Calling it Down the Middle #1 - TNA vs. WWE
November 25, 2005 - by Brendan Falconer

Well damn, it has been way too long since I had anything much to say worth putting onto page. The wrestling world has turned and a lot has happened. But the biggest single positive event maybe have been the 'arrival' of NWA:TNA (okay, it's actually their second TV run, but who's counting?). So here I'm going to examine something fun about the only other wrestling fed' with worthwhile TV, and the monolith that is WWE. Mostly because I think the stars of TNA are really coming into their own, and because a few people I've ran into go 'What's TNA? Who's in it? Why should I care?' Well, as a long-term WWE viewer (wouldn't say fan anymore...) and a TNA viewer every damned chance I can get, I feel going head-to-head, superstar-for-superstar, has almost got that dream match-up feel to it now. Here's the top 10:

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels vs. The Phenomenal A.J Styles:

Shawn Michaels has reinvented himself in recent years. And if you're gonna reinvent yourself, it may as well be as the best performer in your federation, bar none! He has set the bar for other superstars, and few, maybe none in WWE have reached it. A.J Styles is the most outright popular and supported star in TNA, although he lacks Shawn's experience and mic skills. A.J is the new generation of risk-taking, yet technically sound performer personified. Anyone watching would agree his best matches are awesome, and even his worst are pretty damned good. If Shawn were to ever pass the torch on, it would be to the Phenomenal One. And if Shawn doesn't pass the torch, A.J's got the potential to just take the spotlight away from HBK.

The Alpha Male, Monty Brown vs. The Animal, Dave Batista:

Two very different animals, but comparable in two simple ways. Power and popularity. The fans love an ass kicker, and both fit the bill. Batista has rocketed to stardom in WWE, while Monty Brown dominates in TNA. Brown is not even close to technically sound, but he is fast, strong, brutally efficient in the ring, and has charisma to spare. He brings the kind of energy to his promos not seen (dare I say) since the Rock was in his prime, and when he promises victory, he delivers.

The Game, Triple H vs. The King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett:

Both veterans, both slick, manipulative heels, both perennial champions, and both related to the boss! J.J is no-one's favourite superstar, but he's also top of nearly every PPV card and has become (for better or worse) an iconic name since TNA started in 2002. He and ol' Trips have a lot in common, and a match between them would be interesting to be sure. Old school, traditional, bloody, and both men waiting for the right moment to break out their signature weaponry (sledgehammer and guitar, respectively).

The Crippler, Chris Benoit vs. The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe:

Benoit is a proven WWE commodity, one they should be careful to hold onto. His no-nonsense style of technically perfect wrestling is always invigorating to watch. Samoa Joe is something very different... He's over 250lbs. of pure killing machine! Benoit would need all of his experience and determination to stop Joe, because Joe is bigger, stronger, and just as technically versed. Undefeated (as of this writing) in TNA, and equally silent. Those who have seen his work in other Indy' federations know that he's yet to show half of what he can do in TNA...

The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy:

Jeff vs. Matt? Why the heck not! Jeff has found that a lot of his hardcore fans followed him to TNA, and his quirky, weird and risk-taking persona has proved successful in Florida so far. Matt has grown in the eyes of fans, and maybe WWE management, and has a lot more technical know-how to go with the high spots. This would be something worth seeing!

Edge vs. Captain Charisma, Christian Cage:

Christian's arrival in TNA might not be so well-known to everyone, and putting him up here may seem weird since it's only been a few weeks since he debuted there, but I'm doing it anyway. Why? Because Captain Charisma has already found a new freedom, and a new passion in TNA. His mic work alone is gonna keep him on the top, and in comparison to Edge, who doesn't seem to be going anyplace, but got all the breaks and push in WWE, this could well be a good (unspoken) rivalry to watch.

