon however, I realized the dangers of what I was doing to myself and my friends. I decided that style of backyard wrestling was not something I wanted to be a part of. I watched many of my friends from both aforementioned leagues turn to the violent bloodletting that is prevalent in many backyard clubs. It was not my place to tell them how to do things. By this time, they were all young adults and knew of the consequences.

I had moved once again to a smaller, more south easterly Ontario town, where I again started a new backyard wrestling league. This league adopted the ideals set down by my first backyard club. Thankfully, those who wished to be a part of our group were more focused on having fun than anything else. I am proud of this club and those who are a part of it.

I can safely say that I have been apart of almost every type of backyard federation around. Those where perfection of spots was a goal, those where a big bump was what counted, and currently with those who just wanted some safe fun, while doing something they are passionate about. I have not always done things in these federations of which were safe or entertaining. Thankfully, I have been lucky and have come away from those experiences unharmed. I know there are others in this world who have not. I am glad to have had those experiences for there is something to be learned for every experience one has, however, I would most certainly not recommend them.

I am going to be turning 20 years old this June, and am currently attending the University of Windsor in Ontario Canada. I am involved with the local independent wrestling league and their training school as well. Most interesting of all maybe, Mr. Bertrand, is that this year I will be retiring from backyard wrestling. It sounds silly doesn't it? Nobody has a career in backyard wrestling. It isn't something to celebrate. That I can say is the truth. However, it will mark the end of an important phase in my life. I have had many matches over the years in backyard wrestling, however, they pale in comparison to the friendships I've made and life lessons I've learned along the way because of them. And that, to me, is something worth celebrating.

This is not a letter to berate you Mr.Bertrand, for that would be both pointless and stupid. You have your opinions, you are entitled to them, and should be allowed to speak them. Nor is this an attempt to make you retract your previous statement or change your opinion. I know that no words of mine could do such a thing. In fact, I wholeheartedly agree with your statements about those backyard performers who choose to take the road of violent, unnecessary maiming. Those dangerous actions will only end up hurting themselves in the end. It is their choice however, and all people the likes of you and myself can do is warn them. I once met Shawn Michaels at a Christian Wrestling Gathering in Detroit Michigan. I overheard a fan say to him "You are the reason I started training to be a wrestler." To which Mr. Michaels replied "No. I am not. You are your own man, and you make your own decisions." It is this profound wisdom I have applied when concerning those backyard performers who take that ultra-violent path. They know the possible consequences of their actions, and they are the ones who must face them.

No Mr. Bertrand, this letter is not any of the things listed above. I have not even responded in the hopes that this letter will be posted on the site. This letter is simply to let you know that all hope is not lost. That there are still some of us out there that truly love the sport of professional wrestling.

With Sincerest Regards

RJ Ciocco wrote:

I think with Backyard wrestling it's really a choice of the onlookers, because you obviously have the people who hate it, and the people who love and do it. Being not affiliated with this sport, i can't tell you how it is like Russell or Andrew or Chris did. But seeing them do it yeah they might miss spots but tell me why the WWE does the same thing YET NO ONE GETS ON THERE ASS ABOUT SUPERSTARS BLOWING SPOTS AND INJURING OTHERS DUE TO RECKLESSNESS. Perhaps some of you people who condone BYW for more then hurting people in blown spots ought to speculate such in the WWE and real wrestling feds.

Of course then you got the spectacular of it: these people do it because they can, regardless of end result or even the consequences of there actions. While someone noted yardtards will never make it to OVW or WWE that speculation could be smashed permitting WWE sees the light of some successful indy wrestlers who were. Chris noted CM Punk as one, and i think there was some more decent wrestlers who started that way. Of course WWE would never sign them anyway: look at what they do with there own talent anyway.

Ummm slipping from the topic sorry. Anywho, yeah there will never be a true desicive pull if BYW is good or bad. So until then...just do what the hell you wanna do.

