Thinking bout The Future
September 16, 2003 - by Brendan Falconer

As I look ahead to the mire of crud that RAW is going to become once Goldberg (spit) becomes champion, crying myself to sleep at night, I have gotten a responses saying I'm too critical of the WWE as a whole and have decided to post this to prove that I can say nice things and that there is hope after Goldberg (spit.)

The future of our obsession, the industry and my wasted TV hours. I only comment on the WWE, since I've got no way to see TNA or Indy promotions.

Regardless, the new blood, the up-and-comers plus those that have developed into stars. Talented wrestlers that can elevate TV programming once Ol' Vince realises where the companies future lies.

Matt Hardy Version 1.0- A personal hero, always the prefered Hardy and now a guy who needs only a solid push to succeed. He never seems to win a match on Smackdown! and that's a shame, plus Shannon does seem like baggage to me, but I love the V1.0 guy, his gimmick is strong and he's just waiting for his chance. I think it's surprised most people that he became the stronger of the eXtreme in the single division, but not me.

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas- What a pair. Proving more and more that a technical background will help you these days, the two tag team champions are head and shoulders above pretty much the rest of the roster with their in-ring skills. Their mic work hasn't really had a chance to show yet (though Shelton does a cool Eddie Guerrero impression) but I see great things in tag and single competition for a long time to come. NOt bad for a team that was yanked up from OVW and thrown together last minute.

Sean O'Haire- Why isn't his guy at least in the U.S title race? As a future WWE Champion I feel that this guy is wasted week after week. His work is solid, skills good, look and gimmick sharp... What is the freakin' problem here? Smackdown!-time, now!

Brock Lesnar- Every week I say I'm fed up of his over-saturation on TV, and every week I shut the hell up and watch without complaint as he impresses me over and over again. His mic-skills are picking up too, I want him to drop out of the WWE title chase for a while, but I dont doubt a long and glorious future for him.

John Cena- Is the man. Word, Life!

Edge- God I miss him. He added a spark of charisma that Smackdown! needed and I can't wait to see him back in action. As long as his surgery hasnt impaid his work in-ring I see a title run soon following his come-back.

Christian- The 'lesser' member of E&C, maybe'll never see the top spot, but I still think his a future talent, most drastic thing he needs is a new finishing move. The Unprettier sucks, suited his face tag-team image more and needs replacing.

Booker-T- I know he's not new and likely sooner than we'd like, but the way I see it, RAW needs to give him the World-Heavyweight title. No argument! Title! His waist! Pronto!

Randy Orton- Love or Hate this man! Like Cena he suffered a horrid face-push early on and he's a little too over-used, but he can wrestle and I think might well impress as time goes on. Unforgiven'll be the proof of it I guess...

And so the list would go on, but I doubt anyone cares all that much to read my opinions on the like's of Maven, Christopher Nowinski, Spanky, Val Venis, Jamie Noble or so on. Instead, I'll leave you with this puzzle...

Which is the most accurate description of the term 'A complete waste of Money'?

a, Kevin Nash.
b, Goldberg (spit.)
c, Scott Steiner.
d, Goldberg (spit.)
e, Shawn Michaels.
f, Goldberg (spit.)
g, Hulk Hogan.
h, Goldberg (spit.)
i, Nathan Jones.
j, All of the above.

This week's cynicism and venomous outburst by Brendan Falconer, not Vincent K. McMahon's best friend!

Richard wrote:
Brendan, you could be onto something here. These are some very good matchups that you propose. But I must say that the TNA roster looks somewhat weak compared to the WWE talent. There are a couple of matchups that I like in TNA's favor though. Here are my picks in these Fantasy Wrestling Matches:

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels vs. The Phenomenal A.J Styles: I like HBK here. If Michaels keeps Styles grounded, then Styles is finished.

The Alpha Male, Monty Brown vs. The Animal, Dave Batista: Although Monty Brown would make a serious match of it, I like Batista by a whisker. And only because I don't know how Monty Brown would stack up against someone stronger than he is.

The Game, Triple H vs. The King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett: Do we really have to say who would win this match-up? Jeff Jarrett does not have a change against the Game. Triple H is stronger, meaner, and has a fetish for making his opponents bleed and suffer. "Hell in a Cell anyone"?

The Crippler, Chris Benoit vs. The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe: I think Samoa Joe could take Benoit. I have not seen the truly rabid wolverine since he dropped the World Heavyweight Title to Randy Orton.

The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy: I like Jeff Hardy in this match-up. Matt Hardy seems to only be motivated in matches against Edge. Wonder why that is.......

Edge vs. Captain Charisma, Christian Cage: Edge is banged up, but when healthy, he is just as good as the rest. I like a healthy Edge because he is bigger, stronger and has a more devasting finisher than Christian.

The Monster, Abyss vs. Kane: Kane, without a doubt. When unleashed, he is a breathing engine of destruction who is even feared by Batista and the Undertaker.

Your American Hero, Kurt Angle vs. The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels: Kurt Angle is simply the best wrestler alive today, period. Kurt Angle would not break a sweat with Daniels. He would Angle Slam Daniels and then make him tap out to the Ankle Lock in two minutes.

The WWE Broadcast teams vs. The TNA Broadcast teams: I like the King, but he swoons over the Divas too much and the Coach is too much of a butt-kisser. So the TNA Broadcast team is the winner here, in a big way.

Jerry Jarrett (along with the Carter's) vs. Vincent Kennedy McMahon: Vinny Mac may be better known and have the mega-bucks, but in terms of being a pure promoter, I like Jerry Jarrett here. He does far better with what he has and as you pointed out, he pushes those who are deserving and he does not have the ridiculous fetish that Vinny Mac has for steriod victims. Does Bobby Lashley ring a bell?

Well, Brendan, those are my picks and my thoughts. Tell me what you think.





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