Online World of Wrestling Fan Jam 07/2005
Short Columns by Obsessed Fans

RKO is the real "Next Big Thing!" -- by [email protected]

I have to admit, that at first I could not get myself to like this little son of son of a wrestler. But Orton has changed my whole image of the guy. And now I am a huge ORTON mark. To me the biggest match at Wrestlemania 21 was Orton-Taker match, and you know that Orton delivered, even with a check in the loss column he showed why he should be there. Everyone blames Orton for he slide after his loss to HHH. Well I blame HHH and Vince, here you have the youngest World Champ ever. Who has finally started a small following and beats Chris Beniot, something the HHH had not been able to do. So what do the genius in McMahon's think tank come up with. His automatic removal from Evolution, the could have built that feud up to the Royal Rumble, but no. They didn't give Orton the chance to prove that he should be and could be the man on the mountain. Orton was pretty much a interim champ until the next PPV for HHH to take back his belt. It is a horrible shame. A third generation star who has barely tapped into his potential and has already achieved so much. And yet you jeer him for his current career stagnation. He has had some unfortunate injuries, that keeps his from Star from flying. But trust me as long the WWE is able to use him properly ( and that would be going back to the cocky IC title holder manner) he can be the heir to HHH's thrown.

The Rumored Return -- by Kyle Dunham

Now this is my first article, and I think it will be pretty good. This article will be about Brock Lesnar, who is one of my favorite wrestlers. Even though he wanted to go and play football, he wants to return to the squared circle once again. If he does return, will he be that dominant wrestler, that in my opinion, we haven't seen until Hulk Hogan? Will Vince, no, the ignorant story writers give him a fair chance, and let him wear that championship belt? What Brand will he be on if he does return? Who knows. But I believe that Summer Slam will be a great ppv. Hopefully better than Great American Bash, which disappointed me. Well this is my first article, please tell me how I did.

In four weeks we'll be tuning into the Raw and Smackdown! pay per view, Summer Slam. The WWE has already listed two matches for the event. Y2J Chris Jericho will face John Cena for the WWE Title. And Hulk Hogan will face of with Shawn Michaels. Now these matches are huge, but there is something else that has every obsessed wrestling fan looking forward to. That is if it even happens.

Well it is heavily rumored that the WWE and Brock Lesnar have been negotiating deals to see if he can come back. Brock Lesnar, was the youngest WWE champion ever, until Orton won that title that is. He dominated his rookie season, looking like a veteran pro. When he debuted, he F5ed everything in sight. Well that led him to an Undisputed Championship, that he held onto for what seemed forever. He won the King of the Ring tournament, and even won the Royal Rumble.

Now it is also rumored that a certain match might happen, which is guaranteed to be entertaining. It is rumored that if Lesnar returns before Summer Slam, he will be engaged in a Storyline with the Animal Batista. Brock Lesnar vs Batista?! Sounds good to me. If this match didn't happen though, I would just be happy enough seeing him back again.

The problem absorber: WWE -- by Michael Eisen

Back in the old WWE/F days everyone loved Vince McMahon's work and loved the WWE/F. Now look at the present, so many people are always complaining about the WWE using reasons that only a person who currently watches the WWE can use. People blame the WWE for everything bad in wrestling even if they used to credit the business for everything good in wrestling. The most amazing thing is that everyone says Vince does this wrong or Vince does that wrong. What they forget is that Vince may have a say in the storylines but he is not the one who is making all these storylines. People blame Vince for everything in the WWE but blame the writers for everything outside of RAW and Smackdown that involves WWE. It all drives me nuts. I think people should stop wining and just enjoy it. I think that one reason I have this opinion is that I only started to like wrestling a year or two ago but in that time I know more than a lot of people who have been fans all there lives. I think that people should stop complaining about what is wrong and start complementing what is right. Just think about it and if you cannot stop complaining about the WWE than start complaining about TNA, CZW, ROH, and all the other promotions out there.

Once a mark, always a mark. -- by David Temrick

With today's information super-highway it's really hard to not find out what's going to happen next. I'll admit that Matt's arrival on RAW was a bit of a shock at the time, but after thinking about it for a moment I had to give myself a smack. Vince is nothing if not a lightning rod for what the fans ask for. For months we've heard the chant "SLUT!" or "YOU SCREWED MATT!" and I suppose it was just a question of when it would come instead of if.