Mitch M. wrote:

After reading this column, it is obvious that Brian Bertrand has put no research into his claims. He has based all of his writing upon what is seen in the "Best of Backyard Wrestling" tapes, and has never seen what else has been done. Being a backyarder myself, I cannot say that I have ever hit anyone with a lighttube, used fire, or ever jumped off of a roof onto someone in the 4 years I have been wrestling. The only reason that the public believes that backyard wrestling is wrong is because they have only seen the brainless idiots who have no skill beating eachother with weapons.

Go to the Backyard Wrestling Link. There is a community of backyard wrestlers from all around the world. You will find that almost all of them frown upon the stuff done in the "Best of Backyard Wrestling" tapes. All backyard wrestlers take pride in what they do, be they "deathmatch" or technical wrestlers. You bashing what people have put so much work into perfecting makes us look like idiots, which we are not.

I am not going to waste anymore of my time responding to somthing that is as biased as what you have written. I respect your opinions, but you should attempt to consider what the opposition has to say before you bash them behind their backs.

Quiksilver wrote:

Now i have to agree with mitch m., Mr. Bertrand obviously looked at the best of backyard wrestling videos and then wrote his opinions, all that the guys on those tapes are is a bunch of idiots that have no talent, I run my own backyard fed here in Tennessee, and there has never been a lightbulb busted, there has never been any fire, and nobody has ever bled during a match(other than fake blood), and I am in no way spitting in the face of pro wrestling, I love pro wrestling more than anything, the only reason I haven't been trained is because I don't have the money, so I backyard wrestle instead, I even have a friend that is a pro wrestler at an indy that has came and watched some of our events and he said that me and my friend have tons of potential, so if you're going to knock those idiots that try to kill each other, then be my guest, but don't cut down all the other backyard wrestlers, please.

Wolf wrote:
For a person to bash BYW especially without careful research is just plain rediculous. I mean take a look at the start of ECW. I mean a lot of people could have said "yeah that is backyard wrestling and it doesn't matter." But look what happened. It revolutionized the business. It stared WCW atnd when it was known as WWF and spit in their faces.

They showed you could just be an ordinary guy and still do something you love. It wasn't about money, and it wasn't about being flashy. It was just about the fans and giving them what they loved the most. Most of today's wrestlers went through ECW. In fact over half of the WWE guys use to be ECW. Some on Raw, and a few on Smackdown. Now I believe BYW if not done of the purpose of killing yourself can only help the business. I have backyard wrestled some, and have also boxed the kids around my neighborhood and in doing that I don't believe that I hurt the sport of boxing. The backyard wrestling I was involved with was just friends who wanted to have fun. We weren't apart of any fed nor did we seek out one to join. We just wrestled because we loved to do so. It has been awhile since I've done any of it now. But I believe if you are a backyard wrestler, it should be more focused on wrestling more than than the backyard aspect. Sure you need a place but no reason to use the hard ground, or push the limits. I thought the whole point of backyard wrestling was to create an extension of the sport, not to pull a hardcore extraganza and ruin the reputation you have been trying to build up. You want to build it up not tear it down.

My style is very ground focused, I'm not the highflyer type and I do make up some of my own moves. If I knew of a place in tn where I could compete for fun, without the hardcore aspect I'd go just to compete and have fun, and also make new friends. I always go over what I am going to do and how I can pull it off safely because you want to make a good show. You can't go out there and rip your body to shreds and expect to come back the next day, the next week, or whenever you believe you're healed up enough to compete again at the next event. You have to be responsible with your body because if you rip it apart everything else you want to accomplish in your life is over. So responsibility is the key. Bashing somebody for doing backyard wrestling is like making up rumors about somebody because you didn't like how they approached you. If you keep on doing it you're going to get burned. Now that is not to say you don't have a right to express your opinion for whatever you saw because you do. But you need to realize an idiot doing a 450 splash on to a burning table along with his "opponent" because he thinks it looks cool, is talented enough to pull it off, or just because he thinks he can get money for sending the tape in. That doesn't represent the whole backyard community as a whole. So just remember that if you need to, add a disclaimer letting your opposition know that the article doesn't reflect upon responsible backyard wrestlers. Only those who take it to the extreme for whatever their purpose is. Thanks for your time.
Brian Bertrand wrote:
Again, I wasn't bashing on the feds that don't use the extreme aspect as some of you believe. In fact, I support those at the very least.

