Square Peg, Round Hole
August 20, 2003 - by Brendan Falconer

F or my second column I go on the attack, since my first was standing up for HHH I feel the need to bash someone!

Watched Vengeance (5th time, I get my money's worth!) and the last couple of weeks programming too, and I call attention to something... The WWE is old and it's plotting shows it.

This may not be a tremendous wake-up call to you. I imagine that "man, this sucks!" are frequent words spoken during viewing, but give me a chance here.

Highlight of Vengeance? The WWE Tag-Team Title! No question, no competition. The performance was great (B.Kidman had just returned from injury? Bloody hell! Sure didn't look like it.) And the crowd were completely into it, absolutely sucked in, even marking out at Rey's near-winning pinfall. After this match, I couldn't focus on anything that followed, nothing else stood out after such a performance.

Looking at the roster, I see a lot of new, fresh, fast-moving cruiserweights and a company woefully unwilling to actually push the title, a title that deserves to be the equal of the WWE World title! How's that for a stand folks? I think that Vince's 'Big Guy' policy sucks and that people want to see more skilled, technically sound and athletic guys at the top. Let's face it, it's not as if the Big guys act any better or have better characters is it?

The Kane-Show... Er, RAW, oh yeah, that's what it used to be called. Okay, the Kane story-line is alright, probably the best plot in the last two years or so and one the company seems to be doing well, but god... Get Stone Cold out of the friggin' ring! I'm sick of his omnipresent meddling and endless jabbering, it's worse than Eric's. Beyond that, why is the best thing on this show the two weekly comedy sketches? Goldust and Lance Storm, Rosey and Hurricane. Stupid little segments that I find make an otherwise monotonous two hours bearable. My point being that these shouldnt be the BEST that RAW has to offer, they are funny little peices and that's it.

There's a locker-room full of talent, even a load of good character's there, yet I have to sit through yet more Dudleys=American heroes and La Resistance= Evil Foreign Menace? Again, that's the OLD WWF shining through! C'mon, the Dudley's are meant to be inbred trailer-trash and Sylvan and Rene are Canadian!

Alternately I have the joys of Steiner/Test! Ah, heroic Scott Steiner saving Stacy from her evil boyfriend... Except his character is a mysoginistic cave-man who acts like her pimp??? And he's the Face here? You sure?

So again, WWE is shoving what it thinks we want down our throats, blissfully unaware that we want them to let the talent shine through the dull and rust. I'll leave Smackdown until next time, wasted enough of your time today.

Peace Peeps.

Death-threats and complaints to the usual address.

by Brendan Falconer



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