A Smackdown Rundown
November 13, 2003 by Chris Chambers

This weeks Smackdown started off with Kurt Angle versus Nathan Jones. The match IMO started off kinda slow but it then started to pick up. Nathan Jones really impressed me in this match by standing toe to toe with Kurt Angle, maybe not toe to toe wrestling wise but Nathan kept up with Kurt nonetheless. The finish saw Kurt Angle giving the Angle Lock to Nathan Jones when Matt Morgan came in and caused a DQ which gave Kurt Angle the win. Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones started on Kurt Angle when Hardcore Holly came back in full force and nailed Matt & Nathan with a chair. Hardcore then got a mic and called out Brock Lesnar. IMO I think Hardcore Holly can actually beat Brock Lesnar in a match and I can't wait till Survivor Series to see them two fight it out.

Then on SD Vince was talking to Sable about a dream he had and that the dream was about him being dead and maggots eating his flesh or something like that, but anyways I thought that part was kinda sickening. The Undertaker cut a promo in a graveyard and it basically had an old school feel to does this mean that the rumors of the Darkside Undertaker coming back is true? Maybe so but I can't wait to find out.

Akira (Jimmy Yang) & Sakata (Keiji Sakoda) had a tag team match with Rey Mysterio & Jamie Noble. This match IMO was the match of the night. This match went back and forth and there was alot of cool spots. Akira & Sakata was awesome in the ring and I think Vince made a good decision to hire Akira & Sakata. The finish was Tajiri kicking Jamie Noble in the back of the head and that gave Akira & Sakata the win.

Then on SD it was Eddie & Chavo in the back getting ready for their Tag Team Title Match. A detective then told Eddie that his wife's sister had an accident. Eddie then left and Chavo went to Paul Heyman to try to get the Tag Title Match post poned and he did. The Tag Title Match will be at Survivor Series. Later in the night, the Bashams and that detective was in the back talkin and that revealed that it was a setup and I thought that just absolutely sucked. You absolutely do not bring up family members in the business. Chavo then took on the Bashams in a 2 on 1 handicapped match. The match was pretty decent. Chavo held his own in parts of the matches and he almost won on a couple occasions but then the numbers game was too much for Chavo and the Bashams got the win.

Bradshaw then fought A-Train. For a match with two big men in turned out to be pretty good. The match went back and forth and it was intense and very much a brutal fight instead of a wrestling match. This match IMO was pretty much impressive. The finish was Bradshaw hooked the Clothesline From Hell on A-Train for the win (when Bradshaw first came back did he call it the Clothesline From Contempo?).

Then Kurt Angle was talkin to Benoit in the back and Benoit asked Kurt why did he pick him to be the fifth member of Team Angle. The "HE" ended up being John Cena. So now Team Angle is complete with John Cena as the fifth member.

Then Vince McMahon is backstage and Sable brings a Priest in. The Priest is backstage to help Vince to prepare for this sunday in the Buried Alive Match. The Priest was there to pray with Vince but Vince said to the Priest that instead of praying for him that he needs to pray for the Undertaker.

The Main Event is up Benoit & Cena versus Brock & Big Show. IMO the match started off slow and then it picked up. During the match the fans were chanting Subway towards the Big Show of course. John Cena and Benoit got along pretty well together IMO. They can be a great tag team in the future and maybe one day win the tag titles. The finish was that Benoit hooked Lesnar in the Crossface and that had the refs attention. Cena and Big Show were the two legal men at that time and while the ref was paying attention to Benoit and Lesnar, Cena got the chain and nailed Big Show and got the win. The finish for the Main Event was pretty cool.

*Highlights Of The Night*

The highlights for me were the Mysterio/Noble versus Akira/Sakata tag match, Undertakers Grave Yard Promo, & The Main Event. I also think that Smackdown tonight definitely built up the matches for Survivor Series very well and I can't wait till this Sunday for Survivor Series.

*Note* Goldberg Sucks *End Note*

by Chris Chambers..


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