A friend of mine that I am training with, at All Pro Wrestling, is a former backyard wrestler for seven years. He even told me that it got boring and he came into APW to get better training instead of just playing guessing games at times. Another guy in there was a high flyer and has a lot of potential to rise through the indys and he left because he wanted to go and become a big name and being in the backyard wrestling doesn't make you a big name at all. It gets you interested in training more but that doesn't mean that it will help you get ahead. WWE, TNA, and many indys will not go to someone's backyard show and ask you to come in to their company expecting that you will put out and give a good performance because it's not what you're used to and your style will not be what the current wrestlers, whether they be jobbers or mid-carders, are used to.

Don't even mention ECW in this because ECW had the money and the popularity when they started out as an indy promotion within the National Wrestling Alliance. ECW became what it was because it started out as an indy promotion and not as a backyard fed. They brought in these guys who weren't in the best shape but were able to fight because they had proper training beforehand. The Sandman started out in USA Pro Wrestling, LWE, and UWF before making it to ECW. Taz was trained by Johnny Rodz and started out at Eastern Championship Wrestling before Paul E. took over. The list goes on and on.

My whole point is that I see where you guys are coming from. There might not have been as much research as I had hoped but it was just enough and it was all true because again, there are still feds that take the wrestling out and use the "extreme" term as a cruch and it's sad to see because these people could go train and become better wrestlers out of it. Don't start with ICP, just because they were in WWE, WCW, TNA, and ROH for a while does not make them true wrestlers in my eyes. To me all they did was promote their albums because after they left those companies, they disrespectfully formed the JCW and look where that is, GONE!

The fact of the matter is that yes, there are BYW feds that are actually focused on wrestling and not full of wannabe hardcore kids that think they're wrestlers. And even then some of those wrestlers want to leave and become actual wrestlers and pay their dues and live out what it takes to become a pro wrestler.
M. Roach wrote:
I know that Backyard Wrestling gets stereotyped a lot as Garbage Wrestling. However, I think it's really changed a lot. It's focused more on the wrestling aspect of it and not the "lets slam each other through glass objects and see who has to get more stitches" part of it. That said, the only Backyard wrestler I like is J.C. Bailey.
LanceCrucifix wrote:
You sire, are an idiot. I am a Backyarder, and have been for a while, though in my federation, we bump on the ground, and have a WWF Additude era, aspect, our main priority is to come out ok. I myself am 265 lbs, a person who is rather big for being seventeen, I have done little highflying, but when I do, I feel the rush of excitement that a Jeff Hardy must feel. You have used every stereo type there is, aginst us. And never has it ever effected us, except the fact we get alittle frustrated. I will tell you know, I want to be the WWE Heavyweight Champion one day, but in order to do that, I must be trained, and in order to be trained, I need money, I am a lower class citizen, or in other terms, poor. I strive through mostly everyhting, and in the end of the day, I have the sport I love to comfort me. But when you're finacial status is, just haveing enough money to eat and live with little pampers in life, it's a sad thing to think you will ever become Heavyweight Champion. When I imagin the work I could do with a, Chris Jericho or a Shelton Benjamin, I think to myself, it could happen. But in reality, it will never happen, I know this, a kid growing up in South Warren, Michigan, has little to no chance of becoming anything but a drug dealer or criminal, I stray away from the two occupations, and my nirvana is the yard. It's a place where I become Lance Crucifix, a shit talking, loud mouthed, badass, who's only quest is to become EHW Heavyweight Champion. My character, is my brain child, something I take much pride in, most of you're more talented wrestlers came from the Backyard, CM Punk, Shannon Moore, Bryan Danielson, Sonjay Dutt the list goes on and on, and the fact you bashed ICP, two people who have trained, just to get a spot in each federation they steped foot into, if 50Cent decided to become a wrestlers, everyone would say, sweet! But, because ICP aren't you're mainstream, they just automaticly pull down the revenue of the product, well let me tell you something, one of TNA's best matches were ICP vs Glenn Gelbertti and David Young. So before you continue to bash Backyarders, think to yourself, thats as close as some of us will ever get to becoming a WWE superstar, asshole!
Brian Bertrand wrote:
First off Lance, this isn't a site where you can just give a shoot promo and think you're a somebody. I respect that you take pride in what you do but when you go and say that you are conducting your matches like the Attitude Era of the WWF then you are still going through the same crap that you've been force fed by Vince McMahon.

