A Way To Have A Successfull Start In 2004 For WWE
December 31, 2003 by Chris Chambers

When the New Year comes all the fans can't help but think about the Royal Rumble. I am gonna break it down for both shows and then combine the two to have a great card for Royal Rumble so WWE can have a successfull start in 2004.

Here is what I would like to see Raw do to build up for the Royal Rumble.

I think that Raw should continue the feud between Booker T. & Randy Orton. Raw should get the "perverbial" monkey or in this case "Milk Chocolate Gorilla" (the nickname I came up with for) Mark Henry off Booker T's back. I absolutely see no reason why they should continue Booker T. and Mark Henry feud. Booker T. is one of the under rated superstars in the I think a way to use him in a good way is to feud with Randy Orton and then have an Intercontinental Title match at Royal Rumble.

Then I would like to see a Tag Team Battle Royal on the Raw before Royal Rumble for the number one contendership for the Tag Team Titles. In the Battle Royal I would like to see two teams win....kinda like cena/benoit & bret/luger type finishes in battle royals and have a three way tag team title match at royal rumble. Dudleyz & Cade/Jindrak could be the two teams that win. So it could be Dudleyz v. Cade/Jindrak v. Flair/Batista at royal rumble.

Then I would like to see Austin to book HHH/HBK rematch at Royal Rumble. HBK should beat HHH at Royal Rumble.

On SD, I would like to see John Cena keep on with the feud with Big Show and then face him on heat on the night of royal rumble for US Title. Then John Cena after defeating Big Show for US Title....Cena then could enter into the Royal Rumble.

The Cruiserweight title hasn't been defended lately so what I would do is have a first ever Cruiserweight Title Ladder Match at the Royal Rumble. In the Ladder match, there could be 4 superstars....Tajiri, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, & Jamie Noble. I think a four way Ladder match for the cruiserweight title at royal rumble would be very intresting and would be great to start out the new year.

Then I would like to see Hardcore Holly face Brock for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble. Hardcore Holly should become new champion and then at a later time and date Hardcore Holly defends against Chris Benoit.

Royal Rumble....

HEAT.... I would have the John Cena/Big Show match on heat to start up the crowd so Royal Rumble could be something to be anticipated.

Royal Rumble 2004 PPV....

First, I would start with the 4 way ladder match for cruiserweight title. This match would be a great beginner for Royal Rumble and would keep the fans intrest throughout the night.

Second, I would like to see the three way tag team title match next. This match would be intresting to see what would occur.

Third, I would like to see the Booker T./Randy Orton match for the Intercontinental Title. I think this along with HHH/HBK & 4 Way Ladder Match would be the matches of the night.

Fourth, I would like to see the Hardcore Holly/Brock match for the WWE Title. This match should be the brawl of the night and not to much wrestling involved but thats not a bad thing considering the bad blood (no pundt intended) between the two.

Fifth, I would like to see HBK/HHH match for world title. This should be one of the three best matches of the night.

Finally, I would like to see a great end of the royal rumble. I would like to see Kane & the "rumored" Mick Foley be the last two in the ring....and as Kane is about to eliminate Mick....the lights go out and none other than the "Deadman" Undertaker comes up from underneath the ring and choke slams and tombstones Kane. Then Mick eliminates Kane. Thus setting up for Undertaker/Kane match at wm20.

This is the Overall Royal Rumble Card I would like to see....

Heat.... Cena defeats Big Show and becomes new US Champion.

Royal Rumble....

4 Way Ladder Cruiserweight Title Match (1) Tajiri v. Rey Mysterio v. Ultimo Dragon v. Jamie Noble Winner: Ultimo Dragon

3 Way Tag Team Title Match (2) Dudleyz v. Cade/Jindrak v. Flair/Batista Winners: Flair/Batista

Intercontinental Title Match (3) Booker T. v. Randy Orton Winner: Randy Orton

WWE Title Match (4) Hardcore Holly v. Brock Lesnar Winner: Hardcore Holly

World Title Match (5) HBK v. HHH Winner: HBK

Royal Rumble.... (1) Cena (2) Jericho (3) Lance Storm (4) Eddie Guerrero (5) A-Train (6) Rico (7) Spanky (8) RVD (9) Paul London (10) Christian (11) Akio (12) Sakada (13) Shannon Moore (14) Kane (15) Matt Morgan (16) "surprise Entrant" John Hennigan (17) Hurricane (18) Rosey (19) Nunzio (20) "Rumored" Mick Foley (21) Mark Henry (22) Chuck Palumbo (23) "surprise Entrant" Matt Capotteli (24) Bradshaw (25) Faarooq (26) Big Show (27) Rhyno (28) Rikishi (29) Scott Steiner (30) Chris Benoit

Winner: Mick Foley (with unexpected help from the returning "Deadman" Undertaker).

This is basically what I would like to see....if you have a difference of opinion please share and I know this might not happen but this is what I think would be a great start for the new year.

End Note* Goldberg Sucks *Note End

by Chris Chambers..


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