Now I've always been a big mark for Rowdy Roddy Piper. Ever since I first saw him in my hometown on tour with Stampede Wrestling. I even have an old picture of me at all of 7 years old with him, Bruce and Stu Hart. That being said I have always liked when Piper comes out and does a new episode of Piper's Pit. Until last RAW. It was clearly a bullshit setup which has Piper taking bumps for another stupid and empty feud between Hogan and Michaels. Don't get me wrong, I want to see that match, who wouldn't? But do we really need to have Michaels turn heel just to put it over? Why can't it be a face VS face match? Some sort of Austin VS The Rock thing where the heels turn out of the locker room, the faces kick all their asses and then it's back on with the match. Why do we need Michaels pulling a God-awful heel turn that will never work?

We all know that the fans are going to cheer for Hogan over Michaels. No one really cares to be honest, I think most people just want to see the match. That's not the point though. When you can't find a formula that's worked in the past, you just toss in one that didn't suck as bad as the rest? It just doesn't make sense. But now, not only are they dragging two legends in Hogan and Michaels down the toilet, but they have to sacrifice Piper to the lame-assed angle Gods and flush his credibility down the toilet as well? It just makes me want to puke. They take three legends, and throw in a terrible angle and now the young guys come out looking even better.

To be honest, the last time I really enjoyed hearing Rowdy Roddy Piper was when he was hosting his "Reality Check" segments on TNA. Calling out all the back-office politics and making it all a public affair. What I would really like to see is that Piper back. Talking trash against Vince, Triple H, Arn, Ric and anyone else who pissed him off today. Piper and RVD are two guys that should basically be given card blanche when they step through the curtain. Like the Austin days of old: hit these three points and have fun with it. That was the best TV because it seemed more real and it was WAY more entertaining. Fire the professional writters, get a couple of big marks (jumps up and down with his hand in the air) and have some fun with it. Because I guarentee that it's just a matter of time before TNA or ROH get a weekly show going on cable TV and burry the WWE's stagnant and insulting storylines, gimmicks and angles.

I Miss "Wrestling" -- by Tyler Shefer

Ok while watching Raw I was thinking what ever happened to "wrestling"? I mean back in the day it was 2 guys getting into the ring and duking it out. Nowadays it's he stole this one's girlfriend or a diva search. I mean I know it's entertainment but really did Lou Thez ever have his wife come into a match no, but he did have some kick ass matches. Frank Gotch never one a belt with the help of his lady he did it with blood, sweat and determination though. Now as we watch wrestling we get to see weddings, pregnancies, and cheating. What is this Vinne Mac's version of "All my children"? I don't know about you guys but I'd like to turn on the TV and see "wrestling" not a soap opera with punches thrown in.

Comments about Hulk Hogan -- by Austin Holes

It was the Summer of 1986, and me and my dad went to the local Herman's sporting goods store in Rockville MD. If I remember correctly we were there to buy some fishing rods when i stumbled on to something i would remember for many years to come! I stumbled on to the Hulk Hogan work out set a product, That was part of the long line of Hulk Hogan merchandise that was literally sweeping the nation! For those who don't know the WWF now called WWE was experiencing a popularity boom never before seen and the Wrestler leading its popularity was none other than Hulk Hogan! I immediately pick it up and it was a must have for me the 11 year old i was at the time. I had been watching wrestling since i was about 9 Years old at that point and Hulk Hogan was my idol. I looked at the box and saw Hogan arms and body and i said to myself i want to be like that! So i showed it to my dad and he being a causal Hogan and WWF fan{ I actually started watching wrestling because my dad would watch} He agreed to buy it for me and i was jumping for joy! I cant remember the price tag i think it was $19.99 on sale. What's funny i completely forgot about the fishing rods we were Buying lol. Anyway as soon as i got it home i went to the basement of my home, and opened the box to view the contents and read The instructions. It had 2 Dumbbells 3 lbs each to build your arms, A hand grip to build up your hands and forearms, A jump rope, headband, poster of Hogan which featured a diagram of various exercises and stretch routines. And Lastly a cassette tape to listen to the Hulkster himself offering advice and tips for beginners. I Remember running back up stairs to change into proper clothing to work out in and my Mom never saw Me so excited and i told her i was working out and she said oh ok Be careful. I made it back downstairs and popped in the cassette and put on the head band and started doing stretches and then went into doing push ups and arm curls and the jumping rope. I remember after working out i was a bit sore but like Hogan had stated and then later my dad, That it was normal and if you want to accomplish anything it would take alot of work. And everyday there after I continued to work out and even began working out with my friend Gary who was another big Hulk Hogan fan. On days we didn't work out we would run and swim in the pool he had in his back yard, We continued and didn't quit because Hulk Hogan didn't quit , And we didn't quit either! Might sound cheesy to some but it is true. Hogan was someone we truly believed in and he had massively positive impact over kids of the 1980s. After about a year or so i was still a small diminutive 97lbs, But i went on to be able to bench press 160lbs and i was on the wrestling team and defeated everyone in my weight class. And low and behold here i am 32 today and i still remember and value the positive values i gained from Hulk Hogan and positive impact he had on me as a child. I will never forget, And i'm truly grateful especially living in a modern era when positive role models are hard to come by. So in closing, Thanks for the memories Hulk you are a class act.