All the wrestlers that you have mentioned that started as backyarders ended up leaving that world because they wanted to get trained by someone who knows what they are talking about. When you mention ICP, all they do is make wrestling a joke. They had crappy matches on WWF, made a sort of a stable with Vampiro and Dale Torborg in WCW and made that look stupid, dragged TNA down a little bit but ended up leaving since they were only there to promote an album and TNA wanted another group of celebrities to try and boost ratings (surprisingly it helped a slight bit). Then they went on to make the JCW and look what happened, their wannabe indy fed folded and has been for the past year. When you put them in the same vicinity as guys like Kane, Undertaker, Cena, Orton, Flair, and a full WWE roster then you soil that which you pretend to be a part of. I, for one, am glad to have used every stereotype there is because, in about 90% of all backyard wrestling "federations", it's very true. And then you go on about ICP vs. Glen Gilberti and David Young. That match

You mention financial statuses and not having enough to get into actual training. Hell, I didn't have shit to go for when I even signed with APW. The full price is $6,000 for full APW Boot Camp training. After our discounts, it was brought down a lot and I still couldn't afford it. So my tag partner's dad paid for both of us, which totalled to around $3,000 each. Remember, I'm not bashing backyard wrestling just because I don't like it. I'm saying that with the way it went back when this column was first written (thank you, Brad for reposting it because of all the fun feedback and interractivity), which was over a year and a half ago, it has proven that the times have not changed since some people first heard about it on 20/20 (the very same interview that made Mick Foley look like a bad guy thanks to ABC's bias system towards professional wrestling).

Your main thing against me is that, to you, I believe that you people won't ever make it to anything else. That's completely untrue. I think you would definately make it in to places like 3PW, APW, NWA, and other promotions. It may take some time and sacrifice but I think you could make it. So before you go bashing on my words, sir, look at reality and start saving up as much as you can because when you can get enough to where you can go into a company that can boost you up more and become a bigger name than you can ever be as a backyard wrestler. No offense or anything, but I highly doubt any independant promotions will consider the EHW Title a legitimate championship unless the EHW, itself, is an independant promotion.
Bengei wrote:
Simply put. Fans copying real "professional" wrestlers cannot be "shitting" on real professional wrestling. For without the fans, there is no real professional wrestling. A flaming chair smash off a trampoline may not be as safe a belly to back suplex as seen on RAW, but that is those particpants rights based upon their own personal wants and desires. As far as im concerned both are entertaining. The intracacy of a well performed matt sequence is wonderful for its complexity, while a chair smash is entertaining as a mindless "why would you do that" way. Either way I will remember to not condone a pickup baseball game when the hitter gets beamed without a helmet. But oh wait they only started using helmets in the last 50 years. Geez Babe Ruth how did you survive? Come on! There is inherant risk in everything, it is whether or not you are willing to take that risk to enjoy life, and do with that life what you want.

Wrestling is a business... Wrestlers would not be getting paid if it werent for the fans... Therefore the "business" can't claim to control its fans... This whole thing is ridiculous. Let professionals be professionals, and let fans be fans. An opinion is an opinion, and this happens to be mine.

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