Goldberg "The Epitome Of Suckage"
September 7, 2003 by Chris Chambers

From the beginning in wcw, Goldberg first started when he faced Hugh Morrus (Bill Demott) he was destin for great things. In My Opinion, that was pretty much Goldbergs only decent match in wcw. As Goldberg started to climb and climb to the top with his undefeated streak all the fans started to cheer and thought Goldberg was "DA MAN" but even though I did cheer Goldberg at first, I now realize how stupid I was. I did indeed think that Goldberg was unstoppable and yes (I am somewhat disappointed in myself for this) I did in fact was a Goldberg fan in wcw when he was the force to help take out the NWO (I liked nwo as well). Win after win, pin after pin, Goldberg kept rising to the top in wcw. Now that I think about it..back then I really didn't see Goldberg for who he truly is but later in this column I will tell you who indeed Goldberg truly is.

As Goldbergs streak continued to grown we saw the likes of Raven, DDP, Sting, just to mention a few (which are great talent) had to go down in a loss to Goldberg. When Goldberg won the US Title from Raven all the fans and myself included thought that the US Title match with Raven was Goldbergs peak..when he was at his best. I do have to admit that when Goldberg speared and jackhammered the likes of Reese, Giant (Big Show), Road Block, and some other big and tall guys..I was like oh my goodness did I just see that. Goldberg in wcw had a reputation of being the irresistable force taking down immovable objects. When Goldberg turned heel for that short time I thought Goldberg had some potential in actually being a top heel, like when he destroyed "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan because of the orders from Vince Russo. Goldberg as a heel would have been pretty cool but wcw squashed that idea really quick.

Now to go a little bit in the past at Starcade December 27, 1998..that date will live in all the minds of wrestling fans (true fans & the sheep) as Goldbergs winning streak comming to a complete hault. That will go in the history books (my history books that is lol) as the happiest day in my life when it comes to being a wrestling fan. All the Goldberg sheep at that time was pissed when that happened. Then at Souled Out January 17, 1999, Goldberg fought Scott Hall in a Ladder/Taser match. I kinda found it funny how goldberg was getting shocked from it when Hall kept touching it on Goldberg. One last point about Goldberg in wcw, when Goldberg lost his career in a tag team match with Goldberg & Sarge (Buddy Lee Parker) against Buff Bagwell & Lex Luger. I thought that match was funny to see Goldberg go down.

On to Goldberg entering the WWE..WWE hyped up that Goldberg was comming at WM19 to come at Backlash in action. The next night on Raw, Rock was in the ring for Rock Appreciation Night or something and all of a sudden Goldbergs music hits and here comes Goldberg. After a few weeks of Goldberg & rock feuding, the time came and it was Goldberg v. Rock. Backlash 2003, Goldberg picks up his first WWE win (maybe another streak). Goldberg then went on to feud with Chris Jericho and they ended up in a match at Bad Blood. The feud between Goldberg & Jericho was not only very intense because of they were in a feud but this dates back in WCW when Goldberg refused to wrestle Chris Jericho because Jericho was a mid carder and not main event level, so the intensity between Goldberg & Jericho was not just business but personal as well. In a confrontation (off camera), Chris Jericho choked out Goldberg because of the intensity level and personal issues as well. Their match at Bad Blood was pretty decent and I enjoyed it to a certain degree.

Then Goldberg finally gets in a feud with HHH (they also have bad blood (no pundt intended) in a personal state and not just on camera) and even though it just began I think the intensity has gone into a whole new level. Goldberg jobbed to HHH at a house show in San Diego and jobbed to HHH at Summer Slam in the Elimination Chamber. The reason Goldberg jobbed those times is because he is gonna win the title at Unforgiven. I think Goldberg will win the title undeservingly (IMO) and probably be champ for a little while.

Here is the few good things I have to say about Golberg.. His matches with Hugh Morrus (Bill DeMott), Raven, Rock, & Jericho were the only decent matches he had in my opinion. Another good thing I can say about Goldberg is that the fact he jobbed to HHH not only once but twice.

Here is where the EPITOME of suckage comes in....

Goldberg only has a limited amount of moves when he wrestles and he can't go in a 20 - 30 minute match. Goldberg has a undefeated streak that in my opinion was a joke and that he is getting an undeserved title shot and push. Goldberg doesn't sell other guys moves (ex: Goldbergs match with Ric Flair..when Flair gave Goldberg Chops). Goldberg has in his contract that he receives alot of money for limited appearances and at least one title win. Another reason Goldberg sucks is because he squashed Lance Storm in a couple of matches. There is more and more reasons he sucks but I don't wanna go on and on about it, however there is one more point I wanna bring up and that is, that Goldberg sucks because all the "Goldberg Sheep" actually think he can wrestle better than everyone and they say the likes of Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, ect....can't even come close to being a better wrestler than Goldberg. I think that sucks and I am really mad at the odasity that the "Goldberg Sheep" will critisize and say that the real wrestlers suck and Goldberg is the best damn wrestler ever.

I just want to leave everyone with one thought and that is....

"If Goldberg is Da Man....How come he totally Reeks Of Suckage" - Chris Chambers aka Chris/Rvd....*Note* : hahahaha I finally got to use a phrase from Edge & Christian hahahaha

by Chris Chambers..


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