The Monster, Abyss vs. Kane:

It has to happen really. Abyss and Kane are nigh destined to clash at some point. While it's taken a while for Abyss to earn my respect, with Father James Mitchell guiding him, he's become a truly compelling character, and certainly a marketable image for TNA. They've played smart and kept him heel, while Kane has been bounced around through stupid plots and needless turns for years now. But the big red machine is still a big name, and it comes down to talent. These two could make each other anew if they stepped into the ring together.

Your American Hero, Kurt Angle vs. The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels:

Pure. Goddamn. Wrestling. That fact the WWE passed up Daniels for the likes of Heidenreich is beyond insane... The man is dubbed the best Indy wrestler going today, and I cannot for a second disagree. He brings a creative dedication to his Fallen Angel character not seen since Raven's prime, and an in-ring ability second to... well, maybe no-one except Kurt Angle. If there is a God, then one day in the next few years WWE and TNA will face-off somehow, and THIS is a match I'd sell organs to see!

The WWE Broadcast teams vs. The TNA Broadcast teams:

Huh? The broadcast teams? Sure. WWE has a huge array of broadcasters, but I wonder how many they need. Don West and Mike Tenay are the sole voice of TNA... And you know what? It works better! Don West is grating at times, but his passionate colour commentary works, especially alongside 'The Professor' Mike Tenay. In my opinion, Tenay is head and shoulders above J.R, Cole, and maybe even Styles in his ability to deliver concise, knowledgeable and useful details about the match, wrestlers and show.

Jerry Jarrett (along with the Carter's) vs. Vincent Kennedy McMahon:

I think if they let their egos into the same room, the universe might collapse. They are both the biggest liability to their federations, while at the same time; WWE and TNA wouldn't exist without them. J.J certainly has the edge when it comes to making new stars, and pushing more deserving stars. But for all his money and power, Vince still falls back on toilet humour and his decades-long 'big man' fetish... Something that simply has to go in this day and age.

So there you have it, the tiniest insight into how some of the TNA and WWE names compare. If you haven't watched TNA before, now you know who you're looking out for!

by Brendan Falconer..

Scott Binns wrote:
Good column, and I agree it would be something we all would want to see since the days of wanting "dream matches" between the WWF and the WCW/NWA. However, there are a few points I would like to mention about your "supercard" of sorts. I will go over them match by match.

Shawn Michaels v. A.J. Styles: First off, I believe Michaels passed the torch a while back to Steve Austin, who then went on to become the most popular WWF champion of all time, save Hulk Hogan. Secondly, I do not believe Michaels to be the best performer in the WWE today. That would have to go to Triple H or Kurt Angle. Michaels is undoubtedly one of the best performers of all time; just not anymore. I do not say this simply because I don't like the guy (which I don't-stemming from the Montr´┐Żal screw job) but aside from the feud with Triple H in 2002, I am of the opinion "The Game" and Angle put on more consistent four to five star matches than Michaels does anymore. We can debate untill the cows come home about how Michaels won the first Elimination Chamber, how he almost defied the odds at Survivor Series 2003; and after all his back problems, he is still around. But, he is not "the" man anymore. As for the match itself, I believe this is where the "torch" would be passed (if Michaels had not already) since Michaels role now seems to be to help push younger, future stars. Again, save for Hulk Hogan. Styles in an instant classic.

Monty Brown v. Batista: Simply put, anyone who doesn't or hasn't watched TNA, or seen Brown on the indy circut, does not know who he is. Therefore hardly anyone could cheer him on to victory (ultimately deciding who would go over) versus an established world-wide superstar and champion. Batista in a five to 10 minute brawl.

Triple H v. Jeff Jarrett: Hopefully, when these two were to hook up, they would both be wearing company gold. WWE champion versus NWA champion. We haven't seen this since (and I doubt if our younger readers remember or even know about) Ric Flair versus Bob Backlund. If we are to believe storyline character history (including Jarrett's runs with the WWF and WCW) about who is the "badder" and tougher wrestler, you would have to give this one to Triple H. Sledgehammer versus guitar? I would have to go with Mr. Sledgo.

