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March 31, 2005 by Chris Chambers

You may wonder what the topic of this column means; well, let me explain to you in column form what it means and then you will get the right idea about it. Now, before I get on with the column, let me explain why I haven't been writing as much as I used to. The past 8 months or so I have had a lot of issues to deal with and with my new job and stuff I just couldn't find the time to write columns. Now this column is like a comeback column of sorts. I won't be writing columns regularly like I used to but whenever something about wrestling is on my mind, I will write one. Now with all the small talk out of the way, here it goes.

Over the past month or so, I have been hearing a certain someone has been spewing delusional opinions that someone believes are cold hard facts. There are not just one or two topics of wrestling that certain delusional one has been spewing, there's a lot. In this portion of the column, I am going to show you what that person has been saying and then I am going to clear it up.

With Age Comes Wisdom....Well, Not This Time:

This certain someone has been saying that just because that someone is older than a lot of people, that person knows more than the younger fans. Since when does that have any relevance of truth? Just because someone is old and has watched wrestling since Ghandi was the commentator when David suplexed or body slammed Goliath. This certain someone keeps on claiming that the younger generation (ages 16 - 26) doesn't know anything about wrestling.

Well I've got news for that certain someone; you just keep on believing that and keep spewing it and see if anyone cares.

Just because some fans are of the 16 - 26 age group doesn't mean they don't know anything about wrestling. Younger fans in my honest opinion, have the hunger of wanting to learn about the past. Some younger fans (myself included, I am 20) like to take the time to research the past of wrestling and incorporate the past into their knowledge of what they know about wrestling in general.

Rock & Austin = Nobodies (In that certain one's opinion):

I find it funny that this certain someone keeps on saying how Stone Cold and The Rock are just nobody peons. Well if Rock & Austin are nobodies, then how come they revolutionized pro-wrestling? You probably don't believe me so let me elaborate and explain it to you....


Rock, along with Austin, are the pioneers of the revolution of wrestling. How is Rock one of them? Well, during the attitude era when WWF/Vince needed help to counteract the ratings of WCW, he was one of two men who took the ball and ran with it. Rock did it by using his charisma, mic skills, and overall ability as an entertainer. Not many wrestlers can pick the ball up like Rock did.


Simply put, he used his charisma and his bad-ass attitude and it caught on with the fans. Austin/Rock feud and Austin/Vince feud basically were the money makers during that time frame of the attitude era.

Now I am not saying by any means that Rock & Austin are in legend form right now, but they sure aren't nobodies. I see Rock & Austin as Pop Icons. I mean that certain someone can't grasp the concept of what Rock & Austin did to help revolutionize wrestling. I know Rock & Austin weren't the only two to do so but they were a big part of it.

There are a lot of other delusional opinions that the certain someone spews out claiming it as fact but I don't feel like going into all of them. In short, I just want to let that certain someone know, quit spewing and preaching out nonsense and claiming it as fact, a lot of people included myself is very annoying.

Misc Topics:

Misconception Of Wrestling....

I have talked with a lot of non wrestling fans at work and at other various places and they all have said the same thing and that is Wrestling Is Fake and Wrestling Is Just Big Sweaty Gay Men Hitting Each Other. Well, those conceptions of wrestling are pretty much, delusional in my opinion.

Here's how I can come up with a way to explain what wrestling truly means to wrestling fans....

To true hardcore wrestling fans it's more than fake and more than gay sweaty men hitting each other. Wrestling is a business that shows pure athleticism and it shows that the wrestlers have the heart to make certain sacrifices to entertain us. Wrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain us and to just say what the non fans think is spitting in the faces of those wrestlers.

Wrestling is more of an art form of people wanting to show their athleticism in a different way other than like football and baseball. Movies are fake but I don't see people harping on that, that's what gets to me. Wrestling in my honest opinion isn't fake it's just staged.

TNA's Big Mistake....

TNA made a big mistake when they decided to hire Dusty Rhodes as head booker of TNA. At first when I claimed that it was a big mistake some TNA marks said, you have no idea what you are talking about, well all I can say to that is hah.

I mean look at Dusty's past track record of booking. I guess when TNA hired him as head booker, they must have not heard that "people who live in the past are doomed to repeat it" or however that saying goes. Now everyone is getting tired of Dusty's booking and the only thing that I can say about that is, I told you so, but I am not that type of person to say "I Told You So".

Now I am hearing a lot of rumors that TNA officials are starting to get tired of Dusty's booking. If those rumors are true, all I can say is too little too late. They shouldn't have hired him in the first place in my honest opinion.

WrestleMania 21 Going Hollywood In 6 Days....

Well this Sunday is the biggest PPV of them all. WrestleMania this year turns the ripe old age of 21 (ironically I will too). All the hype of WrestleMania 21 has been centered around two matches HHH vs. Batista & John Cena vs. JBL. These two matches will be the two main events and I personally can't wait to see them.

However, even though the hype is centered around those two matches, they pale in comparison to the other matches I really can't wait to see, and they are HBK vs. Angle and Eddie vs. Rey. Eddie and Rey have had a lot of classic battles and this Sunday won't be any different in my opinion.

Now the HBK/Angle on the other hand, will be the first encounter between the two. Its the best of the amateur wrestling versus the best of pro wrestling. It all goes back to '96 when Angle was on top of the amateur world and HBK was on top of the pro world of wrestling. During that time I always wondered what would happen if these two ever hooked up in a one on one encounter. Well this Sunday, it will finally happen.

I believe the build-up for 'Mania this year has been done quite well in my honest opinion. There has also been the humorous side of pro wrestling leading into the build up of Mania. In all of the movie trailers, each of the superstars have showed the lighter and humorous side of wrestling and I loved each and every one of them.

Now with all that said, I think I have come to a conclusion of this column.

So until I decide to write another column, TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) Sorry Tigger I ran out of ideas for an ending phrase.

by Chris Chambers..







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