Why I Like Smackdown Better Than RAW
September 5, 2003 by Chris Chambers

Ever since Smackdown began I thought it would become a great show and a great product of wrestling and storylines as well. When Raw and Smackdown had the roster split at first I thought it was going to be a bad idea but in a way it started to grow on me and I really started to enjoy it. I will break it down into two sections on the differences of both shows then I will tell you why I like smackdown better.

After the split RAW had the more experienced wrestlers and I would say even some legends. When Ric Flair was the Owner of RAW I think it was pretty cool to see how all the RAW superstars would mesh with Ric Flair being in control. Ric Flair was pretty good as the boss in the early stages of the split but then when he joined (in a way) the (water downed rip off of the original) NWO with Hall, Big Show, X-Pac, Nash (he was injured at the time), and Booker T. (who joined down the line) he just really became part of the reason why RAW's storylines was a bit not right (cough*crappy*). Then Down the Road Vince won the full ownership of Raw and Smackdown, Raw became a little bit exciting when he announced that the New GM of Raw was none other than Eric Bischoff (which I thought that Vince despised Eric) and when I saw Vince embrace Eric, I mainly thought Holy Shit and I was basically stunned that he would hire a guy that he wished would just drop off the face of the planet (during the wwf versus wcw ratings wars). Then we see an intresting turn in Raw when we all saw Necrophilia, Racism, and all other political issues brought up into storylines after storylines. I shiver at the thought of HHH doing the horizontal polka (a phrase for you you need a visual aid?) with a manequin thats supposed to be Katie Vick. Another bad thing was the way HHH held Booker T. down just because he was a different color and by saying that "people" like Booker T. don't deserve to be world champion and that "people" like Booker T. are just here to entertain everyone. As of late theres something thats really been so totally not right about RAW and that is Kane and his "Don't make fun of me or I will set you on fire" gimmick, don't get me wrong I think its a good thing for him because its his push but I think they are going a little to far. One final thing about Raw thats really bad is having commentators have matches when theres actual talent thats not even given a chance to have match on Raw or a Raw only PPV such as Lance Storm.

After the split I knew that Smackdown would be good competition for Raw simply because the athletes that Smackdown had like Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, and some of the new talent Smackdown signed like John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Tajiri, Rhyno, Ultimo Dragon, Billy Kidman, ect.. Smackdown has the reputation of having boring storylines but I would have to agree somewhat to that but I think that Wrestling is what Smackdown really thrives on and to prove that point lets take a look back on BAD BLOOD (Raw Only PPV) and Vengeance (SD Only PPV), all I can say about that is that Vengeance was way better due to the Wrestling aspect that is what really proved that SD is better than Raw (but hey its just my opinion). Lets take a stroll down smackdown memory lane shall we. In the early part of SD (after the roster split) we saw the end of the Vince McMahon's Kiss My A$$ Club, Rock & Austin having a pretty good feud with NWO (Hall, Nash, Hogan), a pretty good match with Rock versus Nash, then a little down the road we saw Edge versus Eddie Guerrero in a awesome NO DQ match with the finish of the Match seeing Edge hooking the edgecutiton on eddie from the top of the ladder and top rope. Then somewhere down the road Smackdown really picked up in wrestling with the cruiserweights showing their potential and having some great matches. Smackdown today is impressing me time after time with matches like Kurt Angle v. Undertaker For WWE Title (which was a great match last night), Eddie Guerrero v. John Cena last week on smackdown in an awesome US Title match, and in the next few weeks we will see PPV quality matches Live On Smackdown (well not live because we all know smackdown is taped but you know what I mean) like Eddie Guerrero versus John Cena In A Parking Lot Brawl Match and Kurt Angle versus Brock Lesnar In An Iron Man Match For The WWE Title.

The main reason I like Smackdown better than Raw is that Smackdown is not all about the storylines, glitz, and glamour like Raw is, instead Smackdown concentrates on Wrestling which in my opinion is the way it should be. Don't get me wrong there is still talent on Raw that I do enjoy watching such as Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, RVD, Christian, Booker T. , Hurricane, Rosey, Goldust (because they are really funny). Another reason I like Smackdown better is that Smackdown doesn't have the following people Goldberg, Nash, HHH (i do respect that HHH is a good wrestler), and Goldberg (did I say that twice....I must have oh well lol). This might be off topic a little but I think Goldberg really, oh whats the word I'm looking for....oh yeah I remember now....Goldberg Sucks! !

This Column Is Opinion Based (mainly mine) So If Anyone Disagrees Then Thats Your Choice and For Those Who Agree (way to go tiger lol).

by Chris Chambers..


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