Paul Heyman "Man Of Intelligence"
October 23, 2003 by Chris Chambers

Paul Heyman has shown time and time again he is very intelligent when it comes to the business of professional wrestling.

Heyman's career started when he was Paul E. Dangerously managing good talented wrestlers on the independant circuit. Through the years Paul Heyman went through different organizations being a gifted manager and a commentator (during the 80's in wcw). Paul Heyman produced some great tag teams on the independant circuit as well named organizations of AWA, CWA, & NWA/WCW. Heyman has been known to shake up the business by being unorthidox and very creative. Paul has the reputation of being..well basically a prick in a way. However for the true wrestling fans..Paul Heyman is a genious when it comes to producing good watchable programming in numerous organizations.

Paul Heyman then went to ECW (Eastern Championship the time). He started as a booker for that organiztion untill he bought the company from Tod Gordon and renamed it to what fans call the extreme wrestling organization..ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). Paul had the likes of RVD, Tajiri, Rhyno, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Roadkill, Danny Doring, ect....just to name a few. As for myself, I was a huge ECW fan and it was a product that fed the craving of fans that enjoyed extreme style wrestling with no rules and great feuds and matches. Paul Heyman in the future had a feud with Jerry Lawler which cause a short lived WWF/ECW feud angle. The night when Taz appeared on Raw that one night was awesome. At that time in history, Paul was annoying in some peoples opinions. To me thats when he shined.

The time came when ECW was out of business and seemingly there was nothing left for Paul Heyman..or was there. Paul then became a Raw commentator with Jim Ross and Smackdown commentator with Michael cole to replace Jerry Lawler. Paul back then to me was a good commentator. Then along comes something called the "Invasion" angle when Paul brought back ECW alumni to merge the time Shane's WCW. It lasted for a good 3 or 4 months and I think Paul was at his best during that time. In my opinion the "Invasion" angle could have been pulled of better but thats a different story. Paul and Jim Ross were at each others throats at survivor series 2001..which was the alliances last night in business. The next night on Raw..Paul was fired (not actually he took time off camera to book for wwe at that time).

Paul Heyman then suddenly came back to be the Agent of Brock Lesnar. Which was around the Draft in WWE when Ric & Vince went back and forth Drafting WWE superstars. Paul Heyman really molded Brock Lesnar into the superstar he is today. Paul Heyman really definitely signified himself as a great manager/agent. Then Paul left Brock to become Big Shows Agent and at the time I thought it was bad but in the long run it turned out good. Paul then went off cameras because of some injuries so he stayed backstage.

The Return Of Paul Heyman:

On Smackdown, Vince named Paul Heyman the new Smackdown General Manager. My question to each and every fan is....What do you think about Paul Heyman being the new GM of SD? Personally, I think Paul will be a good GM and it will be intresting to see what happens in the future.

by Chris Chambers..


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