WWE: Back on Track
March 27, 2004 - by Enjuku

I'm proud of Vince McMahon, as it seems that World Wrestling Entertainment is back on the right track. It took a major smack in the face -- in losing Lesnar, Goldberg, the Undertaker nearing retirement, and Kurt Angle's injuries catching up to him -- but he's finally started pushing deserving talent, nonetheless.

WWE: SmackDown appears to be the superior brand, with talent like Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, John Cena, The Undertaker and the cruiserweight division. But WWE: RAW isn't looking too bad, as it attempts to keep the "Attitude" era in the splotlight with guys like The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H and Mick Foley. Don't get me wrong, though, RAW has some major talent in Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge and the womens division that's only getting better.

On SmackDown, Mark Jindrak is among many who look to have a bright future in the business. Though, there are two things I'm disappointed in:

- World's Greatest Tag Team was broken up: Shelton and Haas can be great singles competitors, and I'm interested to see what they'll do in one on one matchups. However, they were the best tag team that the WWE had, and seperating them eliminates the flare that WGTT brings to their matches.

- Shane Helms wasn't taken to SmackDown. He's not going anywhere on RAW, he obviously won't be in World Heavyweight contention any time soon, so I've been hoping he could drop his super-hero gimmick. The old "Sugar" Shane Helms would be the perfect cruiserweight champion.

Now, we've got to remember. When Vince, Jr, first inherited the World Wrestling Federation[Entertainment] from his father, he succeeded because he wasn't afraid to open up his wallet. Superstars left the AWA in times of war because Vince took action, and was offering a hell of a lot more money. I think he's lost sight of this generousity. He doesn't emphasize on acquiring talent like AJ Styles. Trust me, they've tried to negotiate -- But Vince is just unwilling to give up loads of money for the Phenom. Very disappointing, but this isn't the first time the WWF/E has been in a slump. They were in a slump in the 1980's for a short time period, as the AWA came away with talent like Hulk Hogan. And they were in a slump when Nitro got higher ratings for 83 straight weeks. But as the WWE is heading back on track, it only leads me to believe that somehow, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will once again find a way to retrieve the old WWF[E] that we all know and love.

by Enjuku



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