My Respect For Triple H
November 8, 2003 by Chris Chambers

HHH has always been a man who people either love or hate. From his short time in WCW to WWF/E he has always been a solid wrestler and consistent of doing his job.

HHH first started in WCW under the gimmicks of Terra Ryzin and Jean Paul Levesque. He in WCW was considered to be quite stupid as those gimmicks but a good wrestler though. HHH as Jean Paul Levesque was in the rank of possibly being a contender for Cruiserweight Title. In 94, HHH as Jean Paul Levesque, fought Alex Wright at Starrcade and lost to him. The following year HHH made his WWF/E deebut as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a snob born with a silver spoon stuck in his mouth. HHH started as a mid cardder and wrestling jobbers to make a name for himself (in other words paying some dues). As the snob gimmick, he feuded with numerous people like Henry Godwinn and many others.

Two memorable matches he had as the snob, was The Infamous Hog Pen Match with Henry O. Godwinn. This feud was basically a common type feud amongst civilians, The Snob versus The Farmer & the other match was against Marc Mero. HHH as the snob, really was the heel persona, because everyone don't like snobs. The Snob gimmick was a good gimmick for HHH but it went down a couple of years after he debuted as the snob because there couldnt be anything else done with the snob character.

In the years to come HHH solidified his status as a great technical wrestler. HHH still as the snob had some great matches with Henry Godwinn, Marc Mero, Cactus Jack, Warrior aka Ultimate Warrior, ect. HHH then started to impress me around the time he lost the snob gimmick.

The IC Title Reign....

HHH feuded with different guys to win the IC Title like Marc Mero & Goldust. The greatest feud in my opinion that circled around the IC Title was Goldust. HHH and Goldust had matches after matches cause they could provide an entertaining match. HHH & Goldust signified what the IC Title is about and that is competition and the hunger to become a champion. HHH then went on to win the European Title. HHH fought Owen Hart (r.i.p) in many matches over the European Title and plus it was a personal feud as well. HHH had spectacular matches with The Rock for the IC Title. HHH & Rocks ladder match at Summerslam 98 was a great match and it impressed me very much.

Degeneration X Era....

HHH with Chyna & HBK formed a group that didnt care for authority and didnt respect it. HHH & HBK came up with different ways to spit in the face of authority each and every week. HHH with Chyna & HBK then brought in another guy to enforce DX and that was Rick Rude (r.i.p). DX at that time was very popular amongst youth. Mainly Teens & Young adults. HHH with Chyna, HBK, & Rick Rude feuded with Hart Foundation and surprisingly got along with the Nation Of Domination at that time. Wrestlemania 14 rolls around and HBK loses the WWF Title to Stone Cold and the next night on raw was the beginning of a whole new DX.

The New DX....

The night after WM14 a new DX was born. HHH at the helm of the new DX, HHH announced the newest members of the new DX. The newest members were X-Pac (1-2-3 Kid), Road Dogg & Bad A$$ Billy Gunn (New Age Outlaws). The new DX was better than ever. They came up with many different ways to spit int he face of authority and it was pretty funny and good to see. The new DX feuded with the Nation Of Domination, DOA, Corperation, and many others. HHH during this reign of DX, he was at his best. Then later on DX went Corperate and that DX wasn't as good so I won't go into that version of DX.

HHH & Stephanie McMahon/Helmsley Era....

During this time HHH had married Steph under storyline mode. This era was ok but it was like sucky at times too because he very much messed up intrests in wwf/e for me at that time. One good thing about this Era was that we saw different kind of matches like pink slip on a pole match. To me this wasn't the best thing for HHH....but thats just my opinion.

HHH Cerebral Assasin....

To me this was my favorite version of HHH. As the cerebral assasin he kicked as day in and day out. He used sledge hammers and I liked it very much. During this time HHH became WWF Champion for the first his first time. HHH earned his way to the title during this time IMO. HHH is the cerebral assasin because he was trained by Killer Kowalski and I am proud of HHH for making Killer proud for the way HHH shows some of Killer in the ring when HHH wrestles.

The Injury....

HHH injured his left Quad and it took him out of action for 8 months. HHH was in a tag match and then he went to do a move or something and he posted on his left leg I think and it just tore his quad up. During the time he was gone I missed him very much because I thought he could help WWF take out the Alliance.

The Game Returns & Gets The Title....

In January of 2002, HHH made his return and won the royal rumble. By winning the Royal Rumble he earned a title shot against Chris Jericho at WM 18. During this time HHH got a divorce. Stephanie then became a business partner of Chris Jericho. HHH over came the obstacles and became the Champion by beating Chris Jericho. HHH also injured his elbow during this time and left for a couple weeks and then returned and sided with Eric Bischoff at Vengeance 2002. The next night on Raw we thought we seen the return of DX but we were wrong. Instead of DX's return HHH pedigreed HBK and the two feuded over the on coming months. Their match at Summerslam was Awesome and then at Survivor Series 2002 in the first ever Elimination match HBK won the title from HHH and then a month later at Armageddon HHH won it back.

HHH & The Evolution....

HHH then formed a new stable the Evolution. The Evolution IMO is a great group of great talent. At first it kinda sucked but then Evolution impressed me when Batista took out Goldberg. The Evolution, If you break it down from member to member, Evolution is a great group with unlimited experience. HHH lost the title to Goldberg at Unforgiven and hopefully HHH will win the title back at Survivor Series.

My Final Thought....

HHH has and always will be a great solid technical wrestler and I have unlimited amount of respect for HHH. When HHH appeared on Tough Enough 1 and spoke to everyone in the ring....what he said was the complete truth about the business. HHH has always busted his ass day in and day out and he will always have my respect and I will be a fan of his no matter what.

*Note* Goldberg Sucks *End Note*

by Chris Chambers..

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I've always found OWW to be a virtual fountain of wrestling info, and I've referred to it countless times for both good, solid facts and for insightful opinions. That being said, I have to go on record with my displeasure toward columnist Chris Chambers. Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Chambers' views on Triple H. It was nice, for a change, to read comments from someone who wasn't bashing HHH or his position within the McMahon family. My problem lies with the presentation of the column. It seems as if it was written by a junior high student who is failing English. The sentence and paragraph structure are very sloppy and redundant. In one paragraph, Chambers used the word "snob" about a dozen times, several within each sentence. There needs to be a higher standard when it comes to these columns. After all, they are displayed for everyone to see on the world wide web. This should be considered before such a mess is allowed as part of the website.

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