WWE Sheep: Blind Leading The Blind
September 6, 2003 by Chris Chambers

First Off I would like to say that even though there may have been other columns about WWE Sheep, this one will be somewhat different. Lets start at the beginning of when WWF (oh how i miss the name of WWF) was in the transition of the name change to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). When Ric Flair presented HHH the new Undisputed WWE Title (now its the WWE Title) all the "sheep" were like "OMG that is so awesome a new look to the title" but as for the real wrestling fans, they all knew that a new look to a title is no big deal. Then when Ric Flair was on his power trip and turned on austin all the sheep was like Why Ric Why? , and again for the real wrestling fans, they all knew that Ric was gonna do a heel turn.

Then you have the era of the new four horsemen (Flair, Arn, Eddie, Benoit..not a bad combo), and during the small reign of the new four horsemen when Stone Cold took a big pi$$ on Arn..all the sheep kept on going on and on about it and wouldn't shut up about it, even though I did think it was funny but you know theres a time to laugh about stuff like that and a time to just drop it.

Now lets go a little bit into the future when it was almost time for Kane to return from his injury (bicep injury I believe), all the sheep was like "I can't wait till Kane Returns with hell fire and brimstone", it was ok to talk about it but to go on and on about it was ridiculous. Then here comes the ever so non forgettable time when Goldust got electricuted. All the sheep was like "Holy Shit the Evolution should pay for what they did..Holy Shit Goldust must be dead", with those comments from sheep all I can say is "Earth to Sheep..Sheep To Earth..Goldust wasn't electricuted it was all a show..its fake". Then when Goldust came back with his tourettes gimmick, it was like WWE grabbing his sheep stick thing (staff or whatever its called lol) and put it around the necks of the sheep and saying watch this you will enjoy all this ENTERTAINMENT (even though i think it was just a little funny). Then we had the ever so loving HHH being awarded the title, while all the real wrestling fans were half for it and half against it, the sheep was all who gives a flying &*%^. In My Opinion, even though I may some beef with HHH being handed the title, the sheep had no right to say anything of that nature because they go whichever way the wind blows. What I mean by that is if someone is a face they cheer and if someone is a heel they boo, if a heel goes face they are like "way cool" and if a face turns heel they go damn I've always disliked that person.

This section below will be me ranting on about sheep but I will be as respectfull as much as I can..

My gripe with the sheep is that they say that the likes of Chris Jericho sucks because hes a heel (they clearly over look his wrestling ability). Lance Storm, the sheep call him boring because thats what stone cold said and again they over looked Lance's wrestling ability. Sheep also say the likes of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar sucks because either they are a heel or they just haven't seen those guys in actual wrestling matches. Here is one last rant of mine about sheep, GOLDBERG....Sheep just flock to him because he is the man and no one can stop him. To me I wish that the real wrestling fans could convert sheep into real wrestling fans but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

End of Ranting..

My Definitions Of WWE Sheep..

Definition 1: Sheep: A person who follows the entertainment part of wwe overlooking the actual wrestling.

Definition 2: Sheep: A person who thinks GOLDBERG is a real Wrestler.

Definition 3: Sheep: A person who thinks Kurt Angle sucks just because everyone says it to go along with his entrance music and thinks Kurt can't wrestle.

Definition 4: Sheep: A person who doesn't have the attention span to enjoy a 25 - 30 minute match.

Theres alot more of my definitions of sheep but I think these four are good enough to prove my point.

How come the title says Blind Leading The Blind?....well its simple the WWE is blind because they have no idea what the true wrestling fans want to see and the sheep are blind because they give into the WWE and thinks what the WWE does is actual wrestling (well the entertainment part anyways) in a way its like the Blind Leading The Blind.

One last thing, not to get off the topic but there is one point I want to make and that is, that if WWE sees fit to put Good Ol JR in a match @ Unforgiven with the Coach, all I can say is....(please feel free to quote me) "What in the blue hizzell is WWE thinking."

by Chris Chambers..



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