Samoa Joe v. Chris Benoit: Although I have only seen Joe in action via Ring of Honor, I do agree we have yet to see the real Samoa Joe in TNA. However, I've been watching Benoit since his Stampede days and you would be hard-pressed to intimidate the "Rabid Wolverine". I believe another bigger, faster and stronger man by the name of Brock Lesnar tried to do just that to Benoit and failed. Through experience alone, I'll take Benoit in another instant classic.

Matt Hardy v. Jeff Hardy: Been there, done that. Matt by a hair, since he is the better "wrestler".

Edge v. Christian: Ditto. But I'll take Christian.

Abyss v. Kane: Tough call. Abyss (the present, as of this writing, Border City Wrestling champion) is stil green, yet learning fast as you mentioned, from James Mitchell. I know I have endorsed experience as a deciding factor in a couple of these matches, but something tells me Abyss would be at his best for this one. Abyss by a chokeslam.

Kurt Angle v. Christopher Daniels: What a match this would be. It would be worth the ticket price alone. Angle would impress us as usual with his superior mat skills, but Daniels would wow the crowd with moves most people (especially the die-hard loyal WWE fans) have never seen. This one is too close to call. I don't think we would see a winner in this match anyways. This one goes the limit. Whatever that would be.

WWE Broadcast team v. TNA Broadcast team: Just by shere numbers alone, you would have to give this one to the WWE. I mean two (Tenay & West) versus, well, let's see...Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler (former world champion), Coach, Tazz (another former world champion and no doubt the most dangerous man in this match), and Michael Cole. Plus, let's not forget about the WWE's Spanish and French announce teams. So add Tito Santana (is he still doing commentary?) and his partner (can't remember his name) plus Raymond Rougeau and his partner (again, his name eludes me)...nine. Two versus nine. Of course it would only be two on two at one time, but after about five minutes, say goodbye to Mr. Satin Shirt and the Professor.

