Summerslam or Bust!
August 28, 2003 - by Brendan Falconer

A nd so we roll around to the WWE's first joint PPV in a while. (Is this split roster thing feeling weird to anyone else yet?) I get the feeling that there were some crossed fingers as this show went on air, a lot riding on it.

Right then, to be kind or cruel...
Always go with your insicts, I'll get the nastiness out the way.

Kane vs. RVD was crap. The insane heat clearly had Kane on the ropes by the time he got in the ring, he's not exactly a spectacular wrestler and just kind of lumbered around for 15 minutes really. He and RVD did try real hard to pull out a good one but it just fell a bit flat for me, besides the fact it had to follow the match of the night...

Brock (Stop calling him a 'Manster', that is stupid) Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle. Why wasn't this before the Elimination chamber and after RVD/Kane? Weird. Cool or what? I went into this expecting the worst since I was getting truly sick of Brock/Kurt & Big Show being in every headline event. What I got was the most emotionally charged match in a good long while, I marked out for Kurt to win it, it was so cool seeing him make Brock tap! Talk about a push for the Champ'!

The rest of the show faired well too, 'Taker vs. A-Train was strangely good, a little slow, but not too long and Big Mark certainly seemed more intense than his last few matches. Add to that I'll enjoy anytime that Sable gets booted senseless! Wish she'd sod off! Eric vs. Shane was a chuckle, but by god has Austin eaten all the pies! The man's gonna have to shape up a little to credibly keep up has bad-ass attitude. Coach was a laugh, you sorta forget how big a bloke he is until you see him in the ring. Dudleyz vs. La Resistance was okay, I liked it better after watching it the third time over, it's grown on me. But Buh Buh does win line of the night with "Y'know what I think of people who don't like America? They Suck!" I'm sure to most WWE fans this was fine if a bit childish but it had me in stitches, it's not exactly Shakespear is it?

Elimination chamber time, I've held off discussing it until now... It was okay, but I dislike how the talented three were fed to ol' Whisker biscuit. Then again, I thought Flair's 'old school' blading of Bill was great, maybe a humbling moment for 'da man'? Evolution really seemed to pull him apart out there at the end.

Okay, all cynicism aside, since I seem to have trashed it more than I meant to, especially since I really did enjoy watching it, agreeing with everyone else that it was the best show in a while, surpassing Vengeance.

And as for the dropped Matt Hardy vs. Zach 'The Novelty Act' Gowen match, does it touch too much of a nerve that Zach is only there for his novelty value? Same as Rey is, and Big show, and Stacey... This is wrestling here. Novelty sells! Full credit to Zach and all but he does have only three moves! You can't carry a match on that (unless you're Goldberg, apparently) so lay off Matt for staying in character and mocking Zach as he was told to, sheesh.

Death threats and Lobsters to the usual address.

by Brendan Falconer



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