Epitome Of Suckage 2nd Edition
January 20, 2004 by Chris Chambers

Well folks its another column for me and I just wanted to write this one to finally shut up all the goldberg sheep.

I was in the chat rooms for the past few weeks and they spewed and spewed on how Goldberg is the best wrestler in wwe and I think I am sick of all of it so I am gonna give 5 reasons why goldberg sucks and is the epitome of suckage. (I apologize for my rants but its getting on my nerves to tell you the truth)

There are many and I repeat many reasons why I think and alot of others think Goldberg sucks. Here are the top 5 reasons IMO that goldberg sucks.

Reason 1....

Since Goldberg started wrestling he never knew how to sell moves and he doesn't have talent in the ring.

Reason 2....

Goldberg brings in the most uneducated wrestling fans or sheep as I call them.

Reason 3....

The same sheep always disagrees with intelligent wrestling fans on who are good wrestlers. Ex: Goldberg sheep saying Goldberg is a better wrestler than the likes of Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, ect....

Reason 4....

In Every match Goldberg is in....the other wrestlers have to carry him.

Reason 5....

Goldberg just plain sucks.

These are 5 reasons why I think he sucks and mostly everyone I know will agree with me. I know this is a short column but I just need to vent my feelings out the best way I know how and maybe just maybe this will wake the goldberg sheep up and then they will realize he sucks.

End Note* Goldberg Sucks *Note End

by Chris Chambers..

Russell Potter wrote:
First of all, I am a Goldberg fan. That does not make me a 'sheep' as you like to put it. I know lots of people who like Goldberg too. They're not sheep. I like Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Ultimo Dragon as wel. I can clearly tell the difference between a good and bad wrestler.

I'll be the first to admit Goldberg isn't a good wrestler. But it get's on my nerves when hundreds of people says 'Goldberg sucks' and then spew out that one reason. First of all, Goldberg is really not all that bad (I guess it's all in one's opinion, but anyhoo). Look at Mark Henry. Look at John Heidenreich. Look at Matt Morgan. These guys sucks twice as bad as Goldberg in the skill department and I never hear that stuff I hear about him. Goldberg doesn't need the kind of skill that other wrestlers do because his gimmick is that of an unstoppable force. He's supposed to demolish guys with power moves, not be a technical wizard like Angle. That also answers the selling complaint. Goldberg is supposed to be an invulnerable superhero (so to speak), and people who like Goldberg don't want to see him screaming on the mat in agony after a high-knee.

That takes care of reason one. Reason two really doesn't have any ground at all. Just because the people you know who like Goldberg are putzs doesn't mean the rest are.

Reason three - again, really go grounds other than a little experience. You should realize that the people who say "Goldberg roxXors ans iz butter than Anlge!!11" are probably like ten years old and probably don't realize what makes a good wrestler.

Reason four is the only thing I kinda agree with you on. Like I said Goldberg isn't a great (or good) wrestler, and often needs some help from the greater wrestlers.

Reason five just looks like you were striving to complete a list of five reasons against Goldberg.

Look, I know I'm in the minority. But it annoys me to hear this anti-Goldberg crap all the time more than it annoys your for 7-year-olds to tell you how great he is.
Brad Dykens wrote:
I remember the old days when wrestling was about one thing -- RESPECT! Well, really it was about two things, respect and MONEY! But in order to make money you had to respect the business, and you had to respect your opponents. If you didn't respect the business or your opponents, then you weren't going anywhere in the "sport". Goldberg does not respect the business, Goldberg does NOT respect his opponents, add to that, Goldberg does not respect the fans! Goldberg respects the almighty dollar, and the fans do not like paying hard earned money to watch a guy who doesn't show respect towards what he does. That is why people bitch & complain; because it gets under their skin that a disrespectful little punk like Goldberg gets all these opportunities when talanted wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Ultimo Dragon & Spanky get screwed over time and time again. Does anybody in WWE management really think Goldberg is going to still be in the company after Wrestlemania XX?? Why would they put so much into a wrestler who won't stay with the company for a full year! Everybody knows I hate Goldberg (as a human being) as much as the next guy, but I am man enough to admit that since he's entered the WWE, the quality of the matches he performs in have improved tremendously. And he has learned a few new movies. But his personal attitude will always hold him back from behing a legendary person in the industry.
Kenneth Taylor wrote:
I must agree with you. Since his debut, he has been a less than stellar performer. Injury other wrestlers with his lack of control. His poor performance in matches, hidden by piped in chants, and announcers over selling his ability. And this doesn't even bring into account his non professional actions both in and out of the ring. His utter disregard for the traditions of great wrestlers that came before him. What should have happened, is when he was injured in WCW. And he demanded more money or he wouldn't come back. Bitchoff, should have told him ok. Keep yourself at home, and you'll be hearing from our lawyers. Goldbergs whole image, his whole persona was fabricated. And while wrestling itself is a fabrication, at least the wrestlers have talent to back it up. In closing, think about this. 20 years ago, in the old NWA. Goldberg would have had the crap kicked out of him in the ring, and never been able to find work with any promotion again, had he acted as he does now.
Rj Ciocco wrote:
My 2 cents: First of all let me say this...GOLDBERG FREAKING SUCKS! Okay now that is out of my way, i can write on. Personally i don't see why he has been handed the success he has had. I mean come one what made him better to have that huge undefeated streak? Why had they not given it to another WCW star like Hogan, Flair, DDP, Awesome, Raven, or REY REY? they were all much better then Goldy will ever be. Oh and I heavily agree with Ken's letter. But i also want to point out something that Russell said in his about Goldberg not being a technical wizard. Yeah ture he ain't but come on the last guy who had the punch, punch, slam, finisher repretiore was Mabel and look where he is. Oh yeah as far as being an indestructable character, LOL come on, he needed it i guess, seeing in the NFL he couldn't do shit, so he needed all the help he could get.