Hardcore Reborn -- by Chris Beaulne

After ECW closed its doors in March 2001, wrestling fans lost its barbwire, the fire, the steel chairs and the dozens of broken tables. We lost the violence that turned wrestling from a kiddie hobby to a nationwide phenomenon. Well for the fans of ultra violent hardcore wrestling all is not lost. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW).

In late 1999 a wrestling trainer named John Zandig ran a small wrestling school in (by an amazing coincidence) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. John Zandig and his four original trainees, Ric Blade, Lobo, Nick Gage and Justice Pain, started to run shows. They primarily involved "hardcore" wrestling, using such instruments of destruction as ladders, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, cacti, fluorescent light tubes and even fire.

Let's look at some of there signature matches...

1) "The Light Tube Match" - They fill the ring with fluorescent light tubes and smash each other up with them. They would also duct tape the tubes together to break many of them at one time. In one variation they would tape 12 light tubes together and the first person to smash 2 of them over (or into) them wins.

2) "The Pyramid of Hell" - They would stack 6 tables on top of each other - 3 on the bottom, 2 on top and one more on top. Then they would light the whole thing on fire. They would then proceed to throw their opponent through the pyramid of hell. Sometimes they would top it all off with a set of light tubes or pane of glass.

3) "Cage of Death" - This is the granddaddy of them all. It happens once at the end of the year. The cage is filled with tables, trash cans, and other such weapons, then the whole cage is electrified with jumper cables. A scaffold is also placed over top of the cage to get through off or to do high risk moves from.

For the people who do not like this ultra-violent style of wrestling, CZW also had some of the best cruiser-weights I've ever seen. I saw moves there I never could imagine possible, like a shooting star press into a DDT.

I believe that CZW is the new ECW, and hopefully it will catch on into mainstream with a TV show or even an Internet show like TNA dose. It's an awesome show to see if you're in the Pennsylvania or Delaware area.

The Turn Of HBK -- by Danny Parkhill

I believe that Michaels as a heel will be a fresh breath of air into the lungs of certain WWE fans. HBK hasn't had a GOOD heel run since about 1997 (when he was feuding with Steve Austin...I don't count his "nWo" heel run in 2002, since he got so many face pops...), and, in my personal opinion, Shawn Michaels is an awesome heel. This does leave doors open for HBK/Cena, but I have a feeling that they will do this feud with Hogan, and then go back to HBK/Angle. I don't believe it matters if one is a heel and one is a face.

Today, most fans don't care about whose face and who's heel. Sure, they boo the heels and cheer the faces, but it doesn't really matter. If they can wrestle, or they are entertaining, that's what matters. And in the minds of many a wrestling fan, they know that Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle can put on one heck of a match three times in a row.

One more quick point...the "you suck" chants that are directed towards Angle would continue despite him being a face. If you remember back in his face days (I'm sorry, I can't give you an exact time, but I believe it was mid-2003) he entered the ring to "you suck" chants, and he got into the ring and got the crowd into a second one. "You suck" is now just a fun thing to chant, and that's why a lot of fans do it.

Cry, Cry Again -- by Davie-Boy Davis

Recently we as WWE fans have been getting a dose of reality more than some of us would like. One of the major reality checks we've had was the relationship of Matt Hardy, Amy (Lita) Dumas, and Adam (Edge) Copeland. Most know the story, so I won't spend my 15 minutes of fame regurgitating it. What I am here to discuss is Matt Hardy's actions that have occurred as a result of the whole problem.

