Thoughts Of WM20 & a New WWE Will Begin
March 17, 2004 by Chris Chambers

Well the time as come and gone, as another Wrestlemania is in the books. This past Sunday was Wrestlemania 20, Where it all begins again. This Wrestlemania was hyped up to be the greatest Wrestlemania of all time but I think it wasn't the greatest but it was good. In this column, I am going to talk about my thoughts about WM20 and I am going to talk about what happened on Raw last night when Vince announced next week will be a New WWE. Everyone buckle your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride as I let you see what I thought about WM20 and Vince's announcement.

Wrestlemania 20 started off with the famed Harlem Boys Choir singing. While they were singing I had so many goosebumps and I was excited. Wrestlemania then had a great opening promo with Vince & Shane standing together with Shanes baby. Wrestlemania's first match was John Cena versus Big Show for the US Title. John Cena did a huge WM Rap and I believe everyone loved it. This match was back and forth and a lot of hard hitting. I thought this match was a good opener. John Cena defeated Big Show to become the New US Champion. I cheered when he FU'ed Big Show the first time and I was shocked when he didnt get the 3. Then he nailed Big Show with the custom knucks and then FU'ed Show again and then he got the 3. This match was pretty good.

Second match of the night was the Raw's 4 Way Tag Title Match. In this match it was Booker T. & RVD versus La Resistance versus Dudleyz versus Jindrak & Cade. This match could have been a lil better but I did enjoy it. There were alot of tags and alot of hard hitting moves. I was hoping Jindrak & Cade would win but that is not the case. The Winners of the match were Booker T. & RVD. I do like Booker & RVD but I was thinking they would give the titles to Jindrak & Cade.

Next was the match was very personal, it was Chris Jericho versus Christian. To me this was the underrated match going into mania. This match had some good build up but it was not looked as one of the main matches. This match started off good, Chris Jericho went into the match with one thing to do get revenge on Christian for what he did to Trish. This match took it everywhere in the ring and on the floor and back into the ring. I enjoyed this match alot because both guys are great wrestlers. In a twist of fate (no pundt intended), Trish Stratus inadvertally cost Chris Jericho the match with an elbow and Christian rolled him up and held the tights. Trish turned her back on Jericho and Jericho was in disbelief. I personally liked Trish's heel turn. Shes more hotter as a heel.

Finally The Rock Has Come Back To New York City, The next match was the anticipated 3 on 2 handicapped match, Rock 'N' Sock versus Evolution. This match had pretty good build up throughout the road to wrestlemania. There were some hard hitting moves mainly from batista and some mocking between Rock & Flair. I thought Rock 'N' Sock would win but I was wrong. Evolution got the victory and the match ended up being pretty good.

The 5th match was the anticipated Evening Gown Tag Match. Stacy & Jackie from Raw versus Torrie & Sable from SD. This match was ok because they wrestled in their bras & panties. However, this match was a complete waste IMO. It was the most boring 5 to 10 minutes of my life. Torrie & Sable ending up winning and they shared a kiss on the ramp.

After the shamefull Tag Match, the next match was the Open Cruiserweight match. The anticipation and build up for this match was done correctly. This match featured some of the top Cruiserweights in the WWE. The only downside to this was that Paul London wasn't added. When Ultimo Dragon entered he slipped at the stage, it was pretty funny but I still like Ultimo because he is an outstanding wrestler. Ultimo started the match off with Shannon Moore, they did a good job starting it off. Throught the match there were eliminations after eliminations. The final two were Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero and with the help of Chavo Senior, Chavo won the match. This was a pretty good match and it kept my attention to the tv.

Next match was the esteamed Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar. Before WM started I thought this match had potential in being a pretty decent match but with all the rumors of Brock contemplating on leaving WWE to play for the NFL the NY fans were brutal. The match ended up sucking because all the fans were being very brutal due to the rumors. Goldberg ended up winning and yes Austin did count the 1 2 3. Then Austin stunned Brock Lesnar (like we didnt see that coming). Then Austin called for the beer and he celebrated with Goldberg and then Austin stunned Goldberg ( we didnt see that coming).