In closing i would like to mention that I dispise Goldberg fans as much as i do HHH fans.
Matt H wrote:
I wanted to add my few cents to your case against Goldberg because I am also growing fed up with Bill's position in the WWE and I'm also angry that I'm seeing Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar instead of Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar. Here's my view:

One writer told you that there are a lot of worse wrestlers than Mark Henry, John Heidenreich and Matt Morgan. To this I say: There are a lot of football teams worse than Cincinatti Bengals, but you don't see them winning the Superbowl. What the World Championship means is that whoever holds this belt is the best in the business at the time. This is atleast what it SHOULD mean. Can anyone honestly say they've enjoyed a single Triple H/Goldberg match? How long was their championship match anyway, about 6 minutes? There is NO reason a bad wrestler should hold the championship, and like this writer said: Goldberg is a bad wrestler.

Another reason why Goldberg sucks is because the lack of work he puts into his job. Compare this with Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels was forced to retire due to an injury four years ago. He comes back, puts on a good match nearly every week plus he's worked several houseshows. Goldberg comes back because he feels like it, works about a brutal 3 minutes every week with no houseshows. Impressive. In a interview I read, Goldberg claims he came back for the fans. Well, there's fans at house shows too, Bill.

Keep in mind, I would have no problem with Bill Goldberg's bad ring skills, mic skills and lack of work, if he would actually get what he deserves. Instead he gets World Title reigns, winning streaks and mainevents over people like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho.

I feel bad for Bill Goldberg, because I wouldn't like to have fans write massive articles about why they hate me, but considering Goldberg's huge ego and habit of selfishness, he likely doesn't even know it.

Thanks for hearing me out, and thanks for the amazing site. No other wrestling site can come close to comparing.
Phil wrote:
I guess breaking your arm by punching a car makes you one bad mother. To respond to Russell's comment(sorry no offense towards you), if you're sick of hearing that Goldberg sucks, you should atleast try to write some valid facts that prove that Goldberg isn't that bad. I know this is not your fault because Goldberg hasn't done anything good since he started so this will be a difficult task. This doesn't include not screaming in agony after after a high knee (whatever that has to do with Goldberg not sucking). Goldberg's winning streak was a crock because the majority of his opponents sucked. Yes Goldberg has a legacy, a legacy that applies to any wrestler who is a jobber. Goldberg is a jobbers worst nightmare considering most of his streak came from them. I could perform more wrestling moves in my basement than that bald headed good for nothing waste of airtime. Who's next? Goldberg is... his own victim.
Randy wrote:
To Phil, I realize this is a really really old post but since you can do these moves in ur basement go ahead and gorilla press 280lb Lesnar or 318lb Batista or better yet Jackhammer the Big Show(550lbs) not once but twice. So shut your hole and Bow Down. It is not uneducated fans . I have been watching for 20 years. The likes of Goldberg is that of Hercules Hernandes, Rick Rude, Ultimate Warrior(hated him) Superstar Billy Graham. Not great wrestlers nor mic skills (with the exception of graham) They were powerhouses, juggernauts. Would you wanna meet Scott Norton in a dark alley, i think not, and he had nothing but the fact he was a Big mean Bad mama jamma Bite me.

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