When Matt Hardy found out his long-time girlfriend, WWE's Lita, cheated on him with one of his closest "friends", Edge, to say he was angry would be an understatement. In the beginning so was I; "How could Lita, someone I really looked up to, do that to Matt?" Then Matt was fired... Hmmm. "How could Vince fire him after all he has been through?" I guess that was my m-fer coming out. With Matt's commentary on the whole issue, it caused me to dislike the sense of Mattitude, because he was turning into a whining little bitch. Every week I would hear something else about how Lita is a whore, and Edge is feces, and it's like, if you wanted to, do you really expect to be hired again when you air your dirty laundry without a second thought, and escalate the problem?

I do not condone what Amy and Adam did to Matt, but, if you're bored, then find something new! While it's equally bad for the WWE to fire Matt and make a parody out of the reality of the issue, you have to admit, it's a good dose of entertainment. Here's my suggestion: WWE, continue doing what you're doing, it's all about the business, and soon the name Matt Hardy will fizzle out of the minds of the fickled WWE fans, as did the name Jeff Hardy. You made the right decision, and for Matt, get over it, it's pretty childish of you to keep retaliating to a storyline, even if it is based on you. Go to a different company, join your brother, or find something to do, instead of seeking remorse on something that could have been kept between you, Adam and Lita, and possibly could've helped you maintain your job.

Yes I am and will always be a fan of Matt Hardy, but the actions of Matthew Moore Hardy does not fix the situation, it only escalates it. Hopefully Lita, Edge and Matt can rebound, if not, we will just have to hear the boos of the fans when Lita or Edge come out, or we will just have to hear, Matt cry, cry again.

Smackdown! -- by Martin Wilkins

As a fan of wrestling and have been for the past 18/20 years i am worried immensely by the way things are heading for the WWE, i am a proud English man, living 10 minutes away from London, after what happened Thursday (07/05/05) i was appalled to see that Vince and his "crew" decided to do a very bad/cheap/ill-advised angle regarding terrorists, now i realise that these things are sometimes "planned" and that it's difficult to change a show that quickly, so the idea was not too air it over here, good plan except people who watch Smackdown here are avid fans and generally trawl the internet to find out why the 120 minute show was cut that much. Finding all the information on various websites including Not exactly difficult to find!!!

Now i am not saying that everything should stop because of this tragedy, far from it, things should go back to "normal" as quick as possible to try to make these morons that think making this much misery is good think again.However a little bit of respect and acknowledgment to the families and friends of the people that lost their lives is not asking a lot.

We all watched in horror as the events of 9/11 unfolded and i personally thought that WWE handled it respectfully and fittingly, however that might have been cleverly edited for the European market i'm not sure, but it wouldn't have taken much for the "powers that be" to re-schedule/re-do/just forget as a bad job this whole terrorist angle.

England has been a good hunting ground for the WWE, we have seen some great live events and they managed to pack out Wembley a few years back (something not done since for any live sporting event to my knowledge!) so i don't think it's a lot to ask to show us some respect or at least acknowledge the fact that this has effected us Brit's so badly

Also because of the time difference we stay up past 3a.m to watch RAW/SMACKDOWN and generally all the PPV's, that are becoming increasingly frequent but that's a different rant all together, so it takes a certain loyal fan to watch it live, something which i have never thought acknowledged.

Online World of Wrestling, Armpit and have helped a very obvious British mark to find all that is wrong and great at all wrestling events and hope that our t.v networks soon realise there's a huge demand for the "indie" wrestling scene as well as WWE over here and would love to be able to catch some of it without having to pop hundreds of pro-plus/3 or 4 cans of red bull and make sure we don't run low on caffeine just to be able to see it, so apart from the above rant that i had to send (and realised this is the only place i could have it heard) i thank you for making my lunch times at work an enlightening time!

