The Perfect Promotion
March 18, 2004 - by Enrique Casteles

I thought it would be fun to jot down my idea of the perfect wrestling promotion, and I think OWW fans would have some fun replying to it -- Either critiquing it, or making their own.

First off, we need a solid staff. Instead of going with your regular Vince McMahon for owner, I'm going to stir things up a bit. For the perfect promotion, we need the perfect owner. And who is better for the job then "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase?

Vince McMahon will be the co-owner of the federation, and we'll throw Paul Heyman into the mix as commissioner. Other powers in the federation for face influence could be Shane McMahon, and Rob Feinstein.

All right, as far as announcers go, I'm going to cheat a little bit, and go back in time. My announcer will be Gordon Solie, and my color commentator will be Bobby Heenan. These two should have great chemistry, and call some excellent matches together. For the record, my ring announcer will be Michael Buffer, and though it's not necessary I'll list a team of referees. Earl Hebner, Bryan Hebner, Mike Chioda, Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson, and since he's not my favorite wrestler, Sylvain Greniar will be a great referee.

Finally, we start with the roster.
No split, complete unification. 5 titles: World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Cruiserweight, Womens, and Tag Team.

Lets start with the main event wrestlers ...

1. Rob Van Dam: He'd be my first World Heavyweight Champion, without a doubt. He's an extraordinary performer, takes one hell of a lot of high spots, and his feuds would be fresh. He's not bad on the microphone, and can make the worse of opponent's look good.
2. AJ Styles: The perfect feud for Rob Van Dam, he'd definitely get his time as World Heavyweight Champion. An extraordinary high-flyer at World Champion calibur, I think a match beteween Rob Van Dam and him would be the greatest of all time.
3. Kurt Angle: What can I say? He's one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, is a very strong and masculine man, great on the mic and can bring the best out of his opponents. It's against the rules to keep him away from main event contention.
4. Brock Lesnar: The greatest combination of power and high-flying ability that I've ever seen. And to top it all of, his excellent amateur career makes him a great technical wrestler, as well. He has room for improvement on the mic, but his in-ring abilities are fantastic.
5. Stone Cold: A true wrestling icon. No one could raise hell like Stone Cold Steve Austin did. Not a bad technical wrestler at all, and awesome on the microphone. He helped revolutionize wrestling, and will forever remain in the main event picture.
6. Chris Benoit: Pound for pound, the greatest technical wrestler of all time. Chris Benoit's the king of technical wrestling, and is also willing to head up to the top ropes. His microphone abilities aren't horrible, and he can put together some spectacular feuds.
7. The Undertaker: The Dead Man was always great for putting on excellent feuds. He's also one of the most quick and agile wrestlers that I've ever seen at his size. A spectacular in-ring performer, he's also great for story-lines. His work ethic makes him a great main event competitor.
8. The Rock: The Great One is gold on the microphone. No other man has had the charisma close to that of The Rock's. He's also an extraordinary wrestler in the ring. If you need someone to cut a promo, create a heated feud, or draw the fans into a match, Rocky Miavia is your man.
9. Triple H: Despite what others may think of him, Triple H isn't a bad wrestler -- at all, and deserves to be in main event contention. He's an excellent heel, and has a great knowledge of the game. He has a fantastic work ethic, and his ring abilities aren't bad, believe it or not.
10. Eddie Guerrero: An excellent veteran with an extraordinary work ethic. His in-ring attributes are spectacular, especially his high-flying ability. He's also great on the microphone, and has a lot of charisma. The fans are always listening when Latino Heat's got something to say.

Now, when we have a main stream World Heavyweight Championship feud going [ which should be most of the time ] the others can compete in the Intercontinental Championship division. But we need some others in contention, too.
1. Chris Jericho
2. Randy Orton
3. John Cena
4. Booker T
5. Edge

It might be fun to bring back guys like Ken Shamrock, and bring in people like Tito Ortiz, as well.

Next stop? Cruiserweight wrestlers...
First, we need the high-flyers to get the crowd in awe. Jack Evans, Tiger Mask IV, Rey Mysterio, Amazing Red, Juventud Guerrera, Paul London and Billy Kidman will do. Then you toss in Low Ki, Tajiri, Akio, Chavo Guerrero, Nunzio, Jamie Noble, Ultimo Dragon, Shane Helms and what have you got? The perfect cruiserweight division.

Now I think it's important to put together a solid womens division, because believe it or not, T & A isn't the only thing some of these women are good for. We need women that can wrestle.

Victoria, Lita, Alexis Laree, Chyna, Cheerleader Melissa, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly and others. Then, our vallets like Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler can have the occasional bikini contest.

And finally, for the tag team division.
I'm a really big fan of World's Greatest Tag Team, they're great technical wrestlers. The APA's always great. Jindrak/Cade need to take on a gimmick, and be pushed, because they're excellent wrestlers. Lets team Lance Storm and Shane Douglas up, and give them a hot vallet like Dawn Marie. Bring back the ECW Dudley Boyz, make them heels and get the tables every other week. Push Paul London and Spanky, while you re-form the team of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms. The Bashams are a great tag team to have, there gimmick is excellent. It would be great to have Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman back. And lets try something new, and team up Hardcore Holly with, oh, I don't know ... Jamie Noble.

We can also throw in some solid stables, like:
The FBI: Nunzio, Tony Mamaluke and Johnny The Bull.
Raven's Flock: Raven (w/Victoria), Sean O'Haire, The Basham Brothers and CM Punk.
Three Count: Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, and lets spice things up and throw in either Trent Acid or Jeff Hardy.

That's all for today, thanks everyone. I'm interested in seeing a lot of replies. Thanks.

by Enrique Casteles

Brian Bertrand wrote:
Just what we need, a pedophile as face influence. If you haven't checked out I'm referring to Rob Feinstein.

A good play-by-play guy would either be Tony Schiavone or Mike Tenay. WCW was great for commentators but only with those two guys. Tony with the play-by-play and Mike with the history and background.

RVD is a great pick but I'd put him as TV Champion of IC Champion. Dont' get me wrong he's a hell of a performer as you said but I don't see him as a world champion.

Styles is great. From what I saw of him he can take spots just as good as any high flyer or technical wrestler in the business.

Stone Cold was a great brawler but you have to take injuries into effect with this one. Don't forget that after Wrestlemania XIX his back was killing him and he decided to call it quits. But then now he's able to take an F-5 so choosing Austin to be in the active roster would make a good draw.

I do agree with The Rock to a point. Mainly the only problem is that he'll only show up for one or two shows then go and do movie promotions and then another movie.

A stable that can also work is the nWo (yes, i had to throw them in) circa 1997. They were the best then and that's when they expanded to Japan.

Other than those problems I don't see how a promotion like that can't work. Great accumulation.

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