Vince McMAhon v. Jerry Jarrett: Well since I can't see Vince laying down for anybody or anything that does not benefit his company (especially since the connotations would be "TNA is better than WWE") I think this one would end in a double disqualification. That is if the card went on at all, knowing that Jerry won't lie down for Vince either.
mark_brennen wrote:
If your point was to write one of the most one-sided, biased, TNA leg humping articles on the site, congratulations, you have succeeded. From having the audacity to compare Monty 'I weave back and forth and yell POUNCE really goofy, calling it charisma' Brown to The Rock, in his PRIME nonetheless, to trying to pass off Tenay and West as a good broadcast team. That's just trying too hard. Styles and Coach have great chemistry together, if Lawler keeps quiet the majority of the time, RAW has one hell of an announce team. Smackdown is okay, can't say I particularly like Cole, but Tazz is enough to keep me watching. Then in TNA we have Tenay screaching about how intense the action is, and how AJ Styles is god. Then he shouts why the next PPV will be so great, explaining TNA's goofy gimmick matches (Monster's Ball, what was once known as a hardcore match, though judging from the latest impact, refs don't do anything about weapons anyway) Don West is alongside him (Didn't he work for some shopping channel?) That loudmouth and his raspy scratchy voice causes blood to flow from my ears. 'THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!' 'DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?' 'YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDDING MEEEEEE' Calm down dude, it's not Vietnam, it's a wrestling match. Then again, you wouldn't know that unless Tenay told you 10 times every minute how great the wrestling is. Otherwise you'd just be seeing 2 or 4 or 30 guys doing backflips and throwing each other on their heads, then getting up and doing more flips and headdrops. TNA is far from perfect, and even pretty far from just being good at this point.
John wrote:
branden obviously stacked the deck against WWE you say this vs that and we can all see you dont like where WWE is right now.I Agree with you that Heindreich is a complete waste,but you are wrong in saying Jeff Jarrett are alot alike...Jarret has no talent..Triple H will EAT HIM UP in promos,talent,fame,strength,and in ring ability.Abyss is a COMPLETE KANE KNOCK OFF wake up!, he is a mix of Mankind in the early days and Kane.CHEAP.Edge is Going no-where i agree the lita angle is gettin more boring by the second.I Would love to see AJ Styles In WWE,but knowing Vince he would Misuse him just like he misused Muhammad Hassan and Christian...Good Column but the comparisons need more depth i think..Aj style vs Randy Orton could be a better comparison,and Mike Tenay better than J.R.?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!, JR delivered matches like NOBODIES BUSINESS!.TNA isnt boring Wrestling but its boring to Watch the commentary needs a lot of help i think...TNA is going where WCW went Down the drain..and Jeff Jarrett champion?(BORING).
Matt Kopp wrote:
I've always wondered what would happen if we pitted TNA's superstars against WWE Superstars. For the Styles vs. HBK match, well, for starters, I'd rather seen Styles vs. Randy Orton, or Styles vs. Ken Kennedy (why not?). In both of those matches I'd pick Styles, simply because he's AJ Styles. Personally, I like Christopher Daniels much more, but you can't deny AJ's skills in the ring. Personally, I don't like Monty Brown. For one thing, his finisher is simply pathetic. Granted, he was an NFL linebacker, but The Pounce looks like a running shove. A kiddy shove, like something me and my friends would do to mess around. I'd definitely pick Batista for that one. One thing that has surprised me so much is all of the supporting response for HHH. True, he is much better on the mic, but it rarely leaves his hand. I always find myself listening to him blather on for 20 minutes on RAW, and then am still wondering what the point is. And John, HHH and Jarret ARE alike. Both are related to the boss of the company, both rarely allow the World Title to leave their hands. Both no-sell offense, both hold back talent, and as you can see by my response, the both get a lot of heat by the internet fans for their backstage politics. I'd actually pick Jarret, because after