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TNA vs. WWE (My Vision) -- by Jaeleeblock

In 2001, the WWE sucsessfully purchased both the WCW and ECW at Invsion.A year later, TNA comes along. It first starts out from a good wrestling production, to the new face of wrestling. Now, wrestling fans want to se what they saw three years ago... Two wrestling productions to go head to head. In this case, WWE vs. TNA. This not a bad idea. It is also a bad idea. It's a good idea because of the financial rates each promotion will get. And it will be interesting. If the WWE was to win, it would give the WWE a chance to make another brand and the wrestlers that were on TNA would shift to the WWE. And If this fantay rivalry was to be handled at a PPV (most likely Invasion 2), the matches would be so cool. This is what the match card would be:

Invasion 2 (my Card)

  • A.J. Styles vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton (Unify all Woeld Titles) [Who is the future of wrestling]
  • AMW vs. The Dudleys ( Unify NWA Tag Titles & WWE Smackdown! Tag Titles)
  • Trinity vs. Lita (Women's Title)
  • Monty Brown vs. Raven vs. Abyss vs. Kane vs. Undertaker vs. Heidenreich (Unify U.S. & IC Titles) [Monster's Ball 6 Way]
  • Petey Williams vs. Billy Kidman (Who has the most devstating finsher)
  • Evolution vs. Kings Of Wrestling
  • Team Canada vs. La Resistance (WWE World Tag Titles)
  • RVD & Rey Mysterio vs. Triple X
  • Booker T vs. Ron Killings
  • 20 Man X Division vs. Cruiserwieght Gauntlet (Unify X Divsion & Cruiserwieght Titles)
  • Main Event: Shawn Micheals vs. Jeff Hardy

    Now, this whole TNA vs. WWE thing is also a bad idea. This is because of the reason WWE are continuously releasing people and are going to TNA. Now if WWE was to win, what would become of the released wrestlers? I mean it's stupid.If WWE won, the free agents ( Hardy, Nash, Hall, Raven, Johnny B. Badd, etc.) wouldn't be able to return to the WWE because of their past relaeses. And, there are way too many wrestlers in each production. If a production won, they wouldn't have enough room for all of them. So they would have to either have an elimination lottery, make another brand, or have relaeses.It just wouldn't work out. First of all, RAW & Smackdown! are both 2 hours long, while Impact and Xslpoion are each an hour long. Second of all, RAW & Smackdown! are on primetime, while the TNA shows are aired in the afternoon.

  • Why Did You Have To Win -- by Poodle22Dmc

    Watching wrestling is very depressing these days. Especially when the only real choices you have are RAW or Smackdown, which sad to say are the are the same company. My question to Vince McMahon is was it necessary to win? When we had the choice of WCW,ECW, & WWE it made wrestling more exciting to watch. You always had the thrill of wondering what are they gonna try next on Nitro or what will Raw do tonight. The wrestling and storylines were better because each one wanted to be the best. Now it seems like every one who was ever in ECW or WCW are mid-carders or gone. Rob van Dam was one of the most spectacular wrestlers in ECW along with Taz and the Dudleys. Now it is like watching broken horses. They don't have the fire they use to have. Winnig is not always the best thing. you can be the best without destroying the competition. Competition bring about originality. You can't be original competing against yourself.

    The Nature Boy -- by Ben Chapman

    This has been bugging me for a while now. I have only been watching wrestling for the last 4-5 years and the only matches I've seen before 1999 are old Wrestlemania tapes.

    So when Ric Flair first turned up a few years back i was intrigued about the fuss everyone made. It didn't take long to work out his deal. Every week you hear about the "16 time world champion" or the "dirtiest player in the game".

    I spent months waiting for the day he would move away from the 50-50 owner deal and start wrestling on a regular basis. Then he became part of the Raw roster under Bischoff and I'm thinking "here we go".

    The only problem is its two and a half years later and I'm still waiting. In those two and a half years all I've seen from Flair is his role as Triple H's lap dog (and lets face it with Triple H always holding the title we see this a lot) and when he does have a match Batista does all the damage and he does that lame take a couple hits then fall over 5 seconds later deal.