(Takes a deep breath of air)! -- by Markus Hayden

Finally, a site that I can go to all about 'raslin! You know, I have a lot to say about this thing that we watch every Monday at 9p and Thursday at 8p. This company that can take some of the most impresive people that the man upstairs ever put in a wrestling ring and turn them into the most pathetic pieces of shit ever imaginable, then, after they have sucked all the life out of then, they just release then and "wish them the best of luck". It is sad, truley sad. Whatever happeend to good ol' raslin? Two men locking it up in the center of the ring, and storyline or not putting on a great show for all of those wrestleholics out there in the arena or watching at home. Now, you turn on your television looking for that exitement and all you get is this overbuilt sum-bitch blabing about being the best in the buisness and blah-blah-blah. And now I hear the best on to date a "wrestling...............GOD!", now what in the blue hell is that??? This coming from a guy that a few years back was drssed in chaps with a what looked like a dead rat on his face. Then there is "I am the GAME-AHHHH" Now this coming from a guy that a few years back got beat by the Ultimate Warrior, at a WrestleMania, in about what 1, 1 and a half minutes? This thing, this, travesty, this shit that the WWE puts on TV everyweek is damn near enough to make a man (or woman) just stop watching wrestling period. Why, because they own 99.9% of wrestling, well, the stuff that is on TV. They have no competion, so they are the only thing to look at when you want to watch wrestling. Now, I might be ol' fashion, but John Cena and Batista as champion is a stupid stunt as well. When you have people like Booker T. (the most decorated man in WCW, but hasn't been WWE Champion yet), The Undertaker (at 13+ year veteran), Shawn Michaels (One of the Original Triple Crown Members and a wrestling veteran) Chris Benoit (Pound for pound the greatest Technical wrestler today) and, well this guy is just Phenomenal, Shelton Benjamin. What is going on? Then you have the MAJOR pushovers like Triple H, John Cena, Batista, and JBL. Someone please go slap the pure hell out of Vince McMahon and tell him to stop this madness before the WWE turns into the greatest massacure in wrestling

Lack Of Really Over Faces -- by Adam Veltri

After the latest edition of RAW, there seems to be a new main event heel in Shawn Michaels. I think his latest turn had to be a shock to many, even us smart marks. Be honest, how many of you really saw the showstopper going back to his always-stronger heel persona? With HBK turning and Hogan most likely leaving after Summer Slam, the main even heels on RAW will out number the faces 5 to 3. Michaels joins an already stellar heel cast of Angle, Edge, Jericho, and Triple H while the faces consist of Cena, Kane, and Show. I do expect a slow Triple H face turn to help balance it out so to speak, but after examining the main eventers on both brands, there are not too many really-over faces besides the current champs that I can see having a good run as champ.

Taker, though really over, seems like a part-timer who doesn't deserve a title run. Benoit, Booker, Show, and Kane kind of a blend together for face heat. While I do see Triple H eventually garnering more face than all of these four, due to his mike skills and charisma, I see him taking a break from the title. He will most likely help elevate other heels while working programs with Edge, Jericho, and Angle. This leads to the question of who will be the next really-over faces that could have a successful run as champ. Two guys that come to mind for their respective brand are RVD and Christian. I would say right now that RVD may actually have more face heat than Benoit, Booker, Show, and Kane, as well as possibly Batista. The big question his is mike skills, and he may finally have the opportunity when he returns from his injury. I would say he is already as good as Batista on the mike and should be a World Champ within a year if the WWE went by an amount of heat a face can generate. I also kind of see Christian morphing (if he continues being funny) into a really-over face a-la the Rock and Cena, and he could easily take Batista's top face spot down the road on SmackDown. The fans are already taking a shine to him and I believe it may only be a matter of time before the WWE has no choice but turn him if the fans don't do it first.

Dear Chris Benoit Fans, -- by Ryan Ward

Is it just me, or is the WWE screwing Benoit out of chances but trying to make it look like they care. Sure they put him in that 6-Man SmackDown! Championship Match a couple weeks ago but yet again he was fucked out of a chance at capturing a major title.

I don't mean to get technical but don't you have to be holding on to a tag rope in order to make a tag, JBL wasn't and yet he still gets in to the match. It's bullshit, I feel bad for him. Hes worked his ass off in the buisness for 18 friggen years and he gets a 5 month title reign and all of a sudden ,"Well you've had your fun, how about we get some young little fucker (Orton) to pull off one of the most unrealistic match wins alive. Oh, then we'll give him a rematch the next night to make it appear that Benoit is still a contender for the belt but make him lose the match for a really fucked up reason." That reason being, if Triple H hated Orton winning that title so much, why would he help him retain it.

Another example being the Elimination Chamber Match at New Years Revolution. He was part of the reason the match was there, yet he gets eliminated.

Then at this years Royal Rumble, he gets picked for number 1 entry in to the match. To be the first in the match and win it is hard enough but to do it two years in a row, i don't think so.

In conclusion, I believe the WWE should give Benoit a few more title reigns before he retires.