HHH levels him with the sledgehammer, AMW will probably run down and break a beer bottle over his face, then hit a Death Sentence on him and drag Jarret on top of him for the win. Benoit is my favorite wrestler, and Samoa Joe is one of my favorite Indy wrestlers, so this would probably be one of my favorites. I think Benoit would win via submission, but Joe would attack him after and give him a Musclebuster to build up his heel status. As 4 the Hardys, I'm getting tired of Matt Hardy's, "I will not die", speeches, so I'd really like it if Jeff Hardy just killed him so he'd shut up. Edge vs. Christian, I really wouldn't care too much, I guess Christian. In response to John again, true, Abyss is a Kane knock off, but he's a much more talented knock off. I'd pick Abyss after a Black Hole Slam onto some tacks. Christopher Daniels vs. Angle? I really wouldn't care who won, I'd be too busy thanking the dear lord above for creating these two wrestlers and putting them in a match together. I'd pick Daniels after a Super Angel's Wings. As for the broadcast, there is really no comparison, WWE has TNA beaten easy. Vince vs. Jerry? They should stand in the middle in the ring and get stuff chucked at them.
jouck strape wrote:
Cool, someone other than me finally realizes that TNA could do better than WWE. I'm not saying that WWE is the worst brand of entertainment, acually it's second next to TNA. But anyway...If TNA acually hadn't wasted their money on promoting a new show a while ago, then putting it on a channel that most people didn't get, in a blast area!! Then god no they wont get any new costomers. I am a big fan of wrestling. (Especially hardcore backyard wrestling). Peace dudes and dudettes.
Richard Ludwick wrote:
Ok I like the whole idea of WWE Vs TNA but there are some real problems with your "card". First of all the Vince and Jerry Jarrett Match is just wrong on so many levels. A much better alliterative would be Steph Vs Scott D'Amore think about the 2 people responsible for the bookings for each respective company going at it would be great. Next is the Match up between broadcast teams now just to let you know J R is THE BEST in the business the next closest person would be Joey Styles both are WWE broadcasters so that match is just to one sided. After that comes the Matt Vs Jeff and the Edge Vs Christian matches. They have been done before they don't need to be done again instead I'd love to see Y2J Vs Petey Williams and Edge Vs Ron "the Truth" Killings almost the rest of the matches I agree with like Abyss Vs Kane the Animal Batista Vs Monty Brown and Triple H Vs Jeff Jarrett. The Samoa Joe Vs Benoit match should be an ultimate submission match in my opion. Witch leads me to the semi Main Event match I would love to see AJ Styles Vs HBK but there is something even better then that AJ Styles in a ladder match Vs RVD the Whole F'N Show now that's a match would give away everything to see. Finally there's the only match that could end this show The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels Vs Kurt Angle. These 2 together would be flat out amazing under perfect situations would go an hour or 90 min time limit. And there you have it the improved WWE Vs TNA match up
John wrote:
Matt Kopp thanks for your opinions!.But when i said jeff Jarret and Triple H arent alike i was talking about IN THE RING!.And i dont think your giving KANE proper credit come on! hez one of THE MOST UNDERATED wrestlers ive ever seen...all the people i see talking bad about the WWE seem to be pissed off WCW fans that moved on to TNA and started talking bad about WWE.But unlike WCW TNA has a LOT OF TALENT. I wouldnt want to see WWE vs ANY COMPANY its been done before and it was COMPLETE FLOP(WCW n ECW vs WWE)But hey!, we got RVD and Booker T on the process.So if it ever Did happen i would surely i'll welcome AJ Styles and The Fallen Angel and all of them...I just wish WWE wasnt run buy some ugly,boring, and weird Creative Angles.But Talent IS there.thanks for your opinions again MATT KOPP!.
Kibondo wrote:
When I first saw the headline of this article, my very first thought was "this sounds like a good idea", but it's not. It's not a coloumn where you have promoted the idea of setting the TNA up against the WWE. This is, as someone stated earlier, just some sort of tribute to the TNA, saying that the WWE would have nothing to bring. But you are wrong.