    The worst thing is newer wrestling fans like myself have been given a brief look at the Flair of old. His World Title match on Raw against Triple H was a damn good one and his recent cage match against Randy Orton at Taboo Tuesday was deserving of the Main Event. Besides this we have seen little from the Nature Boy and one can only wonder if he is doomed to finish his career standing beside (or behind) Triple H.

    The Kurt Angle-Daniel Puder on SD! -- by Dave Meltzer

    Editor's Note: I found this very interesting and wanted to post this.
    FULL CREDIT GOES TO The Wrestling Observer

    --The Kurt Angle-Daniel Puder deal from last night's Smackdown is really interesting. On MMA message boards, this has turned into the biggest story in a long time, and the funny part is, many MMA board people don't get the big picture at all and hate pro wrestling. I've seen some talk on pro wrestling boards, but while I've gotten tons of phone calls about it, I've gotten almost no e-mails about it, so I don't think many fans watching saw what really happened. Just to answer a few questions on it. It was real. If you don't follow fighting, Puder had Angle locked in the Kimura, or keylock as Tazz called it, although Tazz didn't let on the move was fully executed. Not only was Angle not getting out of the move, but most MMA fighters would have tapped already. Angle couldn't tap for obvious reasons. The ref counted a three even though Puder's shoulders weren't fully down, trying to end the thing, because the reality was Angle would have been in surgery had it gone a few seconds longer or had Puder not given up the hold. My impression is, since this was a taped show, that nobody in enough power in the company actually understood what happened and let it air, and figured most would see it as a pinfall in 40 seconds. And they were 98% correct, between the commentary and the pinfall, that is how most saw it. It was only when it was all over MMA boards last night that "unknown shootfighter really beats Kurt Angle" and was the hottest topic all night, that they took the footage of it off their web site, and replaced it with copy that said, "Angle mauled Nawrocki, before taking volunteers, next pinning Daniel Puder in a slightly tougher, but still relatively easy match." This is when you know a company is doomed. When God hands them an angle that would get people talking like nothing they've been able to create on their own, given them the potential for legit water cooler talk had they played it right, and they are so blind they go in the opposite direction. Tazz called it like, "well, so much for the UFC." Yeah, and so much for The Invasion angle as well.

    Craig Simmons wrote: If Kurt Angle had known that Puder would use his spot to try and tap him Kurt would've gone at Puder differently.Puder hooking Angle in the lock was because Kurt was working a pro wrestling spot...not a shoot fight. Give Angle the benefit of knowing that a shoot fighter is going to use his 5 seconds of fame as a vehicle to try and get over on a wrestler and Angle would've kicked his ass.

    The Gradual Rise of TNA -- by Brad Dykens

    With TNA's first big 3-hour PPV just around the corner, I wanted to address the fans out there who are still critical of TNA just because their ratings don't match those of the WWE. You can call Impact's ratings a failure. The ratings are on a steady, albeit gradual, rise. They're not going to turn all head as once. When Vince McMahon took the WWF National, he had an established financially successful regional territory to work with. And even then it took about three or four years to become the dominant force in Sports Entertainment. TNA is a two year old promotion that rarely takes advantage of its 100 year NWA history. They're doing it on their own, and as far as they've come in their short lifespan, they have a lot to be proud of. This can be debated, but their in-ring product IS superior to the WWF's right now; they just need to, like I said, turn heads, one head at a time. My only critisism is that they can't turn heads accross the country if they only run shows in Orlando, Florida. TNA.. GO OLDSCHOOL! Get in your beat-up cars and drive down "Victory Road" and do shows in other towns. You've turned all the heads in Nashville, and all the heads in Orlando, now it's time to turn heads in Los Angles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, well maybe not New York just yet. As long as ratings continue to rise, and not decline, then TNA can only be considered a success. "Victory Road" shows that TNA recognizes they are on the road to achieving their goals -- Thank god they realize they cannot achieve them over night, like SOME fans out there!

    Time to Take The Belt off HHH -- by Peter Restrepo

    Don't you think it is time to take the belt off TripleH because it is now boring he just does and speaks the same things every week maybe they should make him a good guy to see if things turn around something fresh when Goldberg was there they used him wrong he could of kicked HHH ass every night they should try to bring him back and work something out ypu need a stronger presensce there ae really no good strong faces in WWE anymore or they should try to bring in Sting and see if he can turn things around WWE is missing something what do you think?

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