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July 27, 2004 by Brian Bertrand

As my observations continue I have noticed that the Great American Bash was all but convincing of a good pay-per-view. The controversy of the Cement Crypt, botched victories, and awful matches tend to look like more of WWE's traditional style. I mean no offense to WWE, they can put on some shows if they had the right talent but from what I saw from G.A.B. they tried really hard but just about failed. Hopefully they will make up for it.

I think that WWE really tries. Maybe they fail but they try. I think GAB could really give WWE an opportunity to use more resources from the old WCW but what they need to focus on is using the right talent for the right matches on the right events. Using the Undertaker burying Paul Bearer would be something that could be used even better on Halloween Havoc or Uncensored but not Great American Bash. But then again Vince won't use any of the things that MEAN something (hence the recent Chris Benoit/Eugene World Title shot). But there are some things that he IS doing right. For example, Wrestlemania XX: up until the Goldberg/Lesnar fight, the event was amazing. The Undertaker/Kane match was awesome. He does a great job with promoting some of the things that use both rosters in one event and not separate brands.

Speaking of separate brands, who in the blue friggin' hell is El Gran Luchador? There's no OWW profile on him and no REAL Mexican federation has taken credit for it. Of course AAA and CMLL are both putting their representatives on TNA but no one has said anything about El Gran Luchador. So why call him the World Champion of Mexico when in all reality, HE DOESN'T EXIST. WWE needs to stop using a non-existent paper champion to boost their storylines because most wrestling fans nowadays know more than WWE wants them to believe. It's a waste of good money and good talent. I think LLL or EMLL should have brought a real champion from Mexico to give JBL a run for his money. That way ot cpi;d definitely bring a great boost for both companies. The way they have it now with Kurt Angle being EGL is just completely stupid and a waste of a potentially good storyline.

What I do like is how the WWE put guys in the World Title spotlight that you would never expect win. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are perfect examples because now they can say they had it all. The fame, glitz and glamour, money, and championships. If they end up leaving the company for some unforseen circumstances then they would be two of the hottest free agents out there. Unlike a few others but they would also have great talent to back up their records.

The only other thing I see wrong is that when they start giving their WCW Alumni stars title belts, they place them under somewhat boring storylines. Chris Benoit could have a good storyline with Shelton Benjamin and have a sweet technical wrestling title match and Eddie Guerrero could have kept a decent storyline with Chavo Sr. and Jr. Losing the title to JBL was the worst thing WWE has ever done. In my opinion JBL should have stayed on the mid-card where he belongs. JBL could have an awesome WWE Title grudge match against Farooq if they ever bring him back, which I hope they do.

Whatever the case, I hope they fix some of the things that they are subjecting to their fans because fans are planning to get a bit smarter and more knowledgeable of NWA-TNA. And with the recent out of character heat between Ric Flair and Bret Hart, I doubt it's helping them one bit. I don't mind seeing what Vince has up his sleeve for not only a new Smackdown! General Manager but also some new storylines for the talent on both shows.

by Brian Bertrand..

Mike Petralia wrote:

Now wasnt the great American Bash like two months ago. Since then the WWE has picked it up IMO.

Vengenece there wasnt a single bad match on the card except for your typical womens match. YOu people complain about Matt Hardy always loosing he won...complain about HHH never jobbing he jobbed. NO matter what VInce does the internet is never happy. Vengence was a great PPV.

SD is picking it up again too. RAtings are up since JBL won the title wether you like it or not hes the companies best heel right now and doing a damn good job at it. A young tag team is being pushed and Angle is back. Things are def looking bright, maybe not as good as raw but getting there.

Summer Slam this is looking to be a classic. Benoit vs the future Orton Angle vs Eddie Taker vs JBL Most likely Y2J vs Edge Benjamen is returning and there are many more possibilites with Reagle, HHH, Kane, maybe HBK, Rhyno/Tahiri there getting pushed now just like the internet wanted.

I dont think TNA is on anyones heels if they keep loosing ppv contracts and stilla rnt on most television networks.

I dont see much to complain about except the diva challenge crap. And if your still complaining about a ppv that happened 2 months ago after this past raw with a royal rumble and and iron man match I dont know what to say.



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