As for your idea, this does sound good. But the way you have promoted the TNA wrestlers? Bad. Sure, I admit that The Fallen Angel, Abyss and Samoa Joe are great wrestlers with a bright future. But, come on. First of all, you paired Samoa Joe with Benoit. Samoa Joe might be an extreme wrestler, and he might be bigger than Benoit. But Benoits technique and ability to escape a huge list of submission holds gives him a big advantage. Benoit would have that thing won.

Second, Abyss vs Kane. Abyss is a hardcore wrestler, and I would love to see him in a hardcore match, but not against Kane. Abyss vs Randy Orton or Mick Foley would maybe have been more suitable. But, as you wrote, monster vs monster. Abyss vs Kane. Pain threshold vs pain threshold. Sadistic vs sadistic. In the end, I believe that Kane would be the winner, because of his strength and his ability to overcome any opponent.

Kurt Angle vs "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. I haven't seen so much of Daniels' matches, but I'm guessing that a olympic gold medalist might have an advantage. I think Angle would have found a way to win this thing.

But still, the very idea of WWE facing TNA is great. If you had written it so it wouldn't be such a HUGE tribute to TNA, then it would have been better.
Wes D. wrote:
you know when i first read this it was pretty good but the fact is TNA is still a rookie in the biz but there would be some good matchs i mean Hbk vs Aj styles that one would be a good match but i think HBK would win cause Aj styles would learn that not it would take alot to put HBK down kane vs abyss i would pick kane cause i mean Abyss is nothing but a kane/old mankind wannabe now Edge vs Christian we have seen that so it wouldnt be anything new same for matt vs jeff but hhh vs jeff i mean that would be hhh hands down cause i mean jeff jarret hasnt really done anything to impress me i mean jarret cant really win a match with out anyone interfering but as for hhh i mean he has proven time in and time out that he could win by hiself but as for the whole monty brown vs batista i would give it to batista cause monty brown does tend to try to impress the crowd but batista just goes in there for the win no impressing want so ever benoit vs smoa joe i would give this to benoit cause he is a vertren so he knows how to get out of them submission moves vince vs jerry i would give it to vince cause vince may act scared but i mean he has guns i mean to act as scared as he does he has more musscels then have his wrestlers wwe vs tna anounce team i would give it to wwe cause tenay and west vs someone like taz and lawler i mean come on if taz locked the taz mission on tenay he would run back to the locker room crying then the king with the top rope sledge i mean thats an old move but good move kurt vs chris daniles kurt hands down other matchs that would be good would be amw vs big show and kane or mnm or they could bring the apa back for amw vs apa but all and all wwe would kick tnas butt but you know tna needs to do more to impress me before i back them up cause if you look at it there fate is going to end up like wcw with a little ecw backed up cause they have good wrestlers but they need to expand before taking on a wwe and in the end money talks and tna will walk cause vince would buy it out and then the tna wrestlers you know now will be in the un employment line
Mike Adams wrote:
Some of you guys do realize that this is not a who would win fantasy matchup. It might border on dream matches but its more of just comparing similar wrestlers for both companies.

AJ vs Michaels : AJ has a long way to go to be considered in the league of wrestling greats like Michaels. Michaels,especially in the prime of his career was the total package. Good on the mic, great wrestler and the great ability to tell a story in the ring. That being said AJ is more athletically gifted than Michaels could ever hope for in his wildest dreams. AJ can have a good match with anyone because of his diverse style which encompasses high flying, Japanese Junior, North American Technician, AJ can do it all and do it all well. AJ is inferior to Michaels on the mike, but AJ is starting to reach the level of Michaels psychology in the ring. Finally AJ is on the way up, Michaels is on the way down, Advantage AJ. Styles means more to TNA that Michaels does to the WWE(currently). If these two were to lock up in the ring, any booker in their right mind puts AJ Styles over Michaels, especially when this is the type of match that could create a young Mega Star.

Alpha Male vs Batista: I really don't like either of these two. Neither one is sound in the ring, Monty comes off a little better on the stick, while Batista has the better look. Batista also has a slightly better finisher than the pathetic pounce(but only because its the pounce), but Brown is younger and has better upside. The main deciding factor is that Batista has been in better angles while Brown hasn't had much stability or a mega push, for that reason Batista is more valuable at least in the now than Brown.

HHH vs Jeff Jarrett: Both are decent in the ring, both have held credible world championships(arguably for far too long of runs.) Both Jarrett and HHH give long drawn out manifesto's in the ring to the annoyance of the crowd. Both can be good assetts if used right, and tremendous hinderances to young talent if allowed to hog the spotlight, and both usually need other workers to elevate their matches more than other workers need them. Prep H gets the advantage though because he has better name recognition and has had some more memorable matches than Jarrett.

Benoit vs Samoa Joe (Dream match for me) : Both Benoit are excellent in ring performers, both are masters of submissions, Joe is a hard style machine while Benoit is a great technician. Neither are the best on the mic, but neither need to be because their in-ring product is so high. Joe has the size and the Strength, while Benoit has the psychology and the intensity. Joe is a star on the rise, and Benoit is stale at the moment. This is another case where you have to go with the Younger more promising wrestler, Samoa Joe over Chris Benoit, who is coming to the end of his great career.

