Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind
April 4, 2004 - by Enrique Casteles

After an amazing fourteen years of wrestling, Rob Szatowski has proved that he is indeed exactly what his music implies: One of a kind.

He debuted in World Championship Wrestling, quite a while before its death in 1992 as "Robbie V." It didn't work out, to say the least, but he was recommended to wrestle in Japan because of his martial arts abilities. That he did, but once again, he was turned down. Promotion after promotion told him that his wrestling style was far to unique to fit their expectations. Shows how much they know ... Because as his career progressed, Rob Van Dam proved to the entire wrestling industry that "unique" wasn't a bad thing at all.

It started in Extreme Championship Wrestling, former property of wrestling genius Paul Heyman. The ECW was where Rob Van Dam earned his permanent wrestling alias, and accomplished the best of his credentials: A 23 month reign as Television Champion.

After the "ECW/WCW" Invasion angle, when World Wrestling Entertainment took the wrestling industry over, Rob Van Dam glorified his career even more-so -- Winning the Intercontinental Championship five times, more than anyone other then Chris Jericho, who's held it six. But over the years, haven't we all learned that it's an understatement to say that he deserves more than the Intercontinental Championship?

Fourteen years of mind-boggling moves like the Five Star Frog Splash, the Van Daminator -- And what most consider to be the greatest move of all time: An attack where Van Dam sets his opponent up on the bottom rope, and runs to the top turnbuckle at the opposite side with a steel chair. Leaping from one side of the ring to the other, he drop kicks the chair into his adversary. It's known as the "Van Terminator."

Rob Van Dam unquestionably deserves his time as the WWE's World Heavyweight Champion. But regardless of what happens in World Wrestling Entertainment, I, like so many others will always know what Rob Van Dam truly is: One of a kind.

by Enrique Casteles

Joe Joe wrote:
Firstly I'd like to address the matter of IC title reigns. Jeff Jarrett is also a 6 time holder of the belt. Secondly while RVD is a good wrestling talent, he doesn't have what it takes to be a World Champ especially in WWE. Here are the reasons why
  • bad mouths the company he works for
  • doesn't put out full effort
  • botches putting himself and others at risk of injury
  • doesn't have much mic skills
  • depends on spots and is repetitive
  • condones drug usage
    Zayne-the hypnotic one wrote:
    the move that he does, where he jumps completly across the ring is called the van-terminator and he broke rhyno's nose with it once in ecw --- just my 2 cents

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