Triple H, Superglue and the World Heavyweight Title.
August 1, 2003 - by Brendan Falconer

I have a request for every internet-using wrestling fan out there. Whenever your mind moves to think about the RAW World Heavyweight title situation... Stop giving the Tripster a beating. I know many people seem to feel its a civic duty to bash HHH, or that it must be done every night before going to bed or something, but stop it, all of you, I'll tell you why...

I admit he's not as formidable than a few years back, certainly more injury-prone and seems in many regards to be anything but a fighting champion.

But... But... Consider what he's had to work with, consider WHO he's had to work with in the ring;

Ignoring RVD's non-existant shot which was really only used to turn Flair heel...

Buh Buh Ray Dudley. With his solo face push as 'champion of the common man', BBRD was given a taste of the big-time, many of you may not have noticed it died as soon as someone noticed that Bubsy was carrying as much heat a bag of frozen peas. I'm still waiting for HHH to be put through the 'promised table', the one with H H H sprayed on it.

Kane! Stop laughing in back. When Freaks apparently Ruled! It was dumb but caught on, just. And then, ah I both laugh and cringe to recall it... The Katy Vick/Necrophilia/Rape plotline. My God!!! Well, that killed Kane's credibility, Trip's too and ended that feud as soon as someone had the balls to tell WWE that the storyline was gibberish.

Shawn Michaels (Now here I tread thin ice for my first column), that's right Trip's best mate, the showstoppa'... Yeah, right. The God-bothering Kid, Born Again Michaels can still put on a heck of a match. But he's not HBK anymore, not even close. But to be nice they let him carry Triple H's bet for a month.

Scott Steiner. Well, this gave us the two worst matches in recent history, one's that the WWE's American fans had to PAY for, PAY to feel such mental torture! Ah, chalk up another for the creative team. Let's make a mental note here... DO NOT PUSH A GUY WHO'S JUST RETURNING AT THE TITLE.

Booker-T. At last! A worthy contender, a great wrestler, with one of the best work rates in the business today?? At Wrestle maniano less. It was a cert. Oh, wait, no. Didn't happen. WWE want a big heel as champ, thus killing the ONLY deserving challenger's push against The Game.

Kevin Nash. Hmm, didn't I just say something about not pushing guys returning? Guess not. Well, he's big and he's slow and his face push is misbegotten but they tried. The WWE brought back Foley to add credibility, they put it in a cell, the three men tore chunks outta each other in a very intense match. But we knew Nash stood no chance at all.

At this point, I was hoping that WWE had finally seen the light, and maybe wouldn't push aging, injured and washed-up WCW wrestlers with only a modicum of skill at Triple H...

Ah, Bill Friggin' Goldberg. That sound is my head and a wall making swift repeated contact.

Understand folks. Triple H is protecting us all by super gluing that strap to his waist. What he's had to work with. Grinning and bearing the dumbest plot ever, carrying a steroid-pumping geriatric and more... I guess he is a worthy champion. And a fighting champion. Fighting to quell the urge to kill the writing team.

by Brendan Falconer



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