Jeff vs Matt: Matt is the better wrestler of the two, while Jeff has always been the daredevil. Matt is the more well spoken on the mic while Jeff has the natural Fonz Factor. There is no question that Jeff Hardy means more to TNA than Matt does WWE. Matt Hardy made a big mistake in going back to WWE where many fans are already starting to get sick of his You cant kill Matt Hardy. On the contrary Jeff has been able to re-establish himself as a credible part of TNA in the upper card, while Matt's career looks very uncertain at this point on the B-Show Smackdown. The real shame is that Matt Took the money instead of going to TNA where his career would have definitely been energized by working with the best young wrestlers in the business, and a Hardy reunion would have definitely been good for both TNA and the Hardy Boyz in general, and the wrestling fans. Advantage Jeff Hardy.

Kane vs Abyss: To the people who think that Abyss is a Mankind or Kane knock off, you can only discern that A; they haven't been fans of wrestling very long, or B; they are simply Kane marks trying to discredit Abyss. Kane and Mankind were not the first wrestlers to use the mysterious uncontrollable Monster gimmick, it has been well used in wrestling for a longtime, and has had many varieties from Kamala, to Hugh Mongus, etc etc. Just because Abyss wears a mask that may be similar to Kane or Mankind doesn't mean that he is automatically second rate. Not Hardly in fact the opposite is true, Abyss is arguably the best big man in the business right now, and rivals Kane in his prime for his agility and raw power. Its still to early to tell with Abyss if he will have as successfull of a career as Kane, but right now Abyss is heads and shoulders above Kane. I like Kane, but Kane with his methodical almost serial killer like gimmick is stale with little left in the way of storylines without a major change in his persona. Abyss on the other hand with his monster(almost child like at times or Frankensteinish) has several avenues for his character that could be used, not to mention the fact that Abyss is just a much better wrestler than Kane right now. Advantage Abyss.

Angle vs Daniels (Would be another dream match) : Both are tremendous wrestlers who could wrestle a dead horse to a solid match. Both have great natural charisma and both are masters at telling a story in the ring. As far as pur athleticism Daniels is superior, but Angle is the better promo cutter, and has the exposure and draw that Daniels doesn't yet have. Angle also has the advantage of being a credible world champion, where Daniels with his size and stature is naturally looked at as more of a cruiserweight. Advantage Angle.

Broadcats Teams are overrated, as long as there are no glaring deficiencies and they are doing their job then whatever else they add is just additional goodies. Both TNA and WWE teams do their jobs. Almost every announcer has a positive and a negative, so arguing who is better can be a vicious circle. JR brought a great name, and excitement, but he also brought a ton less insight as to the action and history of wrestling as does Tenay. I don't see clear cut winners, Draw.

Vince McMahon vs Jerry Jarrett: Since Jerry Jarrett is no longer the owner of TNA at present its not fair to evaluate these two. If we had to then McMahon is by far the better owner. However to get a more realistic picture it would be Panda Energy w/Dixe Carter as president vs. Vince McMahon. Again there is not much of a contest. WWE has more money, and Vince McMahon has more experience than Dixie Carter. Advantage Vice McMahon as the owner.
Drew Cooper wrote:
Hey Brendan, nice column. I agree with a lot of it, so allow me to give you my opinion on these matches.

HBK vs Styles Personally, HBK is my all-time favorite, but seeing him lose against Mysterio, I just don't know what to think anymore. O.K., it was Eddie's tribute, but I still think HBK should have won. Anyway, with HBK's natural charisma and experience, this could be close because Styles has more followers and has more risky moves. I agree with the whole passing the torch thing, so, I'd go with A.J. Styles after 25 minutes. But, I'd think Rey Mysterio vs. A.J. Styles would be better.

Monty Brown vs. Batista I'm not really the biggest fan of Batista's, but he has talent. Monty Brown, though, with his psycho attitude kind of gets me worried about him. Okay, back to business. I have a belief in the wrestling business that I like to call the "Wrestling Revolving Belief." I will explain this to you. Now, we all know that a few months ago, Batista beat Christian while defending his world title, but Christian goes on to Turning Point to beat The Alpha Male. So, since Batista beat Christian, that means he can beat Brown, so, I'll have to go with the current world champ on Smack, Batista. It will probably go only 8 to 10 minutes.

Triple H vs. Jeff Jarrett Sorry Double J, you suck. I loved you back in '98 with WWE when you were with Tennessee Lee riding the shiny white horses with your long hair and such, but now, you are boring, rediculus, and I think The Game is going to walk all over you! But, you have my respect Jarrett. You were Owen's best friend. R.I.P. Owen. Alright, HHH, you're going to win this one hands down. Probably in 10 minutes.

Chris Benoit vs. Samoa Joe When I first heard of Samoa Joe, my exact thoughts were, "What a dumb name!" But, after watching him these past couple of years with ROH and TNA, I'm impressed by his skills. But, I'll go with the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit. Benoit's more experienced, and more intense. And also, he's beaten HHH, HBK, and Y2J; he has my respect. Benoit is the winner in this one after a long 30 minute match.

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy I'm hearing all of these responses for this match, and I'm disappointed in a lot of them. People are saying it won't be as interesting as the other matches because it has already happened, but these two have gone a long way since their last bout against eachother. You have the cat-like Jeff and the technical Matt. First of all, Matt is stronger, and is more technically sounded. But, Jeff has more charisma and is quicker. Of course Jeff's more important in TNA than Matt is in WWE, but let's say Matt goes to TNA. Matt would probably be the bigger star. I'll have to go with Jeff Hardy to win this thing though, with a Senton Bomb from the top of a 15-feet high ladder after 15 minutes of Hardcore action!

Christian vs. Edge I hate Edge. I always have, and I always will. Yet, Christian is funny, has better moves, and is a bigger star in TNA than Edge is in WWE in my opinion. Although, Edge is friends with Mick Foley, which pushes me a little bit to root for him. But, I'll go with Captain Charisma becasue I'm part of the Christian Collission because "That's how I roll!" Christian Cage hands down in only about 5 or 8 minutes.

Abyss vs. Kane I've been wanting to see this a long time, and I hope I do get to see it one day. At first I thought Abyss was a gay rip-off of Kane, but now, I think Abyss is cooler than Kane, is more powerful, has better moves, and is a hell lot more mysterious. And also, he's freaking hardcore!!!!!!! Extra plus. It will be an interesting match and will most likely win with the Blackhole Slam after 15 minutes giving Abyss the win!

Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels I've always been a huge Angle fan and I've also been a huge Daniels fan. This would be an insane match that will definitly have the fans up and out of their feets until the very end. We have Daniels in one corner with the BME and the Angel's Wing and we have Angle in the other corner with the Angle Slam and of course, the Angle Lock. So, in the battle of the bald guys, it would most likely be Kurt Angle to come out victorious not with a tap out, but with an Angle Slam after about 45 awesome minutes!

Battle of Broadcast Teams Alright, if they are to lock it up in the ring, it will be WWE with Taz and Lawler getting the win over Tenay and West. But, if it was to see who was the best behind the broadcast table, it would still be WWE but with J.R. and Joey Styles. I love both broadcast teams, but WWE will be victorious. Yet, expect a "That was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!" out of Don West and a famous "OMIGGGGOOOOODDDDD!!!" out of ECW's very own Joey Styles.

Jerry Jarrett vs. Vince McMahon This is basically a no brainer for me. In the ring, it would be Vincent Kenneddy McMahon Jr. as the winner damnit! Because, hey, he almost beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 19 in the 20 years in the making street fight! But, if it was to see the best owner, I'd go with the Billionare Vince McMahon. I mean come on, McMahon, no, scratch that, the ENTIRE McMahon FAMILY is RUTHLESS! McMahon no doubt. Sorry Jerry.

So, out of all of this, WWE would win the war. Even though I like TNA a better now, I'm still going to have to go with WWE. So, you all had great ideas, and I hope we actually get to see this one of these days. Anyway, hey, so long!





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