RVD...hopefully they get it right this time -- by Jonathan Hertilus

I will be the first one to admit that I was more or less a "casual ECW fan" but the one wrestler that I can honestly say kept me watching was Rob Van Dam. Upon his arrival to the then WWF I thought to myself, Vince has made the smartest free agent pick up since he got Ric Flair. This was a man with an insane move set, good mic skills, and a style that was unlike anyone else's in wrestling. Sadly, I watched in horror as Vince's heavy hand limited this potential top guy to a slack jawed bore. Where was the Vandaminator, the Vanterminator? Where were the complex spots that required the athleticism and precision of BOTH wrestlers? They were back in ECW apparently the things that Rob Van Dam did that got Vince's attention weren't good enough for the WWE brand of wrestling (which in my opinion has become much less believable). All Rob would say is that's cool, after a while you cuold predict every move he was going to do in a match before he did it. This wasn't the RVD that I enjoyed watching. Vince turned him into a shell of himself. Watching him go to smackdown! and lose on a regular basis became painful because everyone knows the ECW RVD Vs the WWE HHH would be one hell of a match. Hell, Randy Orton (who I feel is one hell of an in ring technician) gave us a great match against RVD shortly before he got injured. But perhaps that injury was a blessing in disguise, apparently RVD (and Vince )) has to some time to evaluate which RVD they'd like to see. After shoot interview at One Night Stand and the Interview on Carlito's cabana, there hope for the old RVD fans that we'll get our hero back. Maybe we'll get a double bonus and the IC title will start to mean something again. I guess only time will tell.

the ying-yang situation -- by Andrew " legend killer" Martin

First of all i would like to thank HirokishuKeita for this idea to make this column

Now to the ying-yang situation, as HirokishuKeita said "John Cena's the WWE Champion so he's better than anyone in WWE, that includes Batista because he's in WWE. However, Batista is the World Heavyweight Champion so he's better than anyone in the world, that includes Cena because he's part of this world" i reckon, seeing as i hated wcw's guts (if it had guts), that the WWE title is better than the world title because the wwe title has been swapped around to present hall of famers (e.g hulk hogan) to future hall of famers (e.g HBK), since the 60's it is better than the world heavyweight title seeing as it has only been around for less than 3 years and has been given to HHH 5 god damn times!!!!, i dont think it is worth anything and should be renamed the HHH title (no disrespect to HHH i mean he is a future legend and all, but as long as he is married to steph he can take advantage of being able to have anything his heart desires, as he is kind of a "mcmahon" now.

the WWE title has changed hands alot aswell BUT to very deserving superstars like JBL, cena, lesnar just to name a few while the world title has been to a few undeserving "superstars" like Batista and Goldberg, i seriously think these 2 believe their own hype and are power hungry.

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka -- by Joe [[email protected]]

Back before Hulkamania was running wild, long before The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, there was Jimmy Superfly Snuka. In an age where most wrestlers were not sculpted, Jimmy Snuka was. One of the few wrestlers to wrestle barefoot, Jimmy Snuka INVENTED high flying in the wrestling ring. He would make a simple move like jumping off the top rope seem super by making it look like he was flying. His high flying work is still legendary, but his leaps over wrestlers were something new back in his day. His athletic prowess was part of a new wave that is still continuing now with the likes of Rey Mysterio and many others in the Cruiserweight division. Snuka was so big and so well liked for his friendly personality and ability to entertain, that fans wished he would get the belt from Bob Backlund, even though Snuka was technically a heel at the time of their feuds. Jimmy Snuka was the first big wrestler to get over without having to wear a title around his waist. He was often overlooked for title contention, especially during the age of "Hulkamania". In the current WWE Jimmy Snuka would be much like Eddie Guerrero. Well liked even when a heel, having the charisma and ability to entertain inside, and make you laugh outside the ring. Snuka had one thing going for him most wrestlers didn't. He was crazy in his promos. You wouldn't know what he was talking about half the time, but you found yourself agreeing with him more often than not because he had that much charisma. He was, and is, one of my favorite wrestlers. The man had a love affair with his fans. Always making the "I love you" sign with both hands, Snuka will always be remembered for this. As much as I remember him for his leaping, flying off the ropes, and craziness, I will always remember Jimmy Snuka for being a class act. Snuka is often remembered for his leap from the top of the steel cage onto Don Muraco. Most fans don't remember that Don won the match. All they remember is that fantastic leap that has never been surpassed. It was brand new at the time. It was Superfly.........Jimmy Snuka!

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