The next match was the SD 4 Way Tag Title Match. Rikishi & Scotty defending against APA, WGTT, & Bashams. This match was better than I originally expected. They had some great moves in the match and some good offense from each team. Rikishi & Scotty won the match, I thought WGTT would win but its all good. Then Rikishi & Scotty did their dance and everyone enjoyed it.

Next was Victoria versus Molly. If Molly won she would be new Women's champ but if she lost she would have to have her head shaved. This match was awesome IMO. The whole women's division has impressed me alot in the past month or two. Fit Finlay thanks for helping the Women improve their in ring skills. The match went on for a little while and then Victoria ended up winning. Molly started to run but Victoria got her and proceeded to Shave Mollys head. That was the funniest thing IMO.

Next was the WWE Title Match, Eddie versus Kurt Angle. This match was good IMO but it could have been a little better. The match started off with amateur style wrestling which I enjoyed it alot. They went back and forth throughout the match and many near falls. Kurt applied the ankle lock to Eddie and Eddie sold it by loosining his boot laces. At first I really thought he did it because his ankle was hurting alot but he just did it for him to win. Kurt went for the ankle lock again but Eddies shoe came off and Eddie won with a roll up and he used the ropes. I wasn't made he cheated because we all know he lies, cheats, & steals. Viva La Razza, Eddie is still WWE Champion.

Next was the most anticipated match of WM20 and it was Undertaker versus Kane. This match had great build up and it started in january. When Kane came out the stage was awesome. Then out comes Undertaker, before Undertaker came out Paul Beared made a shocking return. Undertaker's entrance was awesome. When Undertaker came to the ring I was thinking he looked like "Waylon Mercy Dressed As A Texas Ranger Impersonating The Cowboy From The Village People". The match ended up being very good with hard hitting action. Of course, Undertaker won and now is 12 - 0 at Wrestlemania.

The Main Event was finally here as it was the Triple Threat World Title Match. HHH versus HBK versus Chris Benoit. This match IMO was the best match of the night. This match was built up very well and thats why it was very anticipated. The match went back and forth and outside the ring as well. I liked it when HHH & HBK double suplexed Benoit into the announce table. The match ended up when Benoit hooked the Crossface on HHH. When HHH finally tapped to the Crossface, I was estatic. I marked out big time when Fink said "Here is your winner....and New World Heavyweight Champion....Chris Benoit". I seriously though HBK would job to Benoit but it ended up being HHH. All three guys earned alot of respect from me. The match was a bloodbath as well.

At the end of WM20, when Eddie Guerrero came out to congratulate Chris Benoit and as they embraced it was an emotional moment for them and all the true wrestling fans. I will admit I did cry a little because it was very emotional. Finally Vince has done something right in letting Eddie & Benoit be the champions of each show. All I can say is the Radicalz are on top of the WWE Mountain.

The Following night on Raw Vince McMahon made an announcement that next week there will be a Lottery. Vince said that there will be a new WWE and he will start new feuds and storylines. Next week on Raw its going to be a new Draft Lottery for the Rosters. Both Raw & SD talent will be under one roof and I think it will be intresting to see what occurs. Raw talent could go to SD and SD talent could go to Raw. Many speculations have been made on why the lottery will take place. On one hand, its because Brock & Goldberg is gonna be leaving. On another hand, its gonna happen to explain why Edge is going to Raw. The possible reason of the lottery happening could be anything and I can't wait to see what happens next week. Vince also said hes going to do what the fans want, well I applaud his decision but I do say it is a little to late to listen to what we want. I really hope next week will go smoothly and I hope everything will turn out good so WWE will get more intresting and entertaining.

by